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ADDucation is a fusion of “ADD” and “education” where we present general knowledge lists, key facts, dates, trivia and information in waffle free tables and fun online quizzes. General knowledge in 16 different categories, select from the left menu, click the icons above, or choose from the lists featured below:

BGT and X Factor winners

BGT and X Factor Winners

The X Factor Winners + Britain's Got Talent (BGT) Winners The highly popular reality TV talent shows The ...
Oscar best picture winners

Oscar Best Picture Winners

Oscar Best Picture Winners - All Time List On 26 February 2017 the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, for ...
units of measurement

Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement - List of SI & Imperial Units Units of measurement list including Metric SI units ...
collective nouns for people

Collective Nouns for People

List of  Collective Nouns for People & Professions This list of collective nouns for people (also called collective ...
international country codes

International Country Codes

All-in-One List of International Country Codes At a glance list of international country codes and abbreviations for travellers ...
Kings and queens of England

Kings and Queens of England

The Kings and Queens of England Chronological All Time List "Do You Seriously Expect Me To Be The ...

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