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If you want to know the longest, highest or biggest anything ADDucation earth general knowledge lists are the place to look! Nearly everyone knows Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, and many of us would guess the Nile is the longest river but ADDucation lists also give you the second highest mountain, the third longest river, the fourth largest island and so on – where most of our general knowledge is as thin as the polar ice caps.

highest mountains in the world

Highest Mountains in the World

Top 25 List of All the Highest Mountains in the World What are the highest mountains in the world? To answer ...
Missouri river, one of the longest rivers in USA

Longest Rivers in USA

What Are the Longest Rivers in USA, Canada & North America? The longest rivers in USA is the Missouri River ...
highest mountains in europe

Highest Mountains in Europe

Bet You Don't Know Where the Highest Mountains in Europe Are? If - like us - you immediately said "the ...
highest waterfalls

Highest Waterfalls in the World

Top 20 List of Highest Waterfalls on Earth Angel Falls in Venezuela tops the list of highest waterfalls in the world ...
longest rivers in europe

Longest Rivers in Europe

Top 30 Longest Rivers in Europe. But Where Does Europe End? The prize for "The Longest Rivers in Europe" goes ...
arctic vs antarctic

Arctic vs Antarctic

Arctic vs Antarctic Comparison List Choose your preferred destination - Arctic vs Antarctic. Ice cold data, facts and figures about ...
oceans of the world

Oceans of the World

How Many Oceans of the World Are There? A simple enough question, we agree. But not many others do. In ...

Layers of the Ocean

The Layers of the Ocean - Oceanic Zones The ocean's the ocean, right? It's just one homogeneous mass of water ...
biggest deserts in the world

Biggest Deserts in the World

Where Are the 25 Biggest Deserts in the World? And What is Officially a Desert? A desert isn't simply a ...
Cloud Names & Types

Cloud Names & Types

List of all Cloud Names, Cloud Types & Formations In his 1802 book The Modifications of Clouds amateur meteorologist, Luke ...

Earth & Space: Planet Earth Is…

  • Overpopulated. The global population has passed 7 billion people (that’s 
7,000,000,000) people! The number has more than doubled since 1970. When Jesus was alive there were an estimated 170 million people alive – roughly the same number of people that die yearly from hunger and lack of clean water today!
  • Struggling to cope. The ozone layer is damaged, we’re losing over 10,000 species every YEAR (according to the WWF) and the polar ice caps are melting as a consequence of global warming.
  • Beautiful! Our planet offers awe inspiring mountains and volcanoes, tropical rain forests, magnificent waterfalls and rivers, idyllic islands and vast oceans – not forgetting all the man-made wonders of the earth. Looking up to the sky we can marvel at the sun, the moon, stars and the universe beyond.
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