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If you want to know the longest, highest or biggest anything ADDucation earth general knowledge lists are the place to look! Nearly everyone knows Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, and many of us would guess the Nile is the longest river but ADDucation lists also give you the second highest mountain, the third longest river, the fourth largest island and so on – where most of our general knowledge is as thin as the polar ice caps.

largest countries of the world - all states on earth

Countries of the World G-O

List of All Countries of the World G to O ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort countries ...
facts about Earth

Facts About Earth

List of Fascinating Facts About Earth Discover mind-blowing and fascinating facts about Earth! The world is a big place so ...
largest lakes

Largest Lakes in the World

Largest Lakes in the World List What is the biggest lake in the world? The Caspian Sea is the biggest ...
cloud names and formations

Cloud Names & Types

List of all Cloud Names, Cloud Types & Formations In his 1802 book The Modifications of Clouds amateur meteorologist, Luke ...
facts about our universe

Facts About our Universe

List of Facts About Our Universe & Galaxies Fascinating facts about our Universe, Milky Way, Galaxy and our solar system ...
largest countries of the world - all states on earth

Countries of the World A-F

Table of Largest Countries in the World A to F. Which County is Smallest By Area Or Population? ADDucation Tips: ...

Planet Earth Is…

  • Overpopulated. The global population has passed 7 billion people (
7,000,000,000 ) people! The population has more than doubled since 1970. When Jesus was alive there were an estimated 170 million people alive – roughly the same number of people that die each year from hunger and lack of clean water!
  • Struggling. The ozone layer is damaged, we’re losing over 10,000 species every YEAR (according to the WWF) and the polar ice caps are melting as a consequence of global warming.
  • Beautiful! Our planet offers awe inspiring mountains and volcanoes, tropical rain forests, magnificent waterfalls and rivers, idyllic islands and vast oceans – not forgetting all the man-made wonders of the earth. Looking up to the sky we can marvel at the sun, the moon, stars and the universe beyond.

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