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All 7 Continents 🗺️🌐

All 7 Continents List – Key Facts About Continents 🗺️🌐

ADDucation has arbitrarily decided to include all 7 continents in our comparison table. Since there isn’t a globally accepted definition of a continent and discussions are still ongoing it made sense for now.

  • ADDucation’s list of all 7 continents was compiled by Robert Junker and last updated Jan 9, 2023 @ 5:28 pm.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Continents:

What is a continent?

There is no definitive answer! One popular definition is “A continent is a large land mass separated by oceans” which does not help much when trying to figure out where Europe ends and Asia begins. Another common rationale is that a continent is larger than an island and usually made up of multiple countries.

How many continents are there?

Discussion has been raging for decades. There is not a globally accepted definition of a continent so the number of continents in the world varies. This ADDucation list of continents has arbitrarily settled on the classic seven for our all 7 continents comparison table.

Which continent lies in all four hemispheres?

Africa is the only continent which lies in the northern, southern, eastern and western hemispheres.

Is Australia a continent, a country or both?

Australia is a country, one of fourteen countries which make up the continent of Oceania.

Which continent has the most countries?

Africa, with 54 states (plus Somaliland, an unrecognized state)  is the continent with the most countries, ahead of Asia with 48 and Europe with 44.

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All 7 Continents Africa Asia Europe North America South America Oceania Antarctic
Etymology of name Romans used land of the Afri for the area around Tunisia. Europeans later extended it to rest of continent From Greek Ἀσία originally referring to east Aegean & Anatolia. Later stretched eastwards. In Greek mythology, Europa fell in love with Zeus and had three sons with him. Named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. See North America. Part of Oceania with Pacific islands (over 7.500 islands). From Latin terra australis incognita for “unknown southern land”. From Greek antarktikos meaning “opposite the Arctic” (meaning bear).
Size in square miles 11.7 million. 17.1 million. 4.1 million. 9.6 million. 6.9 million. 3 million. 5.4 million.
Size in square kilometres 30.3 million. 44.4 million. 10.5 million. 24.9 million. 17.8 million. 7.7 million. 14 million.
Ranking by size 2 1 6 3 4 7 5
% of Earth’s surface 5.9% 8.7% 2.1% 4.9% 3.5% 1.7% 2.6%
Population 944 million. 4010 million. 733 million. 523 million. 381 million. 34 million. 0 inhabitants, ca. 4000 researchers.
% of World’s Population
14.2% 60.5% 11.1% 7.9% 5.8% 0.5% 0%
Number of States/Countries 54 (+1 unrecognized state). 48 44 23 (including the Caribbean and Central America). 12 14 0 (2 regions; east and west).
Largest State Algeria (2.38 million km2). Russia (13.1 million km2, Asia). Russia (3.9 million km2, EUR). Canada (9.98 million km2). Brazil (8.54 million km2). Australia (7.69 million km2). Eastern Region (8 million km2).
State with Most Residents Nigeria (132 million). China (1322 million). Russia (104.4 million EUR). USA (313.8 million). Brazil (188.1 million). Australia (20.1 million).
Largest Cities Cairo, EG (15.7 million). Tokyo, JPN, (36.8 million). Moscow, RUS, (14.5 million). New York City, USA (22.5 million). Sao Paulo, BRA (19.4 million). Sydney, AUS (4.44 million).
Highest Mountains Kilimanjaro (Kibo), 5895 m. Mount Everest, NEP, 8848 m. Mont Blanc, F, 4.810 m. Mount McKinley, USA, 6168 m. Aconcagua, ARG, 6,962 m Carstensz Pyramid, 4,884 m. Mount Vinson 4,892 m.
Deepest Place Lake Assal, Djibouti  -153 m. Dead Sea, -423 m. Coast of the Caspian Sea, -28 m. Badwater Basin, -85.5 m. Bentley dig -2496 m.
Longest Rivers Nile, 6671 km. The Yangtze River, 6380 km. Volga, 3534 km. Missouri Mississippi, 6051 km. Amazonas 6387 km. Murray-Darling, 3376 km. Onyx River, 30 km.
Largest Lake Lake Victoria TAN (68,870 km2). Caspian Sea (394,000 km2). Lake Ladoga, RUS (17,703 km2). Upper Lake, CAN (82,414 km2). Lake Titicaca PER/BOL (8,288 km2). Lake Eyre, AUS (9,500 km2). Lake Vostok (15,690 km2).
Deepest Lake Lake Tanganyika, 1,470 m. Lake Baikal RUS, 1,642 m. Hornindals-Vatnet NOR, 514 m. Great Slave Lake CAN, 614 m. Lago General Carrera CL, 836 m. Lake Hauroko, NZ, 463 m. Lake Vostok, 1,000 m.

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