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Highest Mountains in Europe ⛰️

Where Are the Highest Mountains in Europe? ⛰️

If – like us – you immediately said “the Alps”, then think again! That record goes to Mount Elbrus is the Caucasus Mountains with an impressive highest peak of 18,510 feet (5,642 meters). In addition to their heights and locations, this list of the highest mountains in Europe also tells you who were the first to reach each summit.

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Highest Mountains in Europe ⛰️ Height (ft) Height (m) Location First Ascent First Climber(s) Nationality
Elbrus (Eurasia) 18,510 5,642 Caucasus, Russia 28 Jul 1874 Frederick Gardinger, Florence Grove, Horace Walker and swiss Peter Knubel Great Britain, Switzerland
Dychtau (Eurasia) 17,073 5,204 Caucasus, Russia 2 Mar 1905 Albert Mummery and Zurfluh Great Britain, Switzerland
Shkhara (Eurasia) 17,060 5,200 Caucasus, Georgia & Russia 1 Sep 1888 John Cockin with Ulrich Almer and C. Roth Great Britain, Switzerland
Kazbek (Eurasia) 16,558 5,047 Caucasus, Georgia & Russia 10 Feb 1905 Douglas W. Freshfield, Adolphus Warburton Moore, Charles C. Tucker Great Britain
Mont Blanc 15,781 4,810 Savoy Alps, France & Italy 8 Aug 1786 Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard France
Dafourspitze, Monte Rosa 15,203 4,634 Valais Alps, Switzerland & Italy 1 Aug 1855 Charles Hudson, Birkbeck, Stephenson & Smyth-Brüder Great Britain
Zumsteinspitze 14,970 4,563 Valais Alps, Switzerland & Italy 1 Aug 1820 Joseph Vincent, Johann Niklaus Vincent, Joseph Zumstein, Molinatti, Castel and 5 other people/porters Italy
Signalkuppe, Punta Gnifetti 14,957 4,559 Valais Alps, Switzerland & Italy 9 Aug 1842 Giovanni Gnifetti Italy
Dom 14,911 4,545 Valais Alps, part of the Mischabel group, Switzerland 11 Sep 1858 British J. Llewellyn Davies with Swiss Johann Zumtaugwald, Johann Kronig and Hieronymous Brantschen Great Britain, Switzerland
14,852 4,527 Valais Alps, Switzerland & Italy 9 Aug 1861 British expedition of 14 climbers led by Englishman J. F. Hardy including 7 other Englishmen: William Edward Hall, A. C. Ramsey, F. Sibson, T. Rennison, J. A. Hudson, C. H. Pilkington and R. M. Stephenson. and 6 Swiss guides: Franz Josef Lochmatter (1825-1897), J-P. Cachet, K. Kerr, S. Zumtaugwald, P. Perren and J.M. Perren Great Britain, Switzerland
Weisshorn 14,780 4,505 Valais Alps, Switzerland 19 Aug 1861 British physicist John Tyndall (1820 – 1893) and swiss guides Johann Joseph Brennen and Ulrich Wenger Great Britain, Switzerland
Täschhorn 14,734 4,491 Valais Alps, Switzerland & Italy 30 Jul 1862 Reverend John Llewelyn-Davies and Reverend J. W. Hayward with Stefan and Johann Zumtaugwald and Peter-Josef Summermatter Great Britain, Switzerland
Matterhorn, Monte Cervino 14,692 4,478 Pennine Alps, Switzerland & Italy 14 Jul 1865 Englishman Edward Whymper (1840 – 1911) and porters Peter Taugwalder and son, also Peter, survived the ascent. On the descent the Englishmen Charles Hudson (1828), Douglas Robert Hadow (1846), Lord Francis Douglas (1847) and French guide Michel Auguste Croz (1828) all died. Great Britain, France
Finsteraarhorn 13,934 4,247 Bernese Alps, Switzerland 16 Aug 1812 Jakob Leuthold and Johann Währen or Arnold Abbühl, Joseph Bortis and Alois Volker, this is some dispute Switzerland
Grandes Jorasses 13,806 4,208 Graian Alps, France & Italy 30 Jun 1868 Englishman Horace Walker and Swiss guides Melchior Anderegg, Julien Grange and Johann Jaun Great Britain, Switzerland
Alphubel 13,799 4,206 Valais Alps, Switzerland 9 Aug 1860 Sir Leslie Stephen, KCB (1832 – 1904) and Thomas Woodbine Hinchliff (1825 – 1882) with Swiss guides Melchior Anderegg and Peter Perren Great Britain, Switzerland
Aletschhorn 13,757 4,193 Valais Alps, Switzerland 18 Jun 1859 Englishman Francis Fox Tuckett FRGS (1834 – 1913) with Swiss guides Johann Joseph Bennen, Peter Bohren and V. Tairraz Great Britain, Switzerland
Strahlhorn 13,747 4,190 Valais Alps, Switzerland 15 Aug 1854 Christoph Smyth, Ulrich Lauener, Edmand J. Grenville and Franz-Joseph Andenmatten Switzerland
Jungfrau 13,642 4,158 Bernese Alps, Switzerland 3 Aug 1811 Swiss brothers Hieronymus Meyer, Johann-Rudolf Meyer and swiss hunters Joseph Bortis and Alois Volken, Switzerland
Aiguille Verte 13,524 4,122 Graian Alps, Mont Blanc massif, France 29 Jun 1865 Englishman Edward Whymper (1840 – 1911) and Swiss guides Christian Almer (1826 – 1898) and Franz Biner Great Britain, Switzerland
Barre des Ecrins 13,458 4,102 Dauphiné Alps, France 25 Jun 1864 Englishmen Horace Walker (1838 – 1908), Edward Whymper (1840 – 1911) and Adolphus Warburton Moore (1841 – 1887) along with french guide Michel Auguste Croz (1828 – 1865) and swiss guide Christian Almer (1826 – 1898) Great Britain, Switzerland, France
Mönch 13,448 4,099 Bernese Alps, Switzerland 15 Aug 1857 Swiss guide Christian Almer (1826 – 1898), Christian Kaufmann, Ullrich Kaufmann and Sigismund Porges Switzerland
Grand Paradiso 13,323 4,061 Graian Alps, Valle d’Aosta, Italy 4 Sep 1860 John Jeremy Cowell, W. Dundas and french guide Michel-Clément Payot (1840 – 1922) and Jean Tairraz Great Britain, France
Piz Bernina 13,281 4,048 Eastern Alps, Switzerland 13 Sep 1850 Swiss Johann Wilhelm Coaz (1822 – 1918) assisted by brothers Jon and Lorenz Ragut Tscharner Switzerland
Piz Zupò 13,110 3,996 Eastern Alps, Switzerland & Italy 9 Jul 1863 Teacher L. Enderlin, pastor Otto Serardy and a hunter named Padrutt Switzerland

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  1. Ioseb Dzamukashvili says:

    Are u stupid??? Shkhara and Kazbeg are in Georgia not Russia!

    • JC says:

      Thanks Ioseb, we’ve updated the list to reflect the Shkhara and Kazbek (not Kazbeg) mountains span the Russia Georgia border.

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