highest mountains in the world

Highest Mountains in the World

Top 25 List of All the Highest Mountains in the World

What are the highest mountains in the world? To answer this question depends on how you decide to do the calculation. Mount Everest, with its 29,029 feet (8,848 m) peak, is the highest mountain above sea level. But not if you measure from the seabed.

Were you to do so, Mauna Kea in Hawaii would overtake it easily with a total of 30,184 feet (9,200 m), of which 13,796 feet (4,205 m) are under water. If you go one further and choose the core of the Earth as a reference point, Chimborazo in Ecuador is considered the highest mountain on Earth.

This is because, being on the equatorial bulge, its summit is furthest away from the center of the Earth at 3967 miles (6384.6 km) around a mile (1.6 km) or so higher than Mount Everest at 3966 miles (6382.4 km)

Mount Everest Factoids: Since the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 more than 4,042 climbers (Feb 2014) have succeeded in reaching the summit. An expedition currently costs between € 35,000 and € 70,000. The climb is still risky with 288 fatalities to date. 641 people reached the summit with 7 fatalities in 2016.

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Highest Mountains in the WorldHeight (ft)Height (m)LocationFirst AscentFirst Climber(s)Nationality
Mount Everest29,0298848Nepal, Tibet,
29 May 1953Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008) and Sherpa Tensing Norgay (1914-1986)New Zealand, Nepal
(Lambha Paha)
28,2518611Pakistan, China,
31 Jul 1954Lino Lacedelli (1925-2009) and Achille Compagnoni (1914-2009)Italy
Kangchenjunga28,1698586Nepal, India,
25 May 1955George Band (1929-2011) and Joe BrownGreat Britain
Lhotse27,9408516Nepal, China,
18 May 1956Fritz Luchsinger (1921-1983) and Ernst Reiss (1920-2010)Switzerland
Makalu27,7668463Nepal, China, Himalaya17 May 1955Lionel Terray (1921-1965) and Jean CouzyFrance
Cho Oyu26,9068201Nepal,
19 Oct 1954Herbert Tichy (1912-1987), Sepp Jöchler (1923-1994) and Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama (1912-1982)Austria, Nepal
13 May 1960Kurt Diemberger, P. Diener, E. Forrer, A. Schelbert and Sherpas Nyima and Nawang DorjêAustria, Nepal
9 May 1956Toshio Imanishi, K. Kato, M. Higeta from Japan, Artur Hajzer (Polish) and Sherpa Gyalzen NorbuJapan, Poland, Nepal
Nanga Parbat26,6578125Pakistan,
3 Jul 1953Hermann Buhl (1924-1957)Austria
3 Jun 1950Maurice Herzog (born 1919) and Louis Lachenal (1921-1955)France
Hidden Peak26,4708068Pakistan, China,
7 Apr 1958Pete Schoening (1927-2004) and Andrew KauffmanUSA
Broad Peak26,4018047Pakistan, China,
9 Jun 1957Hermann Buhl, Kurt Diemberger, Marcus Schmuck and Fritz WinterstellerAustria
Gasherbrum II26,3628035Pakistan, China,
7 Jul 1956Fritz Moravec (1922-1997), Hans Willenpart (1927-1979) and Sepp Larch (1930-2011) from ItalyAustria, Italy
Shisha Pangma26,3358027Tibet,
2 May 1964Xǔ Jìng, Chéng Tiānliàng, Chén Sān, Wang Fuzhou, Piotr Morawski, Soinam Dorjê, Migmar Zhaxi, Yún Dēng, Zhāng Jùnyán, Wū Zōngyuè and Sherpa DorjêChina
Gyachung Kang26,0897952Nepal, Tibet,
11 Apr 1964Y. Kato, K. Sakeisawa, K. Yasuhisa and Sherpa Pasang Phutar III (Sirdar)Japan, Nepal
Annapurna II26,0407937Nepal,
17 May 1960Sir Christian Bonington, Richard Grant and Sherpa Ang NyimaGreat Britain, Nepal
Gasherbrum IV26,0247932Pakistan,
6 Aug 1958Walter Bonatti (1930-2011) and Carlo MauriItaly
Himalchuli25,8967893Nepal, Himalaya24 May 1960Hisashi Tanabe, Masahiro Harada, M. Miyashita, K. NakazawaJapan
Distaghil Sar25,8697885Pakistan,
9 Jun 1960Günther Stärker and Diether MarartAustria
Ngadi Chuli25,8237871Nepal,
8 May 1979Ryszard Gajewski and Maciej PawlikowskiPoland
Kunyang Chhish25,7617852Pakistan,
26 Aug 1971Andrzej Zawada, Jan Stryczynski, Andrzej Heinrich and Ryszard SzafirskiPoland

Great Things Are Done When Men and Mountains Meet– wrote William Blake in his notebook of poems circa 1807-1809

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