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Highest Waterfalls in the World

Top 20 List of Highest Waterfalls on Earth

Angel Falls in Venezuela tops the list of highest waterfalls in the world on two fronts – it is the highest and also has the longest uninterrupted plunge. This waterfalls list shows its competitors for the title along with the river or source as well as key facts about each waterfall.

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Highest Waterfalls in the World Total Height (m) Total Height (ft) Longest Drop (m) Longest Drop (ft) Special Features / Discovered by River / Glacier Country
Angel Falls
(Kerepakupai Merú)
979 3212 807 2648 Discovered by and named after bush pilot Jimmie Angel in 1933. Rio Churún Venezuela
Tugela Falls 948 3110 411 1348 Located in KwaZulu-Natal National Park in the Drakensberg. Tugela South Africa
Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) 914 2999 183 600 Located in an inaccessible jungle area. Several cascades. Peru (Ayacucho)
Oloupena Falls 900 2953 Located on the island of Molokai. Several cascades. USA (Hawaii)
Yumbilla 870 2854 Only carries water during the rainy season. 4 cascades. Peru (Bongará)
Vinnufossen 965 3166 730 2395 Only in spring after the snow melts. Several cascades. Vinnu Glacier Norway
Skorgefossen 864 2835 Only in spring after the snow melts. 9 cascades. Kald Glacier Norway
James Bruce Falls 840 2756 Dozens of cascades plunge to the depths in British Colombia. Glacier Canada
Browne Falls 836 2743 244 801 The water drops in 6 cascades into the Doubtful Sound (South Island). Lake Browne New Zealand
Colonial Creek (Hiavaty Falls) 783 2569 The water descends via 13 drops. Colonial glacier USA (Washington)
Mongefossen 773 2536 773 2536 Can be admired from the Marstone Station when the snow melts. Glacier Norway
Gocta Falls
(Catarata Gocta)
771 2530 540 1772 Rediscovered in 2002 by Stefan Ziemendorff (German development worker). Cocahuayco Peru (Bongará)
Johannesburg Falls 751 2464 244 801 Located in the North Cascades National Park. 5 cascades. Glacier USA (Washington)
Yosemite Falls 739 2425 436 1430 The water plunges into the Merced River in more than 6 cascades. Yosemite Creek USA (California)
Trou de Fer 725 2379 305 1001 English meaning: “Iron Hole”. Falls in 4 steps. France (Reunion Island)
Yutaje 715 2346 Located deep in the jungle and poorly researched. 2 cascades. Rio Yutaje Venezuela
Salto Kukenan 674 2211 674 2211 Became famous through filming of Arthur Doyle’s “The Lost World”. Rio Caroni Venezuela
Cascade Blanche 640 2100 400 1312 Drop height divided over several cascades. (only in the rainy season) France (Reunion Island)
Seerenbach Falls 585 1919 305 1001 Located in Betlis on Lake Walen. 3 steps. Rinquelle Switzerland
Mutarazi Falls 479 1572 479 1572 Falls into the Honde Valley in two parallel streams. Mtarazi Zimbabwe

Famous Waterfalls For Comparison:

Famous Waterfalls on Earth Total Height (m) Total Height (ft) Special Features / Discovered by River / Glacier Country
Victoria Falls 120 394 Discovered in 1855 by David Livingstone and named after Queen Victoria. Zambezi Zimbabwe, Zambia
Iguacu Falls 82 269 20 large and 255 smaller falls over a distance of 2.7 km (1.7 miles). Rio Iguacu Brazil, Argentina
Niagara Falls 58 190 Natives called them “Thundering Water”. The Rainbow Bridge connects the USA and Canada. Niagara USA, Canada

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