largest lakes in Europe

Largest Lakes in Europe

Largest Lakes in Europe List

The largest lakes in Europe are located to the east and west of the Russo-Finland border. In Russia the largest lakes are located in Karelia to the north west of St. Petersburg. In Finland the largest lakes are in the Saimaa basin in southeastern Finland.

Frequently Asked Question - FAQs About Largest Lakes in Europe
  • Where does the water in lakes come from?
    • As rain “direct precipitation”, from higher ground and from underground springs.
  • Is lake water fresh or salty?
    • A bit of both actually. Because most lakes are frequently topped up with fresh rainwater lakes tend to have a lower salinity than seawater. Rainwater that falls on land and flows into a lake dissolves minerals – including salt – which increases the overall salinity of the water in that lake.
  • Are lakes in Siberia in Europe or Asia?
    • The lakes in Siberia are NOT included in ADDucation’s list of the largest lakes in Europe because:
      • Politically and historically Siberia is a region within Russia.
      • Geographically Siberia (aka North Asia) is part of of Asia.

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Largest Lakes in EuropeArea (km²)Size (mi²)Max Depth (m)Max Depth (ft)Volume (km3)Volume (mi3)Lake / ReservoirCountry / RegionLocation and facts:
Lake Ladoga177036835230755910218.3Natural lakeRussia, Republic of KareliaLadoga lake is located in northwestern Russia, north of St. Petersburg, on the border with Finland and contains over 500 islands.
Lake Onega9720375312039429270.1Natural lakeRussia, Republic of KareliaOnega lake is located in northwestern Russia, east of lake Ladoga and is one of the largest lakes in Europe.
Kuibyshev reservoir64502490441445813.9ReservoirRussia, Samara OblastKuibyshev reservoir (aka Samara reservoir and Kuybyshev Sea) is located on the river Volga in the European part of Russia.
Vänern lake5519213110634815336.7Natural lakeSwedenLake Vänern is the largest lake in the European Union (EU), located in southwestern Sweden.
Rybinsk reservoir458017681859256.0ReservoirRussia, Yaroslavl OblastRybinsk reservoir is part of the Volga-Kama river cascade located in the European part of Russia.
Saimaa lake4370168782269368.6Natural lakeFinlandLake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland, located in southeastern Finland, close to the Russo-Finnish border. The Saimaa basin (which includes lake Saimaa) contains over 14,000 lakes.
Lake Peipus3555137315490.0Natural lakeEstonia, RussiaLake Peipus is a border lake between Estonia and Russia and is very rich in fish.
Zimljansk reservoir27001042245.8ReservoirRussia, Rostov regionZimljansk reservoir is located on the lower reaches of the river Don, in the European part of southwestern Russia.
Kremenchuk reservoir22528692892133.1ReservoirUkraineKremenchuk reservoir is on the Dnepr river, south east of Kiev.
Kachowka reservoir21558322685184.3ReservoirUkraineKachowka reservoir is on the lower reaches of the Dnieper river, in south Ukraine.
Vättern lake18867281203947317.5Natural lakeSwedenVättern is the second largest lake in Sweden, located in Västra Götaland, west Sweden.
Saratov reservoir18317072892133.1ReservoirRussiaSaratov reservoir is located in European Russia and forms part of the river Volga-Kama cascade, opened in 1967/68.
Gorky reservoir1590614227292.2ReservoirRussiaThe Gorky reservoir, built in 1955, is located 350 km (217 miles) north east of Moscow and forms part of the river Volga-Kama cascade.
Lake Vygozero12504831859Natural lakeRussia, Republic of KareliaLake Vygozero is located in northwestern Russia, north of lake Onega and contains 529 islands.
Mälaren (Lake Malar)114044064210143.4Natural lakeSwedenLake Malar is located west of Stockholm, Sweden’s third largest freshwater lake which is twice as big as Lake Constance.
IJsselmeer1100425516Natural and man made lakeNetherlandsIJsselmeer is a freshwater inland bay formed by dyking and embanking, adjacent to the North Sea in the north of the Netherlands.
Lake Beloye1125434341126.21.5Natural lakeRussia, Vologda OblastLake Beloye or White Lake (Not the White Lake in Siberia) is located in northwestern part of Vologda Oblast in Russia.
Lake Päijänne108041795312184.3Natural lakeFinlandFinland’s longest and second largest lake, located in the central south of the country, contains 1,886 islands.
Lake Inari104040292302163.8Natural lakeFinland, LaplandLake Inari is Finland’s third-largest lake located in northern Finland (Lapland) and north of the arctic circle.
Lake Topozero98638150164Natural lakeRussia, Republic of KareliaIn northwest Russia near the border to Finland, over 100 islands.
Lake Ilmen9823791033Natural lakeRussia, Novgorod OblastLocated in northwest Russia between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Kiev reservoir92235682641.0ReservoirUkraineReservoir north of Kiev, stretches as far as the Belarusian border.
Lake Segozero906350Natural lakeRussia, Republic of KareliaNorthwest Russia, near the Finnish border, frozen in winter.
Pielinen lake8943456120092.2Natural lakeFinlandIn the east of Finland near the border to Russia.
Oulujärvi lake92835838125Natural lakeFinlandOulujärvi lake is located in central Finland and contains the island of Manamansalo which is 86 square kilometres (33 square miles).
Lake Imandra87633867220Natural lakeRussia, Murmansk OblastLake Imandra is located in northwestern Russia, on the Kola peninsula inside the Arctic Circle. Usually frozen in winter.
Pihlajavesi lake71227572236184.3Natural lakeFinlandLake Pihlajavesi is part of the Saimaa lake system in southeastern Finland, near the Russo-Finnish border. It’s the sixth largest lake in Finland, with the most lakes – around 4,000.
Markermeer700270516Natural and man made lakeNetherlandsMarkermeer is named after Markern island which now lies within it. The Markerwaarddijk dyke separates the Markermeer from the IJseelmeer located in central Netherlands.
Kaniwer reservoir675261123930.7ReservoirUkraineThe Kaniwer reservoir is located on the river Dnieper (aka Dnepr, Dnipro, Dnyapro) south of Kiev.
Lake Pyaozero65925449161102.4Natural lakeRussia, Republic of KareliaLake Pyaozero is located in northwestern Russia, near the Russo-Finnish border, north of Toposero.
Lake Kovdozero6082355618441.0Natural lakeRussia, Murmansk OblastNatural lake which was enlarged by a dam from about 300 to 608 square kilometres located in south Murmansk, in northwestern Russia and contains over 580 islands.
Orivesi lake6012327424361.4Natural lakeFinlandOrivesi lake is part of the Saimaa lake system in the southeastern Finland, near the Russo-Finnish border.
Lake Balaton592229123920.5Natural lakeHungaryLake Balaton (aka Hungarian Sea) is the largest lake in central Europe and popular tourist destination, located in the Transdanubian region of Hungary.
Lake Geneva58022431010178921.4Natural lakeSwitzerland, FranceLake Geneva (Lac Leman) is a cresent moon shaped border lake between west Switzerland and the French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It’s also the sixth deepest lake in Europe.
Kamianske reservoir567219165220.5ReservoirUkraineThe Kamianske reservoir (aka Dniprodzerzhynsk reservoir), built in 1962, is located on the lower part of the Dnieper river (aka Dnepr, Dnipro, Dnyapro) in Ukraine.
Haukivesi lake5602165518051.2Natural lakeFinlandLake Haukivesi is part of the Saimaa lake system in southeastern Finland, near the Russo-Finnish border.
Lake Constance5362072518234811.5Natural lakeGermany, Austria, SwitzerlandLake Constance, in the Alpine foothills, is a border lake between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The total area is divided into the Obersee (“upper lake”, 473 sq. km / 183 sq. miles) and the Untersee (“lower lake”, 63 sq. km / 24 sq. miles).

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