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Largest Lakes in the World

Largest Lakes in the World List

Frequently Asked Question - FAQs About The Largest Lakes in the World
  • What is the biggest lake in the world?
    • The Caspian Sea is the biggest lake in the world, although there is some controversy as to whether it’s really a lake. It’s salty (1/3 as salty as normal seawater) which is why the Romans named it a sea rather than a lake. But, because the Caspian Sea is land-locked it meets the usual definition of a lake.
  • Where does the water in lakes come from?
    • As rain “direct precipitation”, from higher ground and from underground springs.
  • Is lake water fresh or salty?
    • A bit of both actually. Because most lakes are frequently topped up with fresh rainwater lakes tend to have a lower salinity than seawater. Rainwater that falls on land and flows into a lake dissolves minerals, including salt, which increases the overall salinity of the water in that lake.
  • Where is the saltiest lake on the planet?
    • That dubious honor goes to Lake Don Juan in Antarctica. Although the temperatures gets as low as -50C the lake doesn’t freeze because the water is too salty – 18 times more salty than seawater!

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Largest Lakes in the WorldLocationArea (mi²)Area (km²)Depth (ft)Depth (m)Water Volume (mi3)Water Volume (km3)#
Caspian SeaRussia, Kazakhstan, Iran1492283865003363102518761782001
Lake SuperiorUSA, Canada317008210313294052903121002
Lake VictoriaKenya, Tanzania, Uganda26827694842668166227603
Lake HuronUSA, Canada230005957075122985235504
Lake MichiganUSA2234257866922281118049205
Lake TanganyikaZambia, Tanzania, Congo1270032893470814354534189006
Big Bear LakeCanada1227631795146344653722407
Lake BaikalRussia1215831490537116375662236008
Great Slave LakeCanada1103128570201461448020009
Lake ErieUSA, Canada9910256672106412050010
Lake WinnipegCanada94162439059186828511
Lake MalawiMalawi, Mozambique89962330022806952015840012
Lake OntarioUSA, Canada734019011801244393164013
Lake BalkhashKazakhstan71151842885262510514
Ladoga LakeRussia68351770375523021891015
Lake VostokAntarctica (under ice)6062157003280 (up to)1000 (up to)1296540016
Lake MaracaiboVenezuela52161351211535Not specifiedNot specified17
Lake OnegaRussia375297203941206728018
Lake EyreAustralia360093234.91.5Not specifiedNot specified19
Lake TiticacaPeru Bolivia3200828892228121489320
Lake NicaraguaNicaragua3187825614845Not specifiedNot specified21
Lake AthabascaCanada303178507972434920422
Reindeer LakeCanada25686650110633742941790023
Lake TurkanaKenya, Ethiopia24716400240734920424

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