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Volcano Facts Fascinating & Interesting Facts about Volcanos
Largest volcano in the worldMauna Loa on Big Island, Hawaii, 62 miles (100 km) diameter.
Most active volcano in the worldKilauea Big Island, Hawaii has had over 70 eruptions since 1794.
Highest active volcanoOjos del Salado (Chile, Atacama) which is 22,595 feet (6887 m).
Highest volcano inc. subaqueousMauna Loa on Hawaii – 13,579 + 16,404 feet (4139 + 5,000 m) below sea level.
Highest non-active volcanoGuallatiri (Chile/Bolivia) at 19,918 feet (6071 m).
Country with the most volcanoesIndonesia with 150 volcanoes.
Most violent eruptionKrakatoa Volcano, Indonesia in 1883.
Most famous eruptionVesuvius near Pompeii (in 76 AD).
Most deadly eruptionsTambora, Indonesia, 1815, 92,000 victims Perbuatan, Krakatoa, Indonesia, 1883, 36,000 victims Mont Pelée, Martinique, 1902, over 30,000 victims.
Number of active volcanoes worldwideAround 1500.
Pyroclastic flowA pyroclastic flow can be up to 800° C hot.
LavaMagma which spews out on the surface.
MagmaMolten rock from the earth’s crust (6-43 miles / 10-70 km deep) can reach temperatures of up to 1832° F (1000° C).
PumiceVolcanic rock often used as an abrasive that floats in water.
Subaqueous volcanoesVolcanoes also erupt on the seabed. Extinct ones are called seamounts or Guyots (after Swiss researcher Arnold Guyot). One of the most active underwater volcanoes is the Alto de Pico in the Azores which has a height of 29,527 feet (9000 m) measured from the sea floor and is therefore even higher than Mount Everest..
Volcanoes in spaceVolcanoes are also found on other planets in our solar system. The biggest is Olympus Mons and is on Mars. It dwarfs those on earth with its majestic width of some 370 miles (600 km) and height of almost 14 miles (22 km) high.

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