90s music quiz

90s Music Quiz

Put the Macarena on your record player and take our 90s music quiz for a spin with ten random questions based on ADDucation’s Rock & Pop Bands lists.

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Nineties Music Quiz Leaderboard

  1. bigballs scored 100%
  2. Tim Nice scored 90%
  3. Amber Yaist scored 90%
  4. Steve scored 90%
  5. Tiger boy scored 90%
  6. Matzilla scored 90%
  7. Jen scored 90%
  8. Ashley vega scored 90%
  9. J lucio scored 90%
  10. Yorkie scored 90%
  11. bigballs scored 90%
  12. Z scored 80%
  13. Baz scored 80%
  14. zephyrous scored 80%
  15. eva gregor scored 80%
  16. JH scored 80%
  17. Jto scored 80%
  18. Dixie scored 80%
  19. me scored 80%
  20. Erika scored 80%

90s Music Quiz Tips & FAQs

  • These 90s music quiz questions may vary slightly each time you take the quiz.
  • You can take the quiz up to three times daily to give you a chance to be top of the charts.
  • When the timer ends you can’t change your answers but you can still enter your name and email address and get a detailed breakdown showing your answers and the correct answers.
  • Finishing before the timer expires doesn’t get you any extra points but, in the event of a tie, the fastest time is placed ahead on the Leaderboard.

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