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Classical music quiz to challenge the general knowledge of classical music enthusiasts about classical music composers, their lives and works.

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1. After the 12 year old prodigy gave a farewell concert before departing for Paris, Beethoven kissed him on the forehead, delighted with his piano playing. Whose career began in this way?
2. Chopin is (mostly) buried in Paris, but one part of his body is buried in a monument to him in Warsaw. Which part?
3. Leoncavallo lived from 1858 to 1919 and wrote the successful opera “Pagliacci”. Where was he born?
4. The so-called “Köchelverzeichnis” catalogs the phenomenal work of which great composer?
5. Who was known as the “poet of the piano”?
6. What nationality was Carl Millöcker?
7. This composer was Czech and a professor and director at the Prague Conservatory. He also composed the symphony From the New World. Who was it?
8. This Hungarian was originally a violinist and military bandmaster, but his operetta “The Merry Widow” was so successful that he became one of the most celebrated operetta composers. Who was he?
9. Which composer is the brain behind “The Magic Violin” and “Peer Gynt”?
10. “Carmen” was initially viewed as disreputable and immoral and only became popular worldwide after the death of the composer. Who was he?

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