English football clubs quiz

English Football Clubs Quiz – Semi-Final

English football clubs quiz semi-final edition for players who were promoted from ADDucation’s really easy football/soccer quiz.

Are YOU Champions League or barely fit for non-league football?
We'll give you five minutes to answer 10 English Football Clubs Semi-Final questions.
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English Football Clubs Quiz Leaderboard

RankUserCorrect ScoreTime Taken
1Richard90 1 min 35 sec
2john90 1 min 38 sec
3spenny90 1 min 53 sec
4leo5890 5 min 24 sec
5Tom80 0 sec
6Life in Shorts80 1 min 16 sec
7Tctch G80 1 min 19 sec
7steve hyde80 1 min 42 sec
9db70 1 min 58 sec
10spenny70 2 min 32 sec
Did you make it to the final or have you been relegated back to non-league football? Share your comments below…

English Football Clubs Quiz Tips & FAQs

  • ADDucation’s English football clubs quiz questions may vary slightly each time you take the quiz.
  • Some quiz questions offer a HINT which you can display if you’re stuck.
  • You can take the quiz up to three times daily so you have a chance to get onto the Leaderboard.
  • When the timer ends you can’t change your answers but you can still enter your name and email address and get a detailed breakdown showing your answers and the correct answers.
  • Finishing before the timer expires doesn’t get you any extra points but, in the event of a tie, the fastest time is placed ahead on the Leaderboard.
  • You can reload the page to check if you made the leaderboard BUT do not reload the page during the quiz or your score and results will be lost and cannot be recovered.

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English football clubs quiz
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