famous scientists quiz

Famous Scientists Quiz

Famous scientists quiz to test your inner geek about science achievements and discoveries.

Famous Scientists Quiz
Will you be blinded by science or shine on like a crazy diamond?
We'll give you five minutes to answer 10 Famous Scientists questions.
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Famous Scientists Quiz Tips & FAQs

  • Some quiz questions offer a HINT which you can display if you’re stuck.
  • HINT: Read our famous scientists lists before you take this quiz!
  • ADDucation’s famous scientists quiz questions may vary slightly each time you take the quiz.
  • You can take the quiz up to three times daily to get onto the leaderboard. A few questions change each time you take the quiz.
  • Finishing before the timer expires doesn’t affect your score so take your time and choose wisely. When the timer runs out you can’t change your answers.
  • Enter an email address to receive your answers along with the correct answers. Check your spam folder if you don’t get the email.
  • Your score and results are not stored unless you complete the quiz.

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