famous scientists quiz

Famous Scientists Quiz

Famous scientists quiz to test your inner geek about science achievements and discoveries.

Famous Scientists Quiz
Will you be blinded by science or shine on like a crazy diamond?
We'll give you five minutes to answer 10 Famous Scientists questions.
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1. The great philosopher, René Descartes, is most famous for saying "cogito ergo sum". This means:
2. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen developed spectral analysis in the 19th century. What is he more popularly known for?
3. Wernher von Braun immigrated to the US in 1945. What did he work on when he arrived?
4. In 1842 Christian Doppler introduced the world to the "Doppler Effect". When do we experience it in everyday life?
5. This genius calculated pi, discovered "specific gravity" and invented a screw pump named after him. Who was it?
6. Marie Curie died in 1934 of aplastic anemia. What is thought to be the cause?
7. Muhammad al-Khwarizmi introduced the Arabic numerals 0-9 to the western world. What everyday modern expression derives from his name?
8. What does Einstein's E = MC2 stand for?
9. Which bright idea did Thomas Edison have?
10. What does Charles Darwin's term natural selection refer to?

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