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Famous Composers Born Died Mini Biographies of famous composers, their lives  and successes
Lear, Franz 30.04.1870 in Komárom, Hungary 14.10.1948 in Bad Ischl, Austria The Hungarian was originally a violinist and military bandmaster, but his operetta The Merry Widow became such a worldwide success that he henceforth became one of the most celebrated operetta composers. Particularly popular today are The Count of Luxembourg, Paganini, The Tsarevich, Friederike and, of course, The Land of Smiles. Lehar’s operettas, which belong to the so-called “silver age of operetta”, tend to always have something distinguished and exhilarating about them.
Leoncavallo, Ruggero 08.03.1858 in Naples, Italy 09.09.1919 in Monte-Catini Terme A native of Naples, Leoncavallo wrote nine operas, but only one brought him worldwide fame: the two-act opera Pagliacci, an epitome of “realism”, i.e. an opera from “true life”. In his era, Italian poets attacked the harsh reality of life, so the composer wrote a drama based on a true story from the world of stage himself and put it to appropriate music. Before writing this work, he was forced to earn his money laboriously as a traveling artist.
Liszt, Franz 22.10.1811 in Raiding, Burgenland,
31.07.1886 in Bayreuth, Germany When the 12 year old Hungarian Franz Liszt gave a farewell concert before departing for Paris, Beethoven kissed him on the forehead, delighted with his piano playing. Thus began Liszt’s career, which took him all over Europe. He was greeted everywhere with enthusiastic applause, not just as a virtuoso pianist (Dance of Death and Piano Sonata in B Minor), but also as a composer. He wrote orchestral works, oratorios, masses, waltzes (Mephisto Waltz) and Rhapsodies (Hungarian Rhapsodies). His strength lies in his piano pieces. Piano Sonata in B minor). The prolific and versatile composer who wrote over 700 compositions, pianist, conductor and writer died in Bayreuth. His daughter Cosima was Richard Wagner’s second wife.
Mahler, Gustav 07.07.1860 in Kalischt, Bohemia 18.05.1911 in Vienna, Austria The Czech-born composer began composing and performing as a pianist in childhood already. He first created some fairly unsuccessful symphonies and opulent orchestral works. It was only many years after his death that his masterpieces were recognized and became loved around the world. This is largely due to his 9th Symphony The Song of the Earth, the expression of a great love for this earth, life and the desire for peace. Gustav Mahler was also a famous conductor and opera director.
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix 03.02.1809 in Hamburg, Germany 04.11.1847 in Leipzig, Germany Mendelssohn-Bartholdy was born in Hamburg and worked in Berlin, Scotland, England, Italy, Düsseldorf and Leipzig, where he died at the age of only 38 years. He learned a lot from the old masters, especially Johann Sebastian Bach. Thanks to him, the Matthew Passion – which had been completely forgotten in his time – was performed again. Even in his youth he was an important piano artist so it is no wonder that his piano compositions are among his best works. Mendelssohn wrote more than 750 compositions including the world famous Wedding March, was the founder of the first German Academy of Music (1843 in Leipzig) and the world’s first conductor in its current form.
Millöcker, Carl 29.05.1842 in Vienna, Austria 31.12.1899 in Baden near Vienna, Austria The Viennese have a special affection for buoyant music, so it is no surprise that Carl Millöcker comes from this vibrant city. He began his career as a flute virtuoso and played for a long time in Franz von Suppé’s orchestra. He later became conductor at the Theater an der Wien and wrote his own operettas, the best known being The Beggar Student, Poor Jonathan and Gasparone. Millöcker died just hours before the turn of the century in Baden near Vienna.
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 27.01.1756 in Salzburg, Austria 05.12.1791 in Vienna, Austria A child prodigy who played music and composed – that was the little Mozart who grew into the famous composers that was greatly admired throughout the world. The artist, born in Salzburg, was a master in every field of music. Among his most popular compositions are the famous Serenade in G Major Eine kleine Nachtmusik, the opera The Abduction from the Seraglio, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte and The Magic Flute. All of Mozart’s works are documented in the so-called Köchelverzeichnis (Köchel Catalogue), including but not limited to over 70 church works, 19 operas, 41 symphonies, 30 piano concertos, and many other concerts, chamber music pieces, marches, serenades and songs. His last composition was his famous Requiem which he couldn’t quite finish. Mozart died very early at the age of 35, a few weeks after the premiere of The Magic Flute.
Orff, Carl 10.07.1895 in Munich, Germany 29.03.1982 Munich, Germany The Munich-based music teacher Carl Orff, who created, among other things, the Orff’sche Schulwerk (Orff Approach), saw himself as a composer of a living world theater. His most opulent work Carmina Burana in 1937, consists of a collection of 24 poems and songs that were written in the Middle Ages by Germans, French, Italians and Britons. It is widely viewed as an international Hymn to the lust for life and a choral paean to the pleasures of this world.

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