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The European football championship, originally called the UEFA™ European Nations Cup, was renamed UEFA™ European Championship in 1968 and is now commonly referred to (along with the relevant year) as Euro 2016, which was held in France between 10th June and 10th July 2016. Portugal were the 2016 European Cup Winners.

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YearEuro WinnersHost(s)TeamsGoalsEuro Semi FinalsEuro Finals
1960USSRFrance417CZECHOSLOVAKIA v France 2:0USSR v Yugoslavia 2:1
1964SPAINSpain413HUNGARY v Denmark 3:1
(after extra time)
1968ITALYItaly45ENGLAND v USSR 2:0ITALY v Yugoslavia 2:0
1972GERMANYBelgium410BELGIUM v Hungary 2:1GERMANY v USSR 3:0
1976CZECHOSLOVAKIAYugoslavia420NETHERLANDS v Yugoslavia 3:2
(after extra time)
CZECHOSLOVAKIA v Germany 7:5 on penalties
1980GERMANYItaly827CZECHOSLOVAKIA v Italy 10:9 on penaltiesGERMANY v Belgium 2:1
1984FRANCEFrance841FRANCE v Portugal 3:2
(after extra time)
SPAIN v Denmark 6:5 on penalties
FRANCE v Spain 2:0
1988NETHERLANDSGermany834NETHERLANDS v Germany 2:1
USSR v Italy 2:0
1992DENMARKSweden832GERMANY v Sweden 3:2
Denmark v Netherlands 7:6 on penalties
DENMARK v Germany 2:0
1996GERMANYEngland1664CZECH REPUBLIC v France 6:5 on penalties
GERMANY v England 7:6 on penalties
GERMANY v Czech Republic 2:1
(golden goal by Bierhoff)
2000FRANCEBelgium / Holland1685FRANCE v Portugal 2:1
(after extra time)
ITALY v Netherlands 3:1 on penalties
FRANCE v Italy 2:1
(golden goal by Trezeguet)
2004GREECEPortugal1677PORTUGAL v Netherlands 2:1
GREECE v Czech Republic 1-0
(after extra time)
GREECE v Portugal 1:0
2008SPAINSwitzerland / Austria1677GERMANY v Turkey 3:2
SPAIN v Russia 3:0
SPAIN v Germany 1:0
2012SPAINPoland / Ukraine1676SPAIN v Portugal 4:2 on penalties
ITALY v Germany 2:1
SPAIN v Italy 4:0
2016PORTUGALFrance24108PORTUGAL v Wales 2:0
FRANCE v Germany 2:0
PORTUGAL v France 1:0

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