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Euro Cup Winners List

All-Time UEFA Euro Cup Winners List 1960-2020

The Euro 2020 UEFA European Championship football tournament will be played in 12 or 13 host cities across Europe with the Euro 2020 final to be played at Wembley Stadium, London, England on 12 July 2020. At Euro 2016 Portugal became the current euro cup winners beating France 1-0 at the Stade de France stadium on 10 July 2016. The European football championship was originally the UEFA European Nations Cup before it was renamed to the UEFA European Championship in 1968 but it’s more commonly referred to “the Euros” or Euro 2020 (adding the year).

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YearEuro Cup WinnersEuro Cup FinalistsEuro Cup Semi Finalists[2]Third Place play offHost/sTeamsGoals
1960Soviet UnionSoviet Union v Yugoslavia 2-1.France v Yugoslavia 4-5.
Czechoslovakia v Soviet Union 0-3.
Czechoslovakia v France 2:0France417
1964SpainSpain v Soviet Union 2-1.Spain v Hungary 2-1 (after extra time).
Denmark v Soviet Union 0-3.
Hungary v Denmark 3:1 (after extra time).Spain413
1968ItalyItaly v Yugoslavia 2-0.Italy v Soviet Union 0-0 (after extra time, Italy won on the toss of a coin).
Yugoslavia v England 1-0.
England v Soviet Union 2-0Italy45
1972GermanyWest Germany v Soviet Union 3-0.Belgium v West Germany 1-2.
Hungary v Soviet Union 0-1.
Belgium v Hungary 2-1Belgium410
1976CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia v West Germany 7-5 (penalty shootout).Czechoslovakia v Netherlands 3-1 (after extra time).
Yugoslavia v West Germany 2-4 (after extra time).
Netherlands v Yugoslavia 3-2 (after extra time).Yugoslavia420
1980GermanyWest Germany v Belgium 2-1.No semi-finals. The two group runners up played for third place. [2]Third place play-offs ended.Czechoslovakia v Italy 9-8 (penalty shootout).Italy827
1984FranceFrance v Spain 2-0.France v Portugal 3-2 (after extra time).
Spain v Denmark 6-5 (penalty shootout).
1988NetherlandsNetherlands v Soviet Union 2-0.Netherlands v West Germany 2-1.
Soviet Union v Italy 2-0.
1992DenmarkDenmark v Germany 2-0.Germany v Sweden 3-2
Denmark v Netherlands 7-6 (penalty shootout).
1996GermanyGermany v Czech Republic 2-1
(golden goal by Bierhoff).
Czech Republic v France 6-5 (penalty shootout).
Germany v England 7-6 (penalty shootout).
2000FranceFrance v Italy 2-1 (golden goal by Trezeguet).France v Portugal 2-1 (after extra time).
Italy v Netherlands 3-1 (penalty shootout).
Belgium / Holland1685
2004GreeceGreece v Portugal 1-0.Portugal v Netherlands 2-1.
Greece v Czech Republic 1-0 (after extra time).
2008SpainSpain v Germany 1-0.Germany v Turkey 3-2.
Spain v Russia 3-0.
Switzerland / Austria1677
2012SpainSpain v Italy 4-0.Spain v Portugal 4-2 (penalty shootout).
Italy v Germany 2-1.
Poland / Ukraine1676
2016PortugalPORTUGAL v France 1-0.Portugal v Wales 2-0.
France v Germany 2-0.
Euro Cup Winners Table Notes: [1] In 2012 it was decided to hold Euro 2020 across different European cities. [2]Third and fourth places were no longer awarded after Euro 1980. The 2020 European football championship semi-finals and finals will be played at Wembley Stadium, London, England. Important! ADDucation’s lists are published for information only and we acknowledge all registered marks and trademarks belong to their respective organizations including FIFATM, UEFATM and The FATM.

FAQs About The Euros

FAQs About UEFA European Football Championship.

  • Which country has won the European Championship the most times?
    Germany and Spain have been euro cup winners three times. Germany has reached the final six times. Spain has reached the final four times.
  • Who’s the top goalscorer in the Euros?
    Michel Platini (France) and Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) are tied on 9 goals, followed by Alan Shearer (England) with 7 goals.
  • How many national teams competed in Euro 2016?
    53 teams played in the Euro 2016 qualification phase. 24 teams competed in the Euro 2016 finals.
  • How often is the European Championship held?
    The Euros have been held every 4 years since 1960, like the FIFA World Cup. Every other even numbered year there will be a World Cup or Euros football tournament.

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