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Men’s Football World Cup Records ⚽

Men’s Football World Cup Records ⚽ 🏆

The men’s football world cup tournament is played every four years where new men’s football world cup records can be set. In 2022 the qualifying football/soccer teams from each continent will meet in Qatar to decide the next football FIFA™ World Cup Champions.

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⚽Football World Cup Records 🏆 Record Players, Coaches, Teams, Countries
Most World Cup appearances (team) 20 Brazil
Most World Cup games (team) 106 Germany
Most World Cup wins (team) 70 Brazil
Most World Cup victories (player) 17 Cafu, Brazil (1990-2006)
Most World Cup titles (team) 5 Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002) 🏆
Most World Cup runners-up (team) 4 Germany (1966, 1982, 1986, 2002)
Most Finals (team) 8 Germany (4 won)
Most World Cup participations (Players) 5 Lothar Matthäus (1982-1998) & Antonio Carbajal (Mexico’s goalkeeper, 1950-1966)
Most World Cup titles (player) 3 Pelé (Brazil, 1958, 1962, 1970) 🏆
Most World Cup games contested (player) 25 Lothar Matthäus (1982-1998)
Most World Cup game minutes on the pitch (player) 2217 Paolo Maldini (Italy, 1990-2002)
Most World Cup goals (team) 224 Germany
Most World Cup goals in total (player) 16 Miroslav Klose (Germany, 2002-today)
Most World Cup goals in shortest time
4 Germany (4 goals in 6 minutes against Brazil 2014. Final score 7:1)
Most goals in a World Cup (team) 27 Hungary, 1954 (in 5 games)
Most goals in a World Cup (player) 13 Just Fontaine in 6 games (France, 1958)
Most goals in a game (player) 5 Oleg Salenko (Russia vs. Cameroon, 1994)
First World Cup Goal (player) 1930 Lucien Laurent, France (in the game against Mexico after 19 minutes)
Youngest player in the game 17 years, 41 days Norman Whiteside (Northern Ireland vs. Yugoslavia, 1982)
Youngest World Cup scorer 17 years Pelé (Brazil, 1958)
Youngest world champion (player) 17 years Pelé (Brazil, 1958)
Oldest player in the game 42 years, 39 days Roger Milla (Cameroon vs. Russia, 1994)
The oldest world champion (player) 40 years Dino Zoff (Italy, 1982)
World Cup match with most goals 12 7:5 (Austria vs. Switzerland, 1954)
Highest World Cup win 10:1 Hungary vs. El Salvador, 1982
Fastest World Cup goal after kick off
11 seconds Hakan Sukur (Turkey vs. South Korea, 2002)
Most World Cup minutes without conceding a goal (goalkeeper)
517 Walter Zenga (Italy, 1990)
Most World Cup participation (trainer) 6 Carlos Alberto Parreira (2 x with Brazil, 1 x Kuwait, 1 x UAE, 1 x Saudi Arabia, 1 x South Africa)
Most World Cup games (coach) 25 Helmut Schön (1966-1978)
Most World Cup victories (trainer) 16 Helmut Schön (1966-1978)
Most World Cup titles (trainer) 2 Vittorio Pozzo (Italy, 1934 and 1938)
World Cup titles (as player and coach) 3 Mário Zagallo (Brazil, 1958/1962 + 1970)
Youngest coach at a World Cup 27 years Juan José Tramutola (Argentina, 1930)
Oldest coach at a World Cup 71 years Otto Rehhagel (Greece, 2010)
First sending-off in World Cup history 1930 Placido Galindo 🙅(Peru vs. Romania)
Most sending-offs in one game 4 Portugal vs. Netherlands, 2006 🙅(4 second yellow cards, 2 per team)
Most yellow cards in one game 16 Germany vs. Cameroon, 2002 🙅(14 yellow cards & 2 second yellow cards)
First penalty (scored) 19 July 1930 Manuel Rosas (Mexico vs. Argentina)
Fastest penalty in a match 1st minute Final Germany vs. Netherlands, 1974 (Johann Neeskens took NL into the lead)
Most penalties awarded (team) 16 Spain (2 missed)
First Golden Goal 1998 Laurent Blanc (second round, France vs. Paraguay)
First hat-trick (player) 1934 Edmund Conen, Germany (in the game against Belgium, final result 5:2)
Most World Cup goals (team) 121 Germany
Most World Cup goals against (goalkeeper) 25 Antonio Carbajal, Mexico (in 11 games 1950-1966)
Most World Cup games without conceding a goal (goalkeeper) 10 Peter Shilton, England (1982-1990) & Fabien Barthez, France (1998-2010)
Most clean sheet games (team) 39 Brazil
Most World Cup goals in the final 7 1958 Brazil vs. Sweden 5:2
Most World Cup defeats (team) 25 Mexico (in 53 games)
Longest World Cup winning streak (team) 11 games Brazil (2002-2006)
Longest unbeaten run (team) 13 games Brazil (1958-1966)
Longest losing streak (team) 9 games Mexico (1930-1958)
Longest run without a victory (team) 16 games Bulgaria (1962-1994)
Longest run without a goal (team) 5 games Bolivia (1930-1994)
Most World Cup knockout games 47 Germany (32 won)
Most penalty shootouts (team) 5 Argentina (1990, 1990, 1998, 2006, 2014)
Most won penalty shootouts 4 Germany (4 of 4)
Most lost penalty shootouts 3 😰England (1990, 1998, 2006) 😰Italy (1990, 1994, 1998) & Spain 😰(1986, 2002, 2018)
World Cup game with the fewest spectators 300 Romania vs. Peru, 1930
World Cup game with the most spectators 173,850 Brazil vs. Uruguay, 1950 (at the Maracana Stadium)
Largest average crowd per game 68,991 1994 World Cup in USA
Hosts who became world champions 6 Uruguay 1930, Italy 1934, England 1966, Germany 1974, Argentina 1978, France 1998
Hosts who were runners-up 2 Brazil in 1950, Sweden in 1958
Hosts that went out in the first round 1 South Africa 2010 😰
Most frequent host 2 Brazil 1950, 2014
France 1938, 1998
Germany 1974, 2006
Italy 1934, 1990
Mexico 1970, 1986

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