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History Will be Kind to Me For I Intend to Write ItWinston Churchill

That’s not our approach. ADDucation aims to present key history facts in concise thought-provoking lists so you learn more by reading less. With over 7.6 billion humans on planet Earth “new” history is being made as I type, every second that passes is living  history – look out, it’s already behind you!

worst pandemics list

Worst Pandemics in History 🦠

How does the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic compare with all the previous global pandemics? ADDucation's list of the worst ...
worst dictators

Worst Dictators & Tyrants 🦹

Compiling ADDucation's list of the worst dictators and tyrants of all time hasn't been easy nor fun but ...
queens of England

Queens of England List 👸🏼👑

Chronological list of all six Queens of England since 1553 AD including the house (family) each English queen belonged to ...
kings of England

Kings of England List 🤴🏼👑

Chronological list of all the Kings of England since 1066 AD including the house (family) for each English king. There ...
major air disasters news

Major Air Disasters

ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort major air disasters. Click the + icon to show any hidden ...
English monarchs

List of English Monarchs 👑🤴🏼👸🏼

ADDucation's list of English monarchs starts with King Egbert in 802 AD because there really wasn't a country called “England” ...
current monarchies

Current Monarchies 👑

Naruhito became the Emperor of Japan on 1 May 2019. following the abdication of his father Akihito. Naruhito is the ...
free online history quizzes

QUIZ zone: History

Welcome to the history quiz zone where you'll find free online history quizzes and a wide range of history-based general ...

Why Is History Important Today?

The ever increasing pace of technological change and scientific breakthroughs makes it feel like history is speeding up. With the benefit of hindsight it’s easier to tell which events made history revealing the key history facts that couldn’t be left out of our lists. We connect those dots together into general knowledge history lists and leave other websites to try and record everything, which is also important to help us understand the future. History gives us a sense of belonging and context to our lives, as Michael Crichton said:

If You Don’t Know History, You Don’t Know Anything. You’re a Leaf That Doesn’t Know It’s Part of a Tree

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