biggest natural catastrophes

Biggest Natural Catastrophes

Biggest Natural Catastrophes of All Time

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DateWhereBiggest Natural Catastrophes in HistoryDeaths (estimated)
65 million years agoPeninsula Yucatan, MexicoMeteorite impact.all dinosaurs and maybe 50% of all animals
24 August 79Pompeii, ItalyVolcanic eruption (Vesuvius)more than 2000
20 May 526Antalya, TurkeyEarthquake.250,000
29 November 533Aleppo, SyriaEarthquake.130,000
December 856Damghan, IranEarthquake.200,000
17 September 1007Baghdad, IraqEarthquake.up to 100,000
1139Ganja, AzerbaijanEarthquake.230,000
20 May 1202Nablus, PalestineEarthquake.up to 1 million
16 January 1219North Sea Coast1st St. Marcellus flood.36,000
13 December 1287North Sea CoastLucia flood.50,000
27 September 1290ChinaEarthquake.10,0000
1333-1337ChinaFamine.around 4 million
1347-1353 EuropePlague.around 25 million
15 January 1362 North Sea Coast2nd St. Marcellus flood.100,000
2 February 1556Shaanxi, ChinaEarthquake.around 830,000
2 November 1570North Sea CoastDike breach by hurricane.100,000
6 June 1662Japan, ChinaEarthquake and Tsunami.up to 300,000
9 January 1693SicilyEarthquake.60,000
1693-1694FranceFamine (severe winter which also led to an outbreak of typhus).1-2 million
31 December 1703Tokyo, JaoanEarthquake (intensity 8.2).110,000
11 October 1737Kolkata, IndiaEarthquake.300,000
1 November 1755LisbonEarthquake (magnitude 9.0) and Tsunami.Up to 70,000
1770IndiaFamine.around 6.5 million
1 August Tabriz, IranEarthquake.up to 200,000
1783-1784Iceland & WorldwideThe Lakagigar volcano erupted and covered the atmosphere with its ash cloud. Crop failures, icy winters and floods caused by snowmelt led to a worldwide famine.around 15,000 Icelanders and 80,000 worldwide
19 April 1815Sumbawa, IndonesiaVolcanic eruption (Tambora).60,000
3-5 February 1825North Sea Coast“February flood” and dike breach.800
1845-1846Ireland“Potato Famine” (caused by fungal infection of potato and crop failure).around 1.5 million
1876-1879 ChinaFamine.around 11 million
27 August 1883Krakatoa, IndonesiaVolcanic eruption and tsunami (with 40 m high wave). As a result of the violent eruption, ash particles were hurled into the atmosphere and reduced the sunlight for months. Worldwide crop losses and colder winter (in the northern hemisphere) were the result.officially 36,500, but probably four times as many
1887Yellow RiverFlood and deluge.900,000
11-14 March 1888USA (East Coast)Snow storm (blizzard).400
28 December 1908Messina, ItalyEarthquake (magnitude 7.2) and Tsunami.up to 110,000
6 June 1912Alaska, Aleutian IslandsThe volcanic eruption of Novarupta was one of the largest eruptions of modern times. Relatively few victims as the area was virtually uninhabited.
1918-1920 worldwideSpanish least 25 million
16 December 1920Gansu, ChinaEarthquakes (intensity 8.6).200,000
9 January 1923Kanto, JapanEarthquakes (intensity 8.3) and Tsunami.Up to 150,000
1928-1929 ChinaFamine.about 10 million
1943-1944 Bengal, IndiaFamine.Up to 1.5 million
1944-1945VietnamFamine (caused by Japanese occupation).about 2 million
1959-1961China(Probably) the greatest famine of all time, triggered by the great leap forward campaign of the Socialist government.between 15 and 45 million
1969-1971North ChinaFamine.around 20 million
12 November 1970East PakistanCyclone, storm surge.up to 500,000
28 July 1976Tangshan, ChinaEarthquake (magnitude 7.8).up to 650,000
13 November 1985Armero, ColombiaVolcanic eruption and mudslide.more than 25,000
29 April 1991BangladeshCyclone, flood.around 138,000
15 June 1991Philippines (Luzon)Earthquake, volcanic eruption (Pinatubo) typhoon. The eruption is considered one of the most violent of modern times. Despite evacuation many people died.about 875
1 August 2003EuropeExtreme heat wave.up to 70,000
26 December 2004Sumatra, IndonesiaEarthquake (strength 9.1) and subsequent tsunami.around 232,000
8 October 2005Kashmir, IndiaEarthquake (magnitude 7.8).around 86,000
12 May 2008Sichuan, ChinaEarthquake (7.9 magnitude).70,000
12 January 2010 HaitiEarthquake (magnitude 7.0). This disaster was one of the biggest natural catastrophes of all time.up to 300,000
11 March 2011Sendai, JapanEarthquake (magnitude 9.0) and tsunami which lead to a nuclear disaster.28,000
5-11 November 2013PhilippinesTyphoon Haiyan with the wind speed of 380 km/h. It was one of the strongest storm in history.more than 6,200
25 April 2015NepalEarthquake (magnitude 7.3)over 7,500

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