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Died Too Young

Who Died Too Young? Only The Good Die Young*

It’s certainly true that most, if not all, of the people in our list died too young. Maybe that’s why they’ve achieved immortality? We’ll certainly never know how their lives would have unfolded if they hadn’t died too young.

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NameAgeDateWhereCircumstances in which they died too young
Bolan, Marc
aka T. Rex
2916 Sep 1977London, EnglandThe glam rock group T. Rex front man died in a car crash as a passenger.
Boleyn, Anne
19 May 1536London, EnglandHenry VIII had his second wife beheaded in the Tower of London.
Bowie, David6710 Jan 2016New York, USABorn David Robert Jones, he died of liver cancer, which had been diagnosed 18 months before his death and which he kept secret from his fans. While considerably older than many others on this page, we consider David Bowie certainly died too young and would have wished him many happy years of old age.
Cobain, Kurt275 Apr 1994Seattle, USAThe founder and singer of “Nirvana” shot himself in the head with a shotgun.
Curtis, Ian2318 May 1980Macclesfield, EnglandThe head of the punk band “Joy Division” took his own life.
Dean, James2430 Sep 1955Los Angeles, USAThe popular film star died too young in a car crash in his Porsche 550 Spyder.
Duncan, Isadora5014 Sep 1927Nice, FranceThe stole the dancer was wearing caught around a rear axle of a car and broke her neck.
Falco406 Feb 1998Dominican RepublicThe singer from Austria died in a car accident. His car was rammed by a bus.
Fassbinder, Rainer Werner3710 Jun 1982Munich, GermanyThe heart of the German director, actor and producer stopped probably after taking drugs and alcohol.
Frank, Anne15Mar 1945Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, GermanyThe Jewish girl, born in Frankfurt, Germany, who lived for two years in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam until being arrested and subsequently murdered in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Anne certainly died too young and new research suggests Anne Frank may have died in February 1945
Ché Guevara4310 Sep 1967BoliviaThe freedom fighter was executed by the Bolivian army.
Gallagher, Rory4714 June 1995London, EnglandThe Irish guitarist, singer and songwriter was an alcoholic and died shortly after a liver transplant.
Hendrix, Jimi2718 Sep 1970London, EnglandThe gifted guitarist suffocated on his own vomit after alcohol and sleeping pills
Houston, Whitney4811 Feb 2012Beverly Hills, USAOne of the most successful singers of all time drowned under the influence of drugs in her bathtub.
Hutchence, Michael3722 Nov 1997Sydney, AustraliaThe singer of the pop band INXX was found hanged with a belt at the Ritz-Carlton.
Jackson, Michael5025 Jun 2009Los Angeles, USAThe “King of Pop” died from the effects of drug misuse.
Jesus of Nazareth aka Jesus Christ30-3330-33 ADJerusalemCrucified in Jerusalem on the orders of Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect.
Jobs, Steve565 Oct 2011Palo Alto, USAThe visionary Apple co-founder died of complications from cancer.
Jones, Brian273 July 1969Hartfield, EnglandThe lead guitarist and founder member of the Rolling Stones drowned in a swimming pool. It was never proven if it was an accident or murder.
Joplin, Janis2710 Apr 1970Los Angeles, USAThe singer took a heroin overdose and died in her hotel room.
Kelly, Grace5213 Sep 1982Monaco, ItalyThe US actress and Princess of Monaco crashed her car down a slope; her daughter Stephanie survived the accident.
Ledger, Heath2822 Jan 2008New York, USAThe Australian actor died after taking a lethal drug cocktail.
Lee, Brandon2831 Mar 1993North Carolina, USADied accidentally during the filming of the movie “The Crow” when part of a dummy bullet hit him fatally.
Lennon, John409 Oct 1940Liverpool, EnglandFounder member of “The Beatles”, John was shot in the back four times at the entrance to his New York apartment by Mark David Chapman who remains in jail. Ono said “John loved and prayed for the human race. Please pray the same for him.”
Mandela, Nelson955 Dec 2013Johannesburg, South AfricaThe oldest person who died too young on the list. We included him as a tribute to his life’s work as a “Giant of Justice” who was ahead of his time and young at heart.
Mansfield, Jayne3429 Jun 1967Louisiana, USAThe US actress died with her husband in a car accident.
Marley, Bob3611 May 1981Miami, USAAfter chemotherapy the reggae singer died in Florida from cancer.
Mayall, Rik569 Jun 2014London, EnglandThe English comedian and actor famous for pioneering alternative comedy in the early ’80s was found dead in his home. He co-wrote or starred in series such as Blackadder, and The Young Ones and the films Drop Dead Fred and Guest House Paradiso.
Mercury, Freddy4524 Nov 1991London, EnglandThe founder and lead singer of the rock group “Queen” died of AIDS.
Michael, George5325 Dec 2016Oxford, EnglandHad a series of hits with Wham! together with Andrew Ridgeley from 1981, and had a successful solo career until his death, apparently of heart failure, in 2016.
Mitchell, Margaret488 Nov 1949Atlanta, USAThe author of “Gone with the wind” was run over by a drunken taxi driver.
Monroe, Marilyn365 Aug 1962Los Angeles, USAThe famous film diva took an overdose of sleeping pills.
Morrison, Jim277 Mar 1971Paris, FranceThe 27-year old, drug-addicted singer of the “Doors” was found dead in a bathtub.
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus355 Dec 1791Vienna, AustriaThe musical prodigy was seriously ill and then bedridden for several months before dying of uncertain causes.
Wallace, Christopher George Latore
aka Notorious B.I.G.
253 Sep 1997Los Angeles, USAThe US rapper was shot at a red light at a so-called “drive-by shooting”.
Phoenix, River2331 Oct 1993Hollywood, USAThe US actor died through drugs in front of the Viper Room nightclub on Sunset Boulevard.
Presley, Elvis4216 Aug 1977Graceland, Memphis, USAThe “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” died of heart failure caused by Hirschsprung’s bowel disease.
Prince Rogers Nelson
aka Prince
5721 Apr 2016Chanhassen, Minnesota, USAThe popular US pop singer was treated for flu in hospital only a week before his death. He died on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.
Spencer, Diana
aka Diana, Princess of Wales
3631 Aug 1997Paris, FranceWhile fleeing from paparazzi the car she was traveling in crashed in a tunnel. Her companion Dodi Al Fayed (42) and the driver Henri Paul also died in the crash.
Reeve, Christopher5210 Oct 2004Mount KiscoThe actor, famous for his role as “Superman” was paralyzed by a riding accident and later died from an infection.
Rindt, Jochen289 May 1970Monza, ItalyDue to a technical defect his Formula1 car slammed into the barriers. He posthumously became world champion with points he had accumulated before the accident.
Saint-Exupéry, de Antoine4431 Jul 1944Mediterranean, near FranceSaint- Exupéry was an excellent author, pilot and soldier. During a reconnaissance flight, the world famous author of “little prince” crashed into the sea near Marseille.
Schiele, Egon2831 Oct 1918Vienna, AustriaFamous painter who was a victim of the “Spanish flu” and died just three days after his wife.
Schneider, Romy4429 May 1982Paris, FranceAfter the accident death of her son (he climbed over a fence, slipped and speared himself) the actress took too many pills and died of a broken heart.
Schubert, Franz3319 Nov 1828Vienna, AustriaThe famous composer died after a high fever (today presumed to have been typhoid).
Scott, Bon3319 Feb 1980London, EnglandThe singer of the hard rock band AC/DC suffocated on his own vomit.
Senna, Ayrton341 May 1994Imola, ItalyThe famous Formula 1 racing driver died racing at the Grand Prix of San Marino.
Stuart, Mary448 Feb 1587London, EnglandMary, Queen of Scots was executed after 19 years in captivity.
Tate, Sharon279 Aug 1969Hollywood, USAShortly before giving birth Sharon Tate was brutally murdered in her home by Charles Manson and his gang.
Thornton, Melanie3424 Nov 2001Zurich, SwitzerlandDriving snow caused her small aircraft to crash in a forest shortly before landing. A total of 24 people died.
Valentino, Rudolf2623 Aug 1926New York City, USAOne of the greatest silent film actors in history. The Italian-born actor died suddenly of pneumonia causing mass hysteria around the world (especially among his female fans).
Vicious, Sid222 Feb 1979New York City, USAThe punk-rock bassist of the “Sex Pistols” injected his “golden shot”.
Walker, Paul4030 Nov 2013Los Angeles, USAThe star of the US series “Fast & Furious” raced (as a passenger) into a tree.
Williams, Robin McLaurin6311 Aug 2014Tiburon, California, USAActor and comedian. Became famous as the alien in Mork & Mindy and then in films like The World According to Garp, Dead Poets Society and Mrs Doubtfire. Likely cause of death – asphyxiation.
Winehouse, Amy2723 Jul 2011Camden, London, EnglandThe English singer died of alcohol poisoning with a level of 416 mg per 100 ml.
Wood, Natalie4329 Nov 1981California, USAThe US actress drowned under mysterious circumstances during a sailing excursion.
*Artists who recoded songs titled “Only The Good Die Young’ include Billy Joel, Iron Maiden and Queen.

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