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“Our high respect for a well-read person is praise enough for literature”

We agree with T.S. Eliot’s quote and we’re working on it, compiling literature & philosophy lists has whetted our appetite for more. So what is general knowledge literature? In its most banal sense it means formed with letters. More poetically, it describes the art of written work. Philosophy is derived from love of wisdom. It’s a huge task to select and condense material from centuries of fascinating and thought-provoking works into ADDucation lists. It takes longer than you’d think because the moment start compiling a list, especially the works of so many authors and philosophers, the subject draws you in and it’s hard to draw the line – but we do so you can read less and learn more.

Nobel prize literature winners

Nobel Prize Literature Winners

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Booker prize winners

Man Booker Prize Winners

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baileys prize for fiction

All Baileys Prize for Fiction Winners

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great philosophies

Great Philosophies

List of Great Philosophies ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort great philosophies. Click the + icon to ...

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