greek philosophers

Famous Philosophers P-Z

Famous Philosophers P-Z

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Famous PhilosophersCountryBorn / DiedPhilosophers Quotes Theories and Works (first published)
ParmenidesGreece515-445 BC
Pascal, BlaiseFrance1623-1662 Blaise Pascal
Paul of TarsusGreece5-67Paul the Apostle insisted faith in Jesus was all that was needed because the world is, and forevermore, will be under a state of Grace in Jesus, a core belief of all Christian sects. Paul is also credited with the concept that God’s moral law (the ten commandments) is innately understood by all humans that reach the age of reason.
Pico della Mirandola, GiovanniItaly1463-1494
PlatoGreece427-347 BCOne of the most famous Greek philosophers.
Popper, KarlAustria / Great Britain1902-1994 Sir Karl Popper
ProtagorasGreece490-411 BC
Ptolemy, ClaudiusGreece100-170
Pyrrhon of ElisGreece360-270 BC
PythagorasGreece570-495 BC
Ramus, PetrusFrance1517-1572
Reuchlin, JohannesGermany1455-1522
Rousseau, Jean-JacquesFrance1712-1778
Russell, BertrandGreat Britain1872-1970
Salisbury, Johannes vonGreat Britain1120-1180
Sartre, Jean PaulFrance1905-1980
Schelling, FriedrichGermany1775-1854
Schopenhauer, ArthurGermany1788-1860
SenecaItaly4 BC-65
Smith, AdamGreat Britain1723-1790
SokratesGreece470-399 BC
SpeusipposGreece408-339 BC
Spinoza, Baruch deThe Netherlands1632-1677
Thales of MiletGreece625-547 BC
TheophrastosGreece371-287 BC
Valla, LorenzoItaly1406-1457
Whitehead, AlfredGreece1861-1947
Wiener KreisVarious1922-1936Famous group of philosophers and followers of logical positivism led by German philosopher Moritz Schlick (1882-1936). They met weekly in Vienna.
Wittgenstein, LudwigAustria1889-1951
Wolff, ChristianGermany1679-1754
Wollstonecraft, MaryGreat Britain1759-1797
XenophanesGreece570-470 BC
Zeno of EleaGreece490-430 BCInventor of the dialectic according to Aristotle and member of the Eleatic School founded by Parmenides.
Zeno of CitiumGreece336-264 BCFounded the school of Stoicism from the Greek “stoa”. One of the most famous Greek philosophers.
Zhongshu, DongChina179–104 BCPromoted Confucianism as the official ideology of the Chinese imperial state.
Zwingli, UlrichSwitzerland1484-1531

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