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Movies and TV shows including general knowledge lists of film and television. Hollywood, Bollywood, Scandinavian TV crime thrillers and more – all organized into simple lists you can sort to find what you’re looking for and discover entertainment. Discover who directed or starred in your favorite films at a glance – without wading through loads of trivia you weren’t searching for and didn’t want to know right now. Compare ADDucation’s best movies and TV shows lists and let us know how they compare with your favorite movies and TV shows – ADDucate us! Do you like soap operas, reality TV or  TV quiz shows? We’ve got lists covering popular movies and TV shows for the USA, UK and worldwide.

famous actresses

Famous Female Actors D-J

All Time List of Famous Actresses - TV & Movie Stars Adducation Tips for famous actresses: Use the scroll bars ...
famous actors list

Famous Male Actors Q-Z

Famous Actors List Q to Z Sometimes In Movies, I Still Have To Be The Hero, But It's Not All ...
best tv series

Best TV Series M-Z

Best TV Series & Shows M-Z - Classic Television List All the Best TV Series of all time on TV. When did ...
famous actors

Famous Male Actors A-C

Famous Actors List: A to C My One Regret In Life Is That I Am Not Someone Else - Woody ...
cartoon animals

Famous Cartoon Animals

Famous Cartoon Animals from TV, Comic Books & Movies List of famous cartoon animals along with some non-human animated characters ...
Oscar best picture winners

Oscar Best Picture Winners

Oscar Best Picture Winners - All Time List On 9 February 2020 the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, for films made ...

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