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Blue Peter Pets in Order 🐶😸 All-Time List 1962-2021

BBC’s Blue Peter children’s show began in 1958 and remains popular today. Part of the show’s success was the introduction of lovable Blue Peter pets in 1962. Originally to appeal to children who weren’t able to keep pets of their own at home. Since then over thirty different Blue Peter pets have enriched the show with their presence.

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Name Appeared Animal Breed # Fascinating facts about Blue Peter pets
Petra 1962-1977 Dog 🐶 Female mongrel. 1 The original Petra actually died very soon after her debut. To avoid upsetting the viewers, a lookalike replacement Petra was found. She had several puppies, including Patch, who later also became a Blue Peter pet. Like many later Blue Peter pets she was looked after to the end by pet keeper Edith Menezes, who died in 1994.
Freda (Fred) 1963-1979 Tortoise 🐢 2 Freda was the first Blue Peter tortoise. Fred the Blue Peter tortoise was renamed Freda on 12th June 1967 after a Blue Peter viewer pointed out Fred was female. Fred gained an “a” and was renamed Freda.
Honey 1964 Guide dog 🐶 Labrador. 3 Honey was the first Blue Peter guide dog in 1964. Since then quite a few guide dogs have spent some time on the show while they were in training.
Jason 1964-1976 Cat 😸 Seal point Siamese. 4 Jason was the first Blue Peter and first appeared on the show at the age of three weeks.
Patch 1966-1971 Dog 🐶 Female mongrel. 5 Patch was one of Petra’s puppies but sadly died early from E. coli septicemia.
Joey 1967-1968 Parrot 🦜 Brazilian blue-fronted parrot. 6 First of 2 short-lived parrots during the 1960s. Died of an infection in 1968.
Cindy 1968 Guide dog 🐶 7 Cindy was also a guide dog.
Barney 1968 Parrot 🦜 Blue-fronted Amazon parrot. 8 Barney replaced Joey but he died shortly afterwards of lung disease. He was the second and last Blue Peter parrot.
Shep 1971-1978 Dog 🐶 Border collie. 10 Replaced Patch. Lively animal that John Noakes frequently attempted to discipline with famous “Get down Shep”. Shep even appears as a wax figure in Madame Tussauds. In 1977, Doctor Who’s robot dog K9 was interviewed on the show. Shep wasn’t at all keen and attacked it!
Maggie and Jim 1974-1982 Tortoises 🐢 11 Brother and sister who were named after Margaret Thatcher and James Callaghan (prime ministers at the time). Died in the cold winter of 1982.
Buttons 1975 Guide dog 🐶 9 Buttons was a Blue Peter guide dog who appeared on the show in the mid 1970s.
Rags 1976-80s Donkey 🐴 12 Rags was the first and only Blue Peter donkey. She had a white face with black mane and the show followed her progress for many years.
Jill 1976-1983 Cat 😸 Silver tabby. 13 Jill was Jack’s sister.
Jack 1976-1986 Cat 😸 Silver tabby. 14 Jill’s brother. Jack & Jill were called the “disappearing cats” because they were forever jumping off the presenter’s lap.
Goldie 1978-1986 Dog 🐶 Female golden retriever. 15 Goldie was named by Blue Peter viewers.
Prince 1981 Guide dog 🐶 16 Prince was a Blue Peter guide dog.
George 1982-2004 Tortoise 🐢 Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise. 17 George was born around 1920 and the longest serving pet on the show. Renamed by viewers from “Pork Pie”.
Willow 1986-1991 Cat 😸 Burmese. 18 Willow replaced Jack and was also named by viewers. Willow was the first pet on the show to be spayed as a good example to other cat owners. She was the only pet to ever be sacked from the show! She was very noisy, and often spiteful.
Bonnie 1986-1996 Dog 🐶 Female golden retriever. 19 Bonnie was Goldie’s daughter and took over from her mum in 1986. On her last show she was awarded a Blue Peter Gold badge on a specially made collar. Bonnie was the first Blue Peter pet to receive a Blue Peter badge.
Honey 1991 Guide dog 🐶 20 Honey was named in honour of the first Honey (1961) and was trained by Blue Peter presenter John Leslie.
Kari and Oke 1991-2004 Cats 😸🐾 Tabby. 21 Kari and Oke were rescue cats, named by the presenters after a Blue Peter expedition to Japan where they had a karaoke session.
Mabel 1996-2010 Dog 🐶 Border Collie. 22 Mabel was a rescue dog with one blue and one brown eye. Mabel enjoyed the second longest run for a dog, after Petra, on the show.
Lucy 1998-2011 Dog 🐶 pedigree golden retriever. 23 Lucy joined Mabel and they appeared together on Blue Peter for several years.
Meg 2000-2011 Dog 🐶 Border Collie. 24 Meg trained as a sheepdog and was given to Matt Baker when he left the show in 2006. Meg also appeared in BBC’s Countryfile and barking in The Archers BBC radio soap.
Shelley 2004 Tortoise 🐢 Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise. 30 Shelly was introduced to the show as a friend for George and is currently the only tortoise on the show.
Smudge 2004-2005 Cat 😸 Tabby. 25 Smudge was from a rescue litter and sadly died in 2005 after he was hit by a car.
Magic 2006 Guide dog 🐶 26 Magic was named by the viewers but sadly had to be put down because of epilepsy.
Socks 2006-2013 Cat 😸 Ragdoll. 28 Socks was controversial because the show’s producers rigged a vote by viewers to name him. The viewers voted for “Cookie” but the producers rigged to result to “Socks”!
Cookie 2007-2013 Cat 😸 Ragdoll. 29 Cookie was introduced after the Socks scandal to appease viewers.
Barney 2009-2013 Dog 🐶 Irish Setter and Dachshund cross. 27 Barney was a stray who was given to presenter Helen Skelton by the Dogs Trust. Barney left when Helen left the show.
Iggy 2014 Dog 🐶 Probably golden retriever. 31 Iggy is a Blue Peter guide dog in training with some help by Lindsey Russell.
Henry  2019 Dog 🐶 Beagle and basset hound cross. 32 Henry was a rescue dog from the Dogs Trust.

Until One Has Loved an Animal a Part of One’s Soul Remains Unawakened – Anatole France (1844-1924) French poet, novelist and journalist.

Blue Peter pets have caused considerable controversy over the years. The BBC infamously rigged a vote to call a new cat Socks instead of Cookie which was the viewers choice. You’ll find this and other stories in the main list of Blue Peter pets in order of their first appearance on the show.

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