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Best Actress Oscar Winners – 2019 Academy Awards

On 24 February 2019 the 91st Academy Awards ceremony, called “The Oscars”, took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. The best actress Oscar winners are chosen by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members. AMPAS is the professional organization of the movie industry. Since 1935 academy awards are presented for films released in the preceding year.

Top Best Actress Oscar Trivia Facts

6 Best Actress Oscar Trivia Facts

  1. Who votes in the Academy Awards? Only AMPAS members can vote in the Oscars. You cannot apply to join AMPAS, you have to be sponsored by two existing members OR nominated for an Academy Award to be considered for membership by the Academy’s Board of Governors – it’s complicated.
  2. How many Oscar categories are there? There are currently 24 categories. Some have been discontinued, others may be added next time around.
  3. Most best actress Oscar winners is currently Katharine Hepburn with 4 Best Actress Oscars for; Morning Glory in 1933, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, a 1967 comedy drama, The Lion In Winter in 1968 and again in 1981 for On Golden Pond alongside Henry Fonda who won Best Actor for the same movie.
  4. The most nominated best actress is Meryl Streep out in front with 2 wins from 15 nominations, ahead of Katharine Hepburn with 12 and Bette Davis with 10.
  5. The biggest loser is Deborah Kerr with no Oscar from 6 nominations, closely followed by Irene Dunne and Dame Judi Dench.
  6. Shortest Oscar Winning Performance: Beatrice Straight, won Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winner, for a single scene lasting 5 minutes, 40 seconds in the 1976 movie Network.

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Academy Awards CeremonyBest Actress Oscar WinnersCountryFor her leading role in:Character:BornDiedFilms in:
1st Academy Awards 16 May 1929Janet GaynorUSA.Street Angel.Angela190619841927/8
2nd Academy Awards 3 April 1930Mary PickfordCanada.Coquette.Norma Besant189219791928/9
3rd Academy Awards 5 Nov 1930Norma ShearerUSA.The Divorcee.Jerry Martin190219831929/30
4th Academy Awards 10 Nov 1931Marie DresslerCanada.Min and Bill.Min Divot186819341930/1
5th Academy Awards 18 Nov 1932Helen HayesUSA.The Sin of Madelon Claudet.Madelon Claudet190019931931/2
6th Academy Awards 16 Mar 1934Katharine Hepburn (most best actress Oscar winners)USA.Morning Glory.Eva Lovelace190720031932/3
7th Academy Awards 27 Feb 1935Claudette ColbertFrance.It Happened One Night.Ellen “Ellie” Andrews190319961934
8th Academy Awards 5 Mar 1936Bette DavisUSA.Dangerous.Joyce Heath190819891935
9th Academy Awards 4 Mar 1937Luise RainerGermany.The Great Ziegfeld.Anna Held191020141936
10th Academy Awards 10 Mar 1938Luise RainerGermany.The Good Earth.O-Lan191020141937
11th Academy Awards 23 Feb 1939Bette DavisUSA.Jezebel.Julie Marsden190819891938
12th Academy Awards 29 Feb 1940Vivien LeighIndia, England.Gone with the wind.Scarlett O’Hara191319671939
13th Academy Awards 27 Feb 1941Ginger RogersUSA.Kitty Foyle.Kitty Foyle191119951940
14th Academy Awards 26 Feb 1942Joan FontaineUSA.Suspicion.Lina McLaidlaw Aysgarth191720131941
15th Academy Awards 4 Mar 1943Greer Garson, CBEEngland, USA.Mrs. Miniver.Kay Miniver190419961942
16th Academy Awards 2 Mar 1944Jennifer JonesUSA.The Song of Bernadette.Bernadette Soubirous191920091943
17th Academy Awards 15 Mar 1945Ingrid BergmanSweden.Gaslight.Paula Alquist Anton191519821944
18th Academy Awards 7 Mar 1946Joan CrawfordUSA.Mildred Pierce.Mildred Pierce Beragon190519771945
19th Academy Awards 17 Mar 1947Olivia de HavillandUSA.To Each His Own.Miss Josephine “Jody” Norris19161946
20th Academy Awards 20 Mar 1948Loretta YoungUSA.The Farmer’s Daughter.Katie Holstrom191320001947
21st Academy Awards 24 Mar 1949Jane WymanUSA.Johnny Belinda.Belinda MacDonald191720071948
22nd Academy Awards 23 Mar 1950Olivia de HavillandUSA.The Heiress.Catherine Sloper19161949
23rd Academy Awards 29 Mar 1951Judy HollidayUSA.Born Yesterday.Emma “Billie” Dawn192119651950
24th Academy Awards 20 Mar 1952Vivien LeighIndia, England.A Streetcar Named Desire.Blanche Dubois191319671951
25th Academy Awards 19 Mar 1953Shirley BoothUSA.Come Back, Little Sheba.Lola Delaney189819921952
26th Academy Awards 25 Mar 1954Audrey HepburnBelgium, British.Roman Holiday.Princess Ann192919931953
27th Academy Awards 30 Mar 1955Grace KellyUSA.The Country Girl.Georgie Elgin192919821954
28th Academy Awards 21 Mar 1956Anna MagnaniItaly.The Rose Tattoo.Serafina Delle Rose190819731955
29th Academy Awards 27 Mar 1957Ingrid BergmanSweden.Anastasia.Anna Koreff191519821956
30th Academy Awards 26 Mar 1958Joanne WoodwardUSA.The Three Faces of Eve.Eve White, Eve Black & Jane19301957
31st Academy Awards 6 Apr 1959Susan HaywardUSA.I Want to Live!Barbara Graham191719751958
32nd Academy Awards 4 Apr 1960Simone SignoretFrance.Room at the Top.Alice Aisgill192119851959
33rd Academy Awards 17 Apr 1961Elizabeth TaylorEngland, USA.Butterfield 8.Gloria Wandrous193220111960
34th Academy Awards 9 Apr 1962Sophia LorenItaly.Two Women.Cesira19341961
35th Academy Awards 8 Apr 1963Anne BancroftUSA.The Miracle Worker.Anne Sullivan193120051962
36th Academy Awards 13 Apr 1964Patricia Neal,USA.Hud.Hud192620101963
37th Academy Awards 5 Apr 1965Julie Andrews, DameEngland.Mary Poppins.Mary Poppins19351964
38th Academy Awards 18 Apr 1966Julie ChristieIndia, England.Darling.Diana Scott19411965
39th Academy Awards 10 Apr 1967Elizabeth TaylorEngland, USA.Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?Martha193220111966
40th Academy Awards 10 Apr 1968Katharine Hepburn (most best actress Oscar winners)USA.Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.Christina Drayton190720031967
41st Academy Awards 14 Apr 1969*Katharine Hepburn (most best actress Oscar winners)USA.The Lion in Winter.Eleanor of Aquitaine190720031968*
41st Academy Awards 14 Apr 1969*Barbra StreisandUSA.Funny Girl.Fanny Brice19421968*
42nd Academy Awards 7 Apr 1970Maggie Smith, DameEngland.The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.Jean Brodie19341969
43rd Academy Awards 15 Apr 1971Glenda Jackson, CBEEngland.Women in Love.Gundrun Brangwen19361970
44th Academy Awards 10 Apr 1972Jane FondaUSA.Klute.Bree Daniels19371971
45th Academy Awards 27 Mar 1973Liza MinnelliUSA.Cabaret.Sally Bowles19461972
46th Academy Awards 2 Apr 1974Glenda Jackson, CBEEngland.A Touch of Class.Vicki Allessio19361973
47th Academy Awards 8 Apr 1975Ellen BurstynUSA.Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.Alice Hyatt19321974
48th Academy Awards 29 Mar 1976Louise FletcherUSA.One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.Nurse Mildred Ratched19341975
49th Academy Awards 28 Mar 1977Faye DunawayUSA.Network.Diana Christensen19411976
50th Academy Awards 3 Apr 1978Diane KeatonUSA.Annie Hall.Annie Hall19461977
51st Academy Awards 9 Apr 1979Jane FondaUSA.Coming Home.Sally Hyde19371978
52nd Academy Awards 14 Apr 1980Sally FieldUSA.Norma Rae.Norma Rae Webster19461979
53rd Academy Awards 31 Mar 1981Sissy SpacekUSA.Coal Miner’s Daughter.Loretta Lynn19491980
54th Academy Awards 29 Mar 1982Katharine Hepburn (most best actress Oscar winners)USA.On Golden Pond.Ethel Thayer190720031981
55th Academy Awards 11 Apr 1983Meryl StreepUSA.Sophie’s choice.Zofia “Sophie” Zawistowski19491982
56th Academy Awards 9 Apr 1984Shirley MacLaineUSA.Terms of Endearment.Aurora Greenway19341983
57th Academy Awards 25 Mar 1985Sally FieldUSA.Places in the Heart.Edna Spalding19461984
58th Academy Awards 24 Mar 1986Geraldine PageUSA.The Trip to Bountiful.Carrie Watts192419871985
59th Academy Awards 30 Mar 1987Marlee MatlinUSA.Children of a Lesser God.Sarah Norman19651986
60th Academy Awards 11 Apr 1988CherUSA.Moonstruck.Loretta Castorini19461987
61st Academy Awards 29 Mar 1989Jodie FosterUSA.The Accused.Sarah Tobias19621988
62nd Academy Awards 26 Mar 1990Jessica TandyEngland.Driving Miss Daisy.Daisy Werthan190919941989
63rd Academy Awards 25 Mar 1991Kathy BatesUSA.Misery.Annie Wilkes19481990
64th Academy Awards 30 Mar 1992Jodie FosterUSA.The Silence of the Lambs.Clarice Starling19621991
65th Academy Awards 29 Mar 1993Emma ThompsonEngland.Howards End.Margaret Schlegel19591992
66th Academy Awards 21 Mar 1994Holly HunterUSA.The Piano.Ada McGrath19581993
67th Academy Awards 27 Mar 1995Jessica LangeUSA.Blue Sky.Carly Marshall19491994
68th Academy Awards 25 Mar 1996Susan SarandonUSA.Dead Man Walking.Helen Prejean19461995
69th Academy Awards 24 Mar 1997Frances McDormandUSA.Fargo.Marge Gunderson19571996
70th Academy Awards 23 Mar 1998Helen HuntUSA.As Good as It Gets.Carol Connelly19631997
71st Academy Awards 21 Mar 1999Gwyneth PaltrowUSA.Shakespeare in Love.Viola De Lesseps19721998
72nd Academy Awards 26 Mar 2000Hilary SwankUSA.Boys don’t cry.Brandon Teena19741999
73rd Academy Awards 25 Mar 2001Julia RobertsUSA.Erin Brockovich.Erin Brockovich19672000
74th Academy Awards 24 Mar 2002Halle BerryUSA.Monster’s Ball.Leticia Musgrove19662001
75th Academy Awards 23 Mar 2003Nicole KidmanAustralia, USA.The Hours.Virginia Woolf19672002
76th Academy Awards 29 Feb 2004Charlize TheronSouth Africa, USA.Monster.Aileen Wuornos19752003
77th Academy Awards 27 Feb 2005Hilary SwankUSA.Million Dollar Baby.Margaret “Maggie” Fitzgerald19742004
78th Academy Awards 5 Mar 2006Reese WitherspoonUSA.Walk the Line.June Carter Cash19762005
79th Academy Awards 25 Feb 2007Helen Mirren DameEngland.The QueenQueen Elizabeth II19452006
80th Academy Awards 24 Feb 2008Marion CotillardFrance.La vie en rose.Édith Piaf19752007
81st Academy Awards 22 Feb 2009Kate WinsletEngland.The Reader.Hanna Schmitz19752008
82nd Academy Awards 7 Mar 2010Sandra BullockUSA.The Blind Side.Leigh Anne Tuohy19642009
83th Academy Awards 27 Feb 2011Natalie PortmanIsrael, USA.Black Swan.Nina Sayers19812010
84th Academy Awards 26 Feb 2012Meryl StreepUSA.The iron lady.Margaret Thatcher19492011
85th Academy Awards 24 Feb 2013Jennifer LawrenceUSA.Silver Linings Playbook.Tiffany Maxwell19902012
86th Academy Awards 2 Mar 2014Cate BlanchettAustralia.Blue Jasmine.Jeanette “Jasmine” Francis19692013
87th Academy Awards 22 Feb 2015Julianne MooreUSA.Still Alice.Alice Howland19602014
88th Academy Awards 28 Feb 2016Brie LarsonUSA.Room.Joy “Ma” Newsome19892015
89th Academy Awards 26 Feb 2017Emma StoneUSA.La La Land.Mia Dolan19882016
90th Academy Awards 4 Mar 2018Frances McDormandUSA.Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.Mildred Hayes19572017
91st Academy Awards 24 Feb 2019Olivia ColmanEngland.The Favourite.Queen Anne19742018

* Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand received exactly the same number of votes results so a tie was declared. ADDucation’s list of best actress Oscar winners is neither endorsed nor affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Oscars®, Academy Awards® and the Oscar© statuette are trademarks and copyrighted property of AMPAS.

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