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The first of all James Bond Movies were based on the novels written by Ian Fleming about a British Secret Service agent. After Fleming died in 1964 other authors have continued to write Bond novels and scripts for James Bond movies. With Bond films averaging around $600 million a film (adjusted for inflation) the franchise looks set to continue.

James Bond 007 has a license to kill – over 150 Bond villains have perished so far! James Bond 007 also appears to have a license to thrill women having slept with over 42 women and counting. Miss Moneypenny said “You Always Were A Cunning Linguist, James” – Over to you to explore our shaken, but not stirred, all time list of James Bond movies…

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James Bond Movies#YearDirector/sJames BondBond Girl (Character)Bond VillainsSong, ArtistQMMiss Moneypenny
Dr. No11962Terence YoungSean ConneryUrsula Andress (Honey Ryder)Joseph Wiseman (Dr. No), Jack Lord (Felix Leiter)James Bond Theme, John Barryno QBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
From Russia with Love21963Terence YoungSean ConneryDaniela Bianchi (Tatiana Romanova)Pedro Armendáriz (Ali Bey), Lotte Lenya (Rosa Klebb),From Russia With Love, Matt MonroDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
Goldfinger31964Guy HamiltonSean ConneryHonor Blackman (Pussy Galore)Gert Fröbe (Goldfinger)Goldfinger, Shirley BasseyDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
Thunderball41965Terence YoungSean ConneryClaudine Auger (Domino)Adolfo Celi (Emilio Largo)Thunderball, Tom JonesDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
You Only Live Twice51967Lewis GilbertSean ConneryKarin Dor (Helga)Donald Pleasence (Blofeld), Akiko Wakabayashi (Aki)You Only Live Twice, Nancy SinatraDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
Casino Royale[1]1967
  • Val Guest
  • Ken Hughes
  • John Huston
  • Joseph McGrath
  • Robert Parrish
  • Richard Talmadge
David Niven (“original Bond”)Ursula Andress (Vesper Lynd), Deborah Kerr (Mimi), Woody Allen (Dr. Noah)Orson Welles (Le Chiffre)Casino Royale, Herb Alpert & Tijuana BrassGeoffrey BayldonJohn HustonBarbara Bouchet
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service61969Peter R. HuntGeorge LazenbyDiana Rigg (Tracy di Vincenco)Telly Savalas (Blofeld)We Have All The Time In The World, Louis ArmstrongDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
Diamonds Are Forever71971Guy HamiltonSean ConneryJill St. John (Tiffany)Charles Gray (Ernst Blofeld)Diamonds Are Forever, Shirley BasseyDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
Live And Let Die81973Guy HamiltonRoger MooreJane Seymour (Solitaire)
Yaphett Kotto (Dr. Kananga/Mr. Big)Live And Let Die, Paul McCartney & Wingsno QBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
The Man With The Golden Gun91974Guy HamiltonRoger MooreBritt Ekland (Mary Goodnight)Christopher Lee (Scaramanga)The Man With The Golden Gun, LuluDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
The Spy Who Loved Me101977Lewis GilbertRoger MooreBarbara Bach (Major Amasova)Curt Jürgens (Stromberg), Richard Kiel (Jaws)Nobody Does It Better, Carly SimonDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
Moonraker111979Lewis GilbertRoger MooreCorinne Clery (Corinne)Lois Chiles (Dr. Goodhead), M. Lonsdale (Drax), Richard Kiel (Jaws)Moonraker, Shirley BasseyDesmond LlewelynBernhard LeeLois Maxwell
For Your Eyes Only121981John GlenRoger MooreCarole Boupuet (Melina)Julian Glover (Kristatos)For Your Eyes Only, Sheena EastonDesmond Llewelynno MLois Maxwell
Octopussy131983John GlenRoger MooreKristina Wayborn (Magda)Maud Adams (Octopussy), Louis Jourdan (Kamal Khan)All Time High, Rita CoolidgeDesmond LlewelynRobert BrownLois Maxwell
Never Say Never Again141983Irvin KershnerSean ConneryKim Basinger (Domino)Max von Sydow (Ernst Blofeld), Klaus Maria Brandauer (Largo)Never Say Never Again, Lani HallAlec McCowenEdward FoxPamela Salem
A View To A Kill151985John GlenRoger MooreGrace Jones (May Day)Christopher Walken (Max Zorin), Tanya Roberts (Stacey)A View To A Kill, Duran DuranDesmond LlewelynRobert BrownLois Maxwell
The Living Daylights161987John GlenTimothy DaltonMaryam D‘Abo (Kara Milovy)Jeroen Krabbé (General Koskov)The Living Daylights, a-haDesmond LlewelynRobert BrownCaroline Bliss
Licence To Kill171989John GlenTimothy DaltonCarey Lowell (Pam Bouvier)Robert Davi (Sanchez)Licence To Kill, Gladys KnightDesmond LlewelynRobert BrownCaroline Bliss
Golden Eye181995Martin CampbellPierce BrosnanIzabella Scorupko (Natalya)Sean Bean (006, Alec Trevelyan), Gottfried JohnGoldenEye, Tina TurnerDesmond LlewelynJudi DenchSamantha Bond
Tomorrow Never Dies191997Roger SpottiswoodePierce BrosnanMichelle Yeoh (Wai Lin)Jonathan Pryce (Elliot Carver)Tomorrow Never Dies, Sheryl CrowDesmond LlewelynJudi DenchSamantha Bond
The World Is Not Enough201999Michael AptedPierce BrosnanSophie Marceau (Electra King)Robert Carlyle (Viktor Zokas), Denise RichardsThe World Is Not Enough, GarbageDesmond Llewelyn, R: John CleeseJudi DenchSamantha Bond
Die Another Day212002Lee TamahoriPierce BrosnanHalle Berry (Jinx Johnson)Toby Stephens (Gustav Graves)Die Another Day, MadonnaJohn CleeseJudi DenchSamantha Bond
Casino Royal222006Martin CampbellDaniel CraigEva Green (Vesper Lynd)Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre)You Know My Name, Chris Cornellno QJudi DenchNo Moneypenny!
Quantum of Solace232008Marc ForsterDaniel CraigOlga Kurylenko (Camille)Mathieu Amalric (Dominic Greene), A. Taubmann (Elvis),Another Way To Die, Jack White & Alicia Keysno QJudi DenchNo Moneypenny!
Skyfall242012Sam MendesDaniel CraigBérénice Marlohe (Sévérine)Javier Bardem (Raoul Silva)Skyfall, AdeleBen WhishawJudi Dench & Ralph FinnesNaomie Harris
Spectre252015Sam MendesDaniel CraigMonica Bellucci (Lucia Sciarra)Christoph Waltz
(Ernst Stavro Blofeld)
Writing’s on the Wall, Sam SmithBen WhishawRalph FiennesNaomie Harris
[1]Casino Royale 1967 was not one of the official EON Productions James Bond movies series and was told in an episodic format. We’ve included in ADDucation list of James Bond movies for completeness.

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