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Neutral Countries

“The Hottest Place in Hell is Reserved for Those Who Remain Neutral in Times of Great Moral Conflict”

– Martin Luther King Jr. It seems he didn’t have much time for neutrality. It’s not clear whether Martin Luther King’s disdain for neutrality extended to all neutral countries, but it does appear some countries want to have their cake and eat it rather than sharing the burdens of aligned countries. How do you tell if a neutral country is truly neutral? The short answer is you can’t. Although all the countries in our list claim neutrality, five of them are European Union states which has a common foreign policy and mutual responsibilities so their neutrality is in doubt.

Key to Map of Neutral Countries:

  • Red: Traditionally neutral countries, e.g. Switzerland
  • Yellow: Disputed neutrality
  • Blue: EU Neutral countries
Neutral Countries Placeholder
Neutral Countries

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Neutral Countries Since Population ISO Code Neutrality Status & Key Facts
Austria 1955 8,726,000 AT EU member country, own military like Switzerland. Austria declared neutrality on 26 October 1955 which is now part of the part of the Constitution of Austria.
Cambodia 1993 15,000,000 KH Officially neutral semi communist free-market state
Costa Rica 1949 4,900,000 CR No own military
Finland 1994 5,500,000 FI EU member country
Ghana 2012 26,000,000 GH Unitary presidential constitutional democracy
Ireland 1937 4,600,000 IE EU member country, covertly supported Allies in WWII
Japan 1947 127,110,000 JP Claims neutrality but has own defensive military forces and a bi-lateral alliance with the USA
Liechtenstein 1868 37000 LI No own military
Malta 1980 500,000 MT EU member country
Mexico 1939 122,000,000 MX Supported Allies in WWII and ignored policy of neutrality on occasions since then
Moldova 1994 3,600,000 MD Declared independence in 1991 after fall of the Soviet Union. Permanent neutrality is written into article 11 of their 1994 constitution.
Mongolia 2015 3,081,700 MN Neutral during WWI 1914-1918. Declared neutrality in speech at the 70th UN General Assembly
Panama 1989 3,900,000 PA A treaty guarantees the neutrality of the Panama Canal
Rwanda 2009 11,262,600 RW Announced permanent neutrality in 2009 after joining the Commonwealth of Nations
San Marino 1862 32000 SM Surrounded by Italy. Area only 24 sq mi (61 km2)
Serbia 2007 7,041,600 RS Former member and founder of Yugoslavia. Official candidate for EU membership. Own military
Sweden 1918 9,600,000 SE EU member country
Switzerland 1815 8,000,000 CH Oldest neutral country in the world, heavily armed
Taiwan, Republic of China 2014 23,508,400 TW Actively seeking peaceful engagement with mainland China, wants to act as a buffer between the USA, mainland China and Japan
Turkmenistan 1995 5,200,000 TM Former member of the Soviet Union (Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic)
Ukraine 2010 46,000,000 UA Applied to NATO in 2008 and working towards EU membership application
Vatican City 1929 800 VA Absolute monarchy within Rome, area 110 acres (44 hectares). Smallest independent state in the world

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  1. MMB says:

    Correct your note on Mongolia “neutral WWI 2014-2018”. Perhaps you mean 1914-1918…?

  2. Abi Gassmann says:

    Your date for Austria is incorrect: neutrality is part of the constitution enacted in 1955

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