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Chronological List of Popes

All Popes List (Chronological Since 1730)

The current Pope Francis is the 266th in Roman Catholic history. The first pope in the history of the Roman Catholic church was Saint Peter (33-67 AD). The second Pope was Linus (67-79 AD) and the third Pope was Anacletu (79-92 AD, who was also known as Cletus.

There are many lists of all Popes in history (The official Vatican English timeline of all Popes is on The Holy See website) but it gets complicated with pope elect Stephen in 752 AD, 31 Anti-Popes in the Middle Ages, Pope Joan or John Anglicus all being excluded or included from various lists. The ADDucation sortable list of popes since 1730 AD lets you see the key facts about popes from the 18th Century until today at a glance.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Pope

The Pope FAQs

  • Is The Bishop of Rome The Pope?
    Yes. There has always been a Bishop of the Church of Rome but the word “Pope” (which means father) was first used somewhere between 65-130 AD.
  • Who Was the Youngest Pope When Elected?
    The youngest Pope, so far, was Pope John XII, who was around 18 years old when he became Pope in 955 AD.
  • How Old Was the Oldest Pope When Elected?
    The oldest Pope to be elected, so far, was Pope Clement X who was 79 years and 290 days old when he became pontiff in 1670.
  • Pope Definition?
    The Pope is the Bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Why Are There Two Different Alternatives For Pope Steven In Some Lists of Popes?
    In 752 AD Pope elect Stephen wasn’t officially inaugurated but the Vatican sanctioned his inclusion in 16th century list of popes. In 1961 Pope elect Stephen was removed from the official list which is why you will see alternative suffixes for all the Pope Stephen entries after 752 AD in those pope lists.
  • Why Does The Number Of Days In Office Vary Between Some Lists Of all Popes?
    The ADDucation list of all popes includes the exact number of calendar days each Pope was in office calculated using It’s consistent, accurate and means the “Days in Office” column can be sorted. Most lists of popes show the days in office using days, months and years in office which isn’t easily sortable or especially useful. Some lists use a mystery “Number of days of Pontificate (max)” where (max) has not been clearly defined.

Important! Click column headings with arrows to sort the list of all popes. Click the + icon to show any hidden columns. Set your browser to full screen and zoom out to show as many columns as possible. Start typing in the Filter table box to find what you’re looking for inside the table of all popes since 1730.

All Popes (since 1740)#Papacy YearsPope’s Personal NameCountry, LocalityBornDiedAge when PopePapacy startedPapacy endedDays in OfficePope Key Achievements, Facts & Trivia
Pope Clement XII2461730-1740Lorenzo Corsini.Italy, Florence.165217407812 July 17306 February 17403506Pope during a growth in papal finances. The first public papal condemnation of Freemasonry.
Pope Benedict XIV2471740-1758Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini.Italy, Bologna.167517586517 August 17403 May 17586456Modernized the Curia, opponent of the Jesuits.
Pope Clement XIII2481758-1769Carlo della Torre Rezzonico.Italy, Venice.16931769656 July 17582 February 17693864Friend and supporter of the Jesuits.
Pope Clement XIV2491769-1774Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli.Italy, Santarcangelo di Romagna.170517746319 May 176922 September 17741952Prescribed the abolition of the Jesuit Order in 1773.
Pope Pius VI2501775-1799Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi.Italy, Cesena.171717995715 February 177529 August 17998961Exiled by French occupiers in 1796.
Pope Pius VII2511800-1823Barnaba Chiaramonti.Italy, Cesena.174218235714 March 180020 August 18238559Forced to crown Napoleon as emperor in 1804.
Pope Leo XII2521823-1829Count Annibale Sermattei della Genga.Italy, Genga, Papal States.176018296328 September 182310 February 18291962Broke with reform policies, opposed vaccinations.
Pope Pius VIII2531829-1830Francesco Saverio Castiglioni.Italy, Marche.176118306731 March 18291 December 1830610Considered one of the most modern popes.
Pope Gregory XVI2541831-1846Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari.Italy, Venice.17651846652 February 18311 June 18465598Last non-bishop to be elected Pope.
Pope Pius IX2551846-1878Count Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti.Italy, Marche.179218785416 June 18467 February 187811,559Second longest term of office (after Simon Peter).
Pope Leo XIII2561878-1903Gioacchino Vincenzo Raffaele Luigi Pecci.Italy, Carpineto Romano.181019036720 February 187820 July 19039280Fourth longest pontificate (9,280 days).
Pope Pius X2571903-1914Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto.Italy, Lombardy-Venetia.18351914684 August 190320 August 19144034Last Pope to be canonized (1954).
Pope Benedict XV2581914-1922Giacomo Della Chiesa.Italy, Genoa.18541922593 September 191422 January 19222698“Pope of peace” (anti-war attitude in WW1)
Pope Pius XI2591922-1939Achille Ambrogio Damiano Ratti.Italy, Lombardy-Venetia.18571939646 February 192210 February 19396213Concluded “Lateran Treaty” with Mussolini recognizing Vatican as independent state.
Pope Pius XII2601939-1958Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli.Italy, Rome.18761958632 March 19399 October 19587160Criticized for stance on the Holocaust.
Pope John XXIII2611958-1963Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli.Italy, Bergamo.188119637628 October 19583 June 19631679Launched the 2nd Vatican Council in 1962.
Pope Paul VI2621963-1978Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini.Italy, Brescia.189719786521 June 19636 August 19785525Completed the 2nd Vatican Council in 1965.
Pope John Paul I2631978Albino Luciani.Italy, Veneto.191219786526 August 197828 September 197833The “smiling pope” waived the costly papal coronation ceremony. Died of a heart attack.
Pope John Paul II2641978-2005Karol Jozef Wojtyla.Poland, Wadowice.192020055816 October 19782 April 20059695Third longest term of office of all popes (9,665 days).
Pope Benedict XVI2652005-2013Joseph Alois Ratzinger.Germany, Bavaria.19277819 April 200528 February 20132872Resigned on 28 February 2013 for health reasons, the first resignation in 700 years.
Pope Francis2662013-Jorge Mario Bergoglio.Argentina, Buenos Aires.19367613 March 2013Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is:
  • First Jesuit Pope.
  • First non-European Pope.
  • First latin American Pope.

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