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Rock & Pop Lists: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

This is possibly truer when it comes to music than virtually any other topic. Nonetheless, we bravely put together exhaustive lists of the best singers and pop and rock bands in history with hardly any bias at all. All these based largely on their success in the business. Any we omitted were done so purely objectively (i.e. they aren’t well known enough), or because we simply overlooked them. Feel free to let us know of any artists you think should be included and we’ll add them. So what is rock anyway? Well most people in the know reckon that rock (and roll) took its origins from country and western music way back in the 1920s already. Come the 40’s, a dose of rhythm and blues was added to the mix and then it wasn’t far to performers like Fats Domino and Ray Charles. However, mostly on account of their African American background and sexual overtones in the music, they were never really suitable for a national audience. This, of course, made it ideal for teenagers of the time to listen to in order to shock their parents, thus beginning the tradition of rock music as a symbol of protest and non-conformity. Once Elvis appeared and started suggestively gyrating with his pelvis it was a mere stone’s throw to The Beatles, The Who and other famous musicians and later, punk rock and new wave. After which nothing of merit happened. Well, some (probably younger) visitors to this site might (justifiably) disagree with this analogy, and the world of electronic music does occasionally throw up some nice ditties, but on the whole this is not the authors’ meat. But now look forward to our sampler of rock & pop lists and click your way rhythmically through the categories on your left or below. They all make for easy reading if not always easy listening!

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