best Led Zeppelin songs list

Best Led Zeppelin Songs List 🎸🎙️

Best Led Zeppelin Songs List 🎸ADDucation’s All-Time Greatest Led Zep Playlist 🎙️

ADDucation’s lovingly curated best Led Zeppelin songs list showcases Led Zeppelin albums and tracks we consider worthy of inclusion on any best Led Zeppelin playlist. If you feel it lacks logic-based objectivity you’d be right – it merely reflects the biased and heartfelt opinions of the ADDucation team.

That said, this really IS the definitive list of Led Zep songs, and will save you hours much better spent listening to the good stuff. We’ve even left out “Stairway to Heaven”, the best known Led Zeppelin song, because we think it’s hackneyed through over-exposure. Don’t agree? Convince us by adding your comments at the bottom of the page – until then it’s out!

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Best Led Zeppelin Song 🎙️ Led Zeppelin Album Year Led Zeppelin Video
Whole Lotta Love
Plant’s lyrics were adapted from a song written by Willie Dixon for Muddy Waters song called “You Need Love”. Lep Zeppelin reached an agreement with Dixon – who set up a program providing instruments in schools with the money.
Led Zeppelin II, track 1. 1969
Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin III, track 1. 1970
The band all agree this was one the best Led Zeppelin tracks and was played at every live gig after its debut.
Physical Graffiti, track 6. 1975
Going to California Led Zeppelin IV, track 7. 1971
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Originally written by Anne Bredon, an American singer, around 1959. The only song from Led Zeps first album to make our best Led Zeppelin songs list.
Led Zeppelin, track 2. 1969
When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin IV, track 8. 1971
D’yer Mak’er
The most played (on Spotify) of the 7 tracks from Houses of the Holy, making it ADDucation’s favorite album on our best Led Zeppelin Songs List.
Houses of the Holy, track 6. 1973
Since I’ve Been Loving You Led Zeppelin III, track 4. 1970
Over the Hills and Far Away Houses of the Holy, track 3. 1973
No Quarter Houses of the Holy, track 7. 1973
The Rain Song
A nod to George Harrison who was a Led Zeppelin fan but wanted more ballads, Plant told Rolling Stone magazine this was his best vocal performance.
Houses of the Holy, track 1. 1973
Tangerine Led Zeppelin III, track 7. 1970
The Ocean Houses of the Holy, track 8. 1973
Thank You
A song Robert Plant dedicated to his wife, Maureen – the first song that he wrote all the lyrics.
Led Zeppelin II, track 4. 1969
Ten Years Gone
About a former girlfriend who asked Plant to choose between her or the fans.
Physical Graffiti, track 10. 1975
Trampled Under Foot
The lyrics uses car parts as sexual innuendos – a nod to Robert Johnson’s 1936 “Terraplane Blues”.
Physical Graffiti, track 5. 1975
The Song Remains the Same Houses of the Holy, track 1. 1973
That’s the Way Led Zeppelin III, track 8. 1970
Houses of the Holy
Refers to the feel of venues when Led Zep played. Houses of the Holy wasn’t played live, despite being a popular song.
Physical Graffiti, track 4. 1975
The Rover Physical Graffiti, track 2. 1975
Dancing Days Houses of the Holy, track 5. 1973
Bron-yr-Aur is a place in Wales where Page and Plant went for a change of scenery after a US tour.
Physical Graffiti, track 8. 1975
The Wanton Song
Not only one of our top picks but also a Robert Plant favorite when John Hutchinson asked him in 1983 about his highlights with Led Zeppelin.
Physical Graffiti, track 12. 1975
Black Country Woman Physical Graffiti, track 14. 1975

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