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The popular idiom “One mans meat is another man’s poison” applies to music tastes but, undeterred, the ADDucation team have put together lists of famous musicians featuring the best singers and pop and rock bands in history – with almost no bias at all! All the famous musicians included are primarily based on their success in the music business. Any famous musicians we haven’t included you can suggest in the comments below and we’ll consider adding them.

So what is rock anyway? Rock and roll’s origins are in country and western music way back in the 1920s already. During the 1940’s rhythm and blues was added to the mix after which performers like Fats Domino and Ray Charles added their twist which teenagers loved and their parents not so much and the generation gap established rock music as a symbol of protest and non-conformity. The 1950s saw Elvis establish himself as the “King of Rock and Roll” with his suggestively gyrating pelvis and in the 1960s it was The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and other famous musicians continued the genre as “pop” (Popular) music saw the emergence of pop bands, boy bands and solo singers who established themselves as famous musicians.

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