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Who Walked On The Moon?

List of Apollo Astronauts Who Walked On The Moon

So far 12 people have walked on the moon, just 4 are still alive today. They were all male US astronauts who crewed NASA’s 6 successful manned Apollo moon landings. Each of the 9 Apollo moon missions had 3 crew members, and 3 astronauts flew to the Moon twice, which means 24 different people have orbited the moon. The first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong on 21 July 1969. Just 3 years and 5 months later the last man who walked on the moon was Eugene Cernan. At the turn of the millennium he said “I’m still the last man to have walked on the moon, somewhat disappointing. It says more about what we have not done than about what we have done.

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AstronautMoonwalkMissionTime on Moon (h:mm:ss)BornDiedFamous Astronaut Quotes & Trivia#
Armstrong, Neil21 Jul 1969Apollo 1121:31:205 Aug 193025 Aug 2012Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the moon. He said the famous words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Also on Gemini 8.1
Aldrin, Buzz21 Jul 1969Apollo 1121:31:2020 Jan 1930Beautiful view” to which Armstrong said “Isn’t it magnificent?” and Buzz Aldrin replied “Magnificent desolation.” Aldrin was the first person to urinate on the moon. He also flew on Gemini 12.2
Conrad, Charles “Pete”
14 Nov 1969Apollo 1231:31:122 Jun 19308 Jul 1999Stepping off the ladder Charles “Pete” Conrad said: “Oooh, is that soft and queasy” then “That might have been a small one for Neil, but that’s a long one for me.” Also on Gemini 5, Gemini 11 and Skylab 4 missions.3
Bean, Alan31 Jan 1971Apollo 1231:31:1215 Mar 193226 May 2018Alan Bean installed the first nuclear power generator station on the Moon. Also on Skylab 3 mission.4
Shepard, Alan “Al”
5 Feb 1971Apollo 1433:30:298 Nov 192321 Jul 1998Alan Shepard was the oldest man who walked on the moon aged 47 and 79 days. After walking away from the lander he said “And it’s been a long way, but we’re here.” First man to play golf on the moon. The Thunderbirds character Alan Tracy was named after him. First American in space on 5 May 1961. Also on Freedom 7 mission.5
Mitchell, Edgar “Ed”
5 Feb 1971Apollo 1433:30:2917 Sep 19304 Feb 2016Edgar Mitchell threw the first “javelin” on the moon. Stepping onto the moon he said “I think they put Champagne in the water.” He had an epiphany on the return journey: “bliss, almost like being in love” which changed his life. After retiring from NASA in 1972 he set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences which conducts parapsychological research.6
Scott, David “Dave”
31 Jul 1971Apollo 1566:54:536 Jun 1932David Scott was the first driver on the moon. Dropped a hammer and a feather simultaneously to prove one of Galileo’s theories. On his return he said “the mind is a fire to be ignited, not a vessel to be filled.” Also on Gemini 8 and Apollo 9 missions.7
Irwin, James “Jim”
31 Jul 1971Apollo 1566:54:5317 Mar 19308 Aug 1991In an interview with the NY Times Jim Irwin said he had an epiphany on the moon “I felt the power of God as I’d never felt it before.” After retiring from NASA he founded his High Flight Ministry in 1972. He was the first of the 12 moon walkers to pass away.8
Young, John
21 Apr 1972Apollo 1671:02:132 Sep 19305 January 2018With 6 missions: Gemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, STS-1 and STS-9 John Young has flown on the most spacecraft in history. He also holds the record for the lowest heart rate during a Saturn V launch at 70 beats per minute and the lunar speed record at 12 km/h.9
Duke, Charles “Charlie”
22 Apr 1972Apollo 1671:02:133 Oct 1935Aged 36 and 201 days Charles Duke is the youngest astronaut who walked on the moon. He has devoted his life to Christianity and said “My walk on the moon lasted three days. My walk with God will last forever.10
Cernan, Eugene “Gene”11 Dec 1972Apollo 1774:59:4014 Mar 193416 Jan 2017Eugene Cernan was the last man who walked on the moon and marked his departure with “man’s last step from the surface” and hoping that “we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.” He also sang “I was strolling on the moon one day…” Flew on the Gemini 9 and Apollo 10 missions.11
Schmitt, Harrison “Jack”11 Dec 1972Apollo 1774:59:403 Jul 1935Harrison Schmitt was the first, and only scientist, to walked on the moon so far. Famous for taking the “Blue Marble” picture of Earth – the most reproduced photograph in human history. He also sang “I was strolling on the moon one day…12

Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Less than 20% of people alive today were alive when men walked on the moon, but you can still watch the TV coverage.

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