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Sport Records Lists & Quizzes 2023 What Kind of Sports Fan Are You?

Are you one of over 16 million adults in the UK that play a sport weekly, a regular spectator at sports events or more of an armchair sports fan? However you enjoy sport, we’ve got the facts, sport records, sports trivia and stats you’ll love in lists you can absorb at a glance. Sport is one of the most popular ADDucation categories but there’s also a separate category devoted to (association) football aka soccer.

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keep calm and follow the sports rules

Sports Rules & Scoring ⚾🏈

Sports rules governing the size of the playing surface, the sports equipment, the number of players, the length of a ...
women's tennis records

Women’s Tennis Records

ADDucation's list of women's tennis records highlights stunning achievements from the world of women's tennis along with frequently asked questions ...
best sportswomen of all time

Best Sportswomen of All Time

This best sportswomen of all time list honors the legendary sportswomen that have changed their sport or have changed the ...
summer olympics games

Summer Olympic Games

The first summer Olympics of all time took place in 776 B.C. at Olympia in southern Greece. The first modern ...
sports quizzes

QUIZ zone: Sport

Welcome to ADDucation's sports quizzes zone where you'll find free online sports quiz questions based on our general knowledge lists ...
Winter Olympics all-time medal table

Winter Olympics All-Time Medal Table🏅🏔️

ADDucation's Winter Olympics all-time medal table includes all the results up to and including the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in ...

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