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Best Sportswomen of All Time

Best Sportswomen of All Time List

This best sportswomen of all time list honors the legendary sportswomen that have changed their sport or have changed the world. Obviously this can never be a complete list but if you’re aware of a female sporting legend that you feel should be on best sportswomen list please add your comments and we’ll consider adding her.

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Key to Best Sportswomen: WC=World Championship | IM=International matches | TV=Tournament Victory | EC=European Championship

Sportswoman Name Country Birth Death Sport Best Sportswomen Achievements
Ashford, Evelyn USA 1957 Athletics / Track & Field 4 x Gold, 1 x Silver at the Olympics (1984 to 1992)
Blair, Bonnie
USA 1964 Speed skating 5x Winter Olympic Gold (500m, 1998 Calgary, 500 & 1000m 1992 Albertville, 500 & 1000m 1994 Lillehammer), 1x Bronze (1000m, 1998 Calgary). WC 3x Gold (Sprint, 1989 Heerenveen, 1994 Calgary & 1995 Milwaukee), 4x Silver (Sprint 1987 Sainte Foy, 1990 Tromsø, 1992 Oslo & 1993 Ikaho), 2 x Bronze (Sprint 1986 Karuizawa & 1988 West Allis). Inducted to United States Olympic Hall of Fame 2004, USA’s best sportswomen Winter Olympian of all time.
Blankers-Koen, Fanny The Netherlands 1918 2000 Athletics / Track & Field 4 x Gold at the Olympics (1948), 5 x EC, 21 world records in six disciplines (sprint, hurdle)
Comăneci, Nadia Romania 1961 Gymnastics Olympic Games 5x Gold (All-Around, Bars & Beam, 1976 Montreal, Beam & Floor 1980 Moscow) 3x Silver, 1x Bronze, WC 2x Gold (Beam, 1978 Strasburg, Team 1979 Fort Worth), 2x Silver, EC 9xGold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze. The first gymnast to be awarded a [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”4m2YT-PIkEc” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics”]. The youngest and only sportswoman to receive be awarded the Olympic Order. Inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame 1993.
Didrikson Zaharias, Mildred Ella, aka Babe USA 1911 Golfer [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=7PrSdk2b6-M width=560 height=315 anchor=”Babe Didrikson Zaharias”] was famous for her 82 golf tournaments wins but was also a talented sportswomen in both track and field and basketball. Inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame in 1977 at its inception. 2 x Olympic Gold (80m hurdles & Javelin) and Silver (High jump) 1932 Los Angeles.
Graf, Steffi Germany 1969 Tennis 107 TV (Singles), 22 Grand Slam wins (7 x Wimbledon). 1 x gold (single) and 1 x bronze (double) at Summer Olympic 1988 in Seoul

Griffith Joyner, Florence aka Flo-Jo


USA 1959 1998 Athletics / Track & Field The fastest female Track & Field athlete of all time. Her 100m & 200m World Records set in Seoul 1988 still stand unbeaten.
3 x Summer Olympic Gold (100m, 200m, 4x100m 1988 Seoul) 2 x Silver (200m, 1984 Los Angeles, 4x400m 1988 Seoul). WC Gold (4x100m) & Silver (200m) both in Rome 1987.
Hamm-Garciaparra, Mariel Margaret, aka Mia Hamm USA 1972 Football / Soccer Top striker and youngest player to join the USA national football team. US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year 1994 to 1998. One of only two sportswomen to make the FIFA 100 list of 125 best living players chosen by Pelé and the first woman inducted into the World Football Hall of Fame 2013.
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie
USA 1962 Athletics / Track & Field First woman to earn more than 7000 points in heptathlon. Olympic Gold x 3 (Heptathlon & Long jump 1988 Seoul, Heptathlon 1992 Barcelona), Silver x1 (Heptathlon 1984 Los Angeles), Bronze x 2 (Long jump, 1992 Barcelona & 1996 Atlanta). WC Gold x 4 (Long jump & Heptathlon 1987 Rome, Long jump 1991 Tokyo, Heptathlon 1993 Stuttgart). Pan American Games Gold in Long jump, 1987 Indianapolis.
King, Billie Jean USA 1943 Tennis 129 TV (Singles), 87-37 (Doubles) 11 TV (Mixed doubles) and 12 Grand Slam wins (USA 1967, 1971, 1973, 1976, Wimbledon 1966, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1973 & 1975, France 1967, 1970 & Australia 1968). Ranked No 1 in 1967.
First tennis player and first female athlete to be awarded Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 1972. Inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987. One of the first class of inductees into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame, 2013.
Korbut, Olga (aka Sparrow from Minsk) Russia 1955 Gymnastics Famous for the “Korbut Flip” on both uneven bars and beam.
4 x Olympic Gold (Team, Beam & Floor, 1972 Munich. Team, Montreal 1976), 2 x Olympic Silver (Uneven Bars, 1972 Munich. Beam, Montreal 1976), WC 2 x Gold (Team & Vault, 1974 Varna), WC 2 x Silver (All-Around, Bars, Beam & Floor, 1974 Varna), EC 1 x Silver (All-Around, 1973 London). One of the best sportswomen in gymnastics.
Kostelić, Janica Croatia 1982 Alpine skiing First alpine skier to win the 2006 Laureus World Sports Awards “Sportswoman of the Year” award in 2006.
4 x Gold, 2 x Silver at the Olympics, 5 x WC, 30 World Cup wins, 3 x WC.
Latynina, Larissa Russia 1934 Gymnastics 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 4 bronze medals at the Summer Olympics, 9 x World Champion
Moody, Helen Wills USA 1905 1998 Tennis 31 Grand Slam victories in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, 2 gold medals at the Olympics, from 1919 to 1938 she won 398 games and lost only 35
Moser-Pröll, Annemarie Austria 1953 Alpine skiing 1 x gold, 2 x silver at the Olympics, 5 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x bronze at WC, 6 x WC. Tops the eternal “leader board” of women’s skiing with 62 World Cup victories (1970-1979)
Navratilova, Martina Czech Republic 1956 Tennis 167 TV (Singles) 177 TV (Doubles), 18 Grand Slam wins (9 x Wimbledon). Achieved the Grand Slam boxed set (all four Grand Slams in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles) along with Doris Hart and Margaret Court.
Pärson, Anja Sweden 1981 Alpine skiing 1 x gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze medals at the Olympics, 7 x WCs, 2 x WC, 40 World Cup wins.
Schneider, Vreni Switzerland 1964 Alpine skiing 3 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 1 x bronze at the Olympics, 3 x WC, 3 x WC, with 55 World Cup victories.
Smith Court, Margaret Australia 1946 Tennis Record Grand Slam ladies winner with 24 titles in singles, 19 Grand Slam doubles victories, total 92 TV. Achieved the Grand Slam boxed set (all four Grand Slams in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles) along with Doris Hart and Martina Navratilova.
Sorenstam, Annika Sweden 1970 Golf 72 LPGA tournament, 18 international titles, topping the LPGA career earnings list with $22 million. One of the best sportswomen who was not only successful in her 18 year golf career but also playing junior tennis, football and skiing.
Vonn, Lindsey USA 1984 Alpine skiing 1 x gold, 1 bronze medal at the Olympics, 2 gold, 3 silver medals at WC, 4 x WC, 55 World Cup victories (as of 2012).

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