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Tennis – Women’s Facts & Stats

Tennis – Women’s Tennis Facts & Statistics

ADDucation’s list of women’s tennis facts is a selection of records and superlatives from the world of women’s tennis. They are stunning achievements, let us know what you think by adding your comments.

Women’s Tennis Facts Fact / Player (Nationality)
Most grand slam titles in history
  • 24 Margaret Smith Court (Australia)
  • 22 Steffi Graf (Germany)
  • 19 Helen Wills Moody (USA)
Winners of all four Grand Slam Singles titles in 1 calendar year
  • Maureen Connolly (USA) in 1953
  • Margaret Court (Australia) in 1970
  • Steffi Graf (Germany) in 1988. She also won Olympic Gold in the same year earning her a “Golden Grand Slam” title
Most ever tennis titles
  • 167 Martina Navratilova (Czech Republic / USA)
  • 154 Chris Evert (USA)
  • 107 Steffie Graf (Germany)
Most weeks at no. 1 (in total)
  • 377 (Steffie Graf (Germany)
  • 332 Martina Navratilova (Czech Republic / USA)
  • 260 Chris Evert (USA)
Most consecutive weeks at no. 1
  • 186 Steffie Graf (Germany)
  • 156 Martina Navratilova (Czech Republic / USA)
  • 113 Chris Evert (USA)
Career Grand Slam winners
(players that won all four majors during their career (Wimbledon, the Australian, French and US Open tournaments)
Maureen Connolly/Brinker (USA) aka “Little Mo”, Margaret Smith Court (Australia), Doris Hart (USA), Shirley Fry Irvin (USA), Billie Jean King (USA), Chris Evert (USA), Martina Navratilova (Czech Republic / USA), Maria Sharapova (Russia) and Serena Williams (USA)
Youngest ever singles Wimbledon winner Charlotte Dod (Great Britain) in 1887 aged 15
Youngest ever doubles Wimbledon winner Martina Hingis (Switzerland) in 1996 aged 15
Youngest ever singles US Open winner 16 Tracy Austin (USA) in 1979
Youngest ever doubles US Open winner 17 Martina Hingis (Switzerland) in 1998
Youngest ever tennis world number 1 16 Martina Hingis (Switzerland) in 1997
Oldest ever tennis title winner Billie Jean King (USA) was 39 when she won the Birmingham singles tournament in 1983
Highest earnings
  1. Maria Sharapova (Russia) c. $90m
  2. Serena Williams (USA) c. $85m
  3. Venus Williams (USA) c. $81m
Country with most ranked women tennis players in top 100
  1. USA (11 players)
  2. Spain (8 players)
  3. Germany and Russia (7 each)
Longest ever tennis rally 29 minutes / 643 shots in Richmond, Virginia, 1984. Vicki Nelson (USA) beat Jean Hepner (USA).
Longest match in history 6 hours, 31 minutes in Richmond, Virginia, 1984. Vicki Nelson (USA) beat Jean Hepner (USA) and also included the longest tennis rally in history with 643 shots over 29 minutes.
Loudest grunters (current)
  1. Michelle Larcher De Brito (Portugal) 109 decibels
  2. Maria Sharapova (Russia)105 decibels
  3. Victoria Azarenka (Belarus) 83.5 decibels

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