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Travel and Transport – General Knowledge Lists, Facts & Info

Before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic it was possible to eat breakfast, lunch and your evening meal on three different continents in exotic locations. It’s going to be a while before travel and transport links get back to making global travel commonplace again. However the holiday locations and travel destinations we want to visit are just waiting for us to return and that’s what makes compiling ADDucation’s Travel and Transport lists such fun to compile. We will continue working on our lists of all the trips we’d like to make when we have the time and the money. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on the highest mountain ranges in the world, the most scenic routes through the States, the most romantic stretches of old Europe or something off the beaten track. We hope these ADDucation travel and transport lists help with your travel planning and wherever you travel general knowledge is really useful so take us with you!

worst pandemics list

Worst Pandemics in History 🦠

How does the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic compare with all the previous global pandemics? ADDucation's list of the worst ...
international country codes

International Country Codes 🇺🇳⚽📞

At a glance list of international country codes and abbreviations for travelers and sports fans worldwide. Includes United ...
travel quiz questions

Quiz Zone: Travel

Prepare yourself for your next travel trip by taking a voyage of discovery though our collection of free online travel ...
ski resorts in france and italy

Ski Resorts in France & Italy 🚠 🇫🇷 🇮🇹

Ski resorts in France includes Courchevel which is perfect for beginners and Val d’Isere to challenge expert skiers. Ski resorts ...
ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski Resorts in Switzerland 🇨🇭🚡🏔️

Our concise list of Ski Resorts in Switzerland shows you the best best places to hit the piste in the ...
ski resorts in Austria

Ski Resorts in Austria 🇦🇹🚡🏔️

ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort ski resorts in Austria. Reload page for original sort order. Resize your ...
largest airports

Largest Airports in the World ✈️

The Airports Council International, based in Switzerland, is the industry organization which compiles and publishes data for all the largest airports ...
tallest buildings in the world

Tallest Buildings in the World 🏙️

The height of the tallest buildings in the world are often disputed. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat ...

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