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Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport – General Knowledge Lists, Facts & Info

Wherever you go, go with all your heartConfucius said. In our case, what fills our hearts with excitement is the thought of the fantastic variety and quality of foods to be sampled around the world. What could be better than shooting off to London for the best fried breakfasts in the world, lunch in Mumbai, then a quick detour to Rio for a Caipirinha before dinner in Paris because you won’t find better cuisine anywhere? We can dream and that’s what makes compiling ADDucation’s Travel and Transport lists such fun. We’re still working on our list of all the trips we’d like to make when we have the time and the money. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on the highest mountain ranges in the world, the most scenic routes through the States, the most romantic stretches of old Europe or something off the beaten track. We hope these ADDucation travel and transport lists help with your travel planning and wherever you travel general knowledge is really useful so take us with you!

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