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Highest Bridges in the World

List of the Highest Bridges in the World

The height of the bridges in our highest bridges list is measured from the deck of the bridge (which carries road, rail, transport etc.) down to the ground or water level beneath the bridge. The height of the bridge structure itself is not taken into account for this list of bridges. Currently* the highest bridge in the world is the Beipanjiang River bridge in southwestern China which is 1854 feet (565m) and opened to traffic in December 2016. Our list of highest bridges doesn’t generally include bridges still under construction, temporary bridge constructions, cliff walk bridges etc.

Highest Bridge Types
  • Suspension bridges: A pair of main suspension cables are stretched over two towers and firmly anchored into the ground. Smaller vertical suspender cables are attached to the main cables to support the deck below. Suitable for longer spans across rivers. Expensive to build.
  • Cable-stayed bridges: There are two main types:
    • Fan type: Efficient
    • Harp or parallel type: More space for fixings

    The deck is supported by cables anchored to towers. The downwards load on the bridge means the cables are under constant tension and the load is transferred to downwards force on the towers. Ideal for medium spans where stiffness is required. Does not need large ground anchors and cheaper to construct than suspension bridges.

  • Beam bridges: Vertical piers and horizontal beams. Simple to build but only suitable for short short spans, additional piers can be added for longer crossings.
  • Arch bridges: Relies on the load being transferred down through the arch and resisted by abutments at the base of the arch to prevent the arch spreading under compression. Limited span length but additional arches can be added for longer spans.
  • Bridge span = Longest span between two pillars. Bridge length = Total length including all pillars. Bridge height = From deck of bridge to ground/water level under bridge.
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Highest Bridges in the WorldHeight (m)Height (feet)LocalityCountryBridge TypeTriviaMain Span (m)Main Span (feet)Opened#
Beipanjiang Bridge Duge5651854Dugexiang, GuizhouChinaCable-stayed bridgeHighest bridge in the world720236220161
Siduhe Bridge (Sidu River Bridge)4961627Yesanguanzhen, HubeiChinaSuspension bridgeWorld’s highest suspension bridge900295220092
Puli Bridge4851591Pulixiang, YunnanChinaSuspension bridge628206020153
Yachi River Bridge4401444Daguanzhen, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridge800262520164
Qingshuihe River Bridge4061332Weng’an, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridgeAlso one of the world’s longest bridges1130370720165
Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge3931289Otoma, Southern HighlandsPapua New GuineaSuspension bridgeWorld’s highest pipeline bridge470154220056
Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge (Puente Baluarte Bicentenario)3901280El Palmito, SinaloaMexicoCable-stayed bridgeHighest bridge in the Americas520170620137
Liuguanghe Bridge Xiqian3751230Liutongxiang, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridge580190320168
Balinghe Bridge (Baling River Bridge)3701214Guanling, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridge1088357020099
Beipanjiang Bridge Guanxing (Beipan River Guanxing Highway Bridge)3661200Xingbeizhen, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridge3881273200310
Dimuhe Bridge3601181Liupanshui, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridge5381765201611
Liuchonghe Bridge (Liuchong River Bridge)3401115Zhilin, GuizhouChinaCable-stayed bridge4381437201312
Aizhai Bridge3361102Jishou, HunanChinaSuspension bridge11763858201213
Lishuihe Bridge3301083Zhangjiajie, HunanChinaSuspension bridge8562808201314
Beipanjiang Bridge Hukun3181043Qinglong, GuizhouChinaSuspension bridge6362087200915
Najiehe Railway Bridge3101017Liuchangxiang, GuizhouChinaArch bridgeRailway bridge3521155201616
Liuguanghe Bridge297975Liu Guangzhen, GuizhouChinaBeam bridgeHighest beam bridge in the world240787200117
Beipanjiang Railway Bridge Qinglong295968Qinglong, GuizhouChinaArch bridgeRailway bridge4451460201618
Zhijinghe Bridge294965Dazhipingzhen, HubeiChinaArch bridge4301411200919
Royal Gorge Bridge291955Cañon City, ColoradoUSASuspension bridgeHighest bridge in the USA286938192920
Longjiang Bridge290951Wuhexiang, YunnanChinaSuspension bridge290951201621
Xixihe Bridge Qianda288945Honglinxiang, GuizhouChinaBeam bridge190623201522
Millau Viaduct (Viaduc Millau) the277909Millau, Midi-PyrénéesFranceCable-stayed bridgeTallest bridge in the world3421122200423
Beipanjiang Railway Bridge Shuibai275902Fa’er Bouyei, GuizhouChinaArch bridgeWorld’s highest railway bridge235771200124
Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tilman Memorial Bridge (Colorado River Bridge,
Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge)
271890Boulder City, NevadaUSAArch bridgeWorld’s highest concrete arch bridge3231060201025
New River Gorge Bridge267876Fayetteville, West VirginiaUSAArch bridgeListed in USA national register of historic places5181700197726
Zongxihe Bridge264866Weixinzhen, GuizhouChinaArch bridge3601181201527
Wulingshan Bridge263863Pengshui, ChongqingChinaCable-stayed bridge3601181200928
Nanpanjiang Railway Bridge Qiubei262860Qiubei, YunnanChinaArch bridgeRailway bridge4161365201629
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Footbridge260853Sanguansixiang, HunanChinaSuspension bridgeThe world’s highest footbridge. Glass-bottomed4301411201630
Zhongjianhe Bridge260853Xuan’en, HubeiChinaCable-stayed bridge4001312201531
Wujiang Bridge Yuqing260853Goupitanzhen, GuizhouChinaCable-stayed bridge3601181201632
Italia Viaduct (Viadotto Italia)259850Laino Borgo, CalabriaItalyBeam bridgeHighest bridge in Italy175574197433
Jiangjiehe Bridge256840Weng’an, GuizhouChinaArch bridge3301083199534

* Dated information last updated 31 December 2016.

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