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Highest Observations Decks 🌆

Highest Observation Decks in the World List 🌆🏙️

ADDucation’s list of highest observation decks in the world are normally open to the public, except where stated, or due to Covid restrictions. Observation platforms on completed buildings, towers and other structures are included.

  • ADDucation’s list of the highest observation decks in the world is compiled by Joe Connor, last updated Dec 31, 2022 @ 5:06 pm.
Tips for Visiting the World's highest Observation Decks in the World ℹ️

Highest Observation Decks Visitor Tips ℹ️

  • Some viewing decks have not re-opened and others have social distancing restrictions in place so do check the latest information on their official websites when planning your visit.
  • Tickets: A few observation desks are free but most of the world’s highest observation decks require a ticket and some are only accessible as part of a tour or experience. It’s almost always cheaper to buy observation deck tickets, in advance, online and a few can only be booked in advance. Tickets are sometimes cheaper from third party websites but check the terms and conditions carefully. If you stay at a hotel with an observation deck free or discount access may be available.
  • Restaurants: The quality of food varies widely so do your homework. Booking a table in advance may be the best way to enjoy the views on busy days.
  • Weather & Pollution: Plan your visit on a clear day. Early morning visits can avoid pollution but watching a sunset from one of the highest observation decks in the world is a treat. Many of the skyscrapers and towers listed are also illuminated at night which adds an extra dimension to your visit.
  • Timing: Google and other search engines often display the busiest times and days. Avoid weekends and public holidays where possible.

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# Highest observation decks  🌆 Location Floors (total) Observation decks Deck Level/s Height (feet) Height (m) # Lifts / Elevators Highest Observation Decks in the World  ℹ️
1 Shanghai Tower China 🇨🇳, Shanghai. 133 1 118 1,844 562.1 106 The Shanghai megatall tower is the second tallest building in the world and the tallest building in China and Asia. The Shanghai Tower has the fastest elevator in the world taking just 35 seconds floor to roof. The observatory on the 118th floor which offers 360˚ views of Shanghai is the highest observation deck in the world.
2 Ping An Finance Centre China 🇨🇳, Shenzhen. 120 1 116 1,844 562.1 80 The Ping An Finance Centre is a Y-shaped supertall skyscraper which rises in a spiral. The elevators travel at a record 36 km/h. The observation deck “Free Sky” on the 116th floor is the second highest observation deck in the world offering 360˚ aerial views of Shenzhen and surrounding areas.
3 Burj Khalifa UAE 🇦🇪, Dubai. 164 3 148, 125, 124 1,823 555.7 57 The Burj Khalifa megatall skyscraper is currently the tallest building in the world and also the tallest structure in the world. There are 3 of the highest observation desks in total. “At the Top” on the 125th floor is the highest outdoor observation deck in the world offering 360˚ views and access to an outdoor terrace on the 124th floor. There’s a premium guided tour on the 148th floor at 1,821 ft / 550m with fine dining which also includes access to one of the highest observation decks in the world.
4 CITIC Tower / China Zun China, 🇨🇳 Beijing 117 1 105, 106, 107 1,731 527.6 100 The CITIC tower is also known as the China Zun tower. It’s a mixed-use building with an observation deck and rooftop garden which will be open to the public offering Beijing city views, probably after the COVID-19 pandemic threat has receded.
5 Lotte World Tower South Korea 🇰🇷, Seoul 129 1 120 1,633 497.7 58 The Lotte World Tower is currently the tallest building in South Korea. The top 10 levels include a shopping mall, 4D movie theater, restaurants including a rooftop café and “Seoul Sky” observation deck with glass skywalks, large observation halls and an outdoor sky terrace on the 120th floor.
6 Canton Tower China 🇨🇳, Guangzhou 2 1,601 488.0 6 The Canton Tower “Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower” was the tallest tower in the world between 2009 and 2011. The Canton Tower is the 4th tallest freestanding structure in the world. There’s a large elliptical indoor observatory At 1,473 ft / 449m and an outdoor rooftop observation desk at 1,601 ft / 488m. The Canton Tower was the largest and highest outdoor observation deck in the world until 2014 when it was overtaken by the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.
7 Abraj Al Bait / Makkah Royal Clock Tower Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, Mecca. 123 1 ?? 1,589 484.3 96 The Abraj Al Bait megatall skyscraper is a government owned hotel with 858 rooms. It’s home to the Makkah Royal Clock Tower holding featuring 4 huge LED illuminated clocks. The clocks hold records for the largest external clock faces and highest clocks in the world. Visit the Clock Tower Museum, spread over 4 floors, which includes one of the highest open-air observatory decks in the world at the base of the spire with 360˚ views of Makkah and a birds eye view of the Holy Kaabah. The tallest building in Mecca.
8 Shanghai World Financial Center China 🇨🇳, Shanghai. 104 3 94, 97, 100 1,555 474.0 91 The Shanghai World Financial Center supertall skyscraper has a Sky Walk on 97th floor, 3 transparent Sky walkways on the 100th floor and an observation deck on the 94th floor. These are some of the top 10 highest observation decks in the world and are all open to the public.
9 Tokyo Sky Tree Japan 🇯🇵, Tokyo 2 1,480 451.2 13 The Tokyo SkyTree tower is the tallest self-supporting tower in the world since 2011 and the tallest structure in Japan. The Tokyo Skytree tower has 2 of the highest observation decks in the world. The lower observatory “Tenbo Deck Floor 350” at 1,150 ft / 350m has a capacity up to 2000 people. The highest observation deck at 1,480 ft / 450m has a capacity for up to 900 people. The upper observatory features a glass-covered spiral skywalk to ascend the final 16ft / 5m to the upper platform which includes a glass flooring are with a view to the streets below.
10 Taipei 101 Taiwan 🇹🇼, Taipei. 106 3 101, 91, 89 1,474 449.2 61 The Taipei 101 supertall skyscraper features a high-rise restaurant and an observation deck “Skyline460” offering 360˚ views of Taipei on the 89th floor which are open to the public. The 101st floor indoor/outdoor rooftop observatory opened to the public on June 14, 2019 and is one of the top 10 highest observation decks in the world. On the 91st floor there’s an outdoor observatory and on the 89th floor the indoor observatory is 1,257 ft / 383.2 m.
11 CN Tower Canada 🇨🇦, Toronto. 3 1,467 447.0 9 The CN Tower’s highest observation deck “SkyPod” is at 1,467 ft / 447m. There’s an indoor “LookOut” observation deck level at 1,136 ft / 346m with floor-to-ceiling panoramic Window Walls and Glass Floor directly above the original glass floor and “Sky Terrace” outdoor observation deck at 1,122 ft / 342m. For thrill seekers there’s a 360˚ 5ft / 1.5m wide hands-free “EdgeWalk” around the top of the main pod at 1,168 ft / 356m.
12 KK100 China 🇨🇳, Shenzhen. 104 1 94, 96, 99, 100 1,401 427.0 66 The KK100 supertall skyscraper includes the St. Regis Hotel lobby on the 94th floor with various restaurants and bars, including a sky garden, with views of Shenzhen and Hong Kong beyond. You can access bars and restaurants on some higher floors. The 96th and 100th floors are bars. The 99th floor is a restaurant.
13 Guangzhou International Finance Center China 🇨🇳, Guangzhou. 110 2 70, 99, 100 1,362 415.1 71 The Guangzhou IFC tower supertall skyscraper is one of the Guangzhou Twin Towers including a Four Seasons hotel on the 70th floor where you can eat or drink and take in the views of Guangzhou below. You can also take the elevator to the 99th floor bar which is open to the public with more views which are not 360˚ but offer a cheaper alternative to the Canton Tower observation deck.
14 Willis Tower / Sears Tower USA 🇺🇸, Chicago. 111 2 99, 103 1,354 412.7 104 The Willis Tower supertall skyscraper features a “SkyDeck” observatory on the 103rd floor which is the highest observation deck in the USA and a popular tourist attraction with views / weather permitting over Lake Michigan, the Illinois plains, Indiana and Wisconsin with glass “ledge” boxes with a view to the street below. There’s also a backup observation deck on the 99th floor.
15 International Commerce Center China 🇨🇳, Hong Kong. 112 2 100, 101 1,272 387.7 86 The International Commerce Centre is a mixed use supertall skyscraper with an observation deck on the 100th floor, called “Sky100”, which is open to the public offering 360˚ views of Victoria Harbour. “Sky101” offers views and fine dining.
16 One World Trade Center USA 🇺🇸, New York City. 99 1 102 1,268 386.5 73 The World Trade Center supertall skyscraper has a glassed in observation deck and restaurant open to the public on the 102nd floor. The One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the USA and north America.
17 Vincom Landmark 81 Vietnam 🇻🇳, Ho Chi Minh City. 84 3 79, 80, 81 1,253 382.0 29 The CGV Vincom Landmark 81 is supertall Neo-futurist skyscraper and the tallest building in Vietnam. A multi-storey observation deck called “Landmark 81 SkyView” across floors 79-81 with 360˚ views of HCMC from the 79th floor.
18 Empire State Building USA 🇺🇸, New York. 103 3 80, 86, 102 1,224 373.1 73 The Empire State Building features three observation decks on the 80th / interior, 86th at 320m / interior and exterior and 102nd / interior floors. The 102nd floor observatory is New York’s highest indoor observation deck.
19 PETRONAS Twin Tower 2 Malaysia 🇲🇾, Kuala Lumpur. 93 2 41, 83, 86 1,214 370.0 39 The Petronas Tower 2 is connected to its twin tower by a “Skybridge” on the 41st floor / 170m and 42nd levels. There are observation decks on the 83rd and 86th Floor at 1,214ft / 370m. The Skybridge and observation desks are open to the public.
20 Lakhta Center Russia 🇷🇺, Saint Petersburg. 90 1 90 1,171 356.9 40 The Lakhta Center is an eco-friendly mixed-use supertall skyscraper which was completed in May 2020. It’s currently being commissioned and will include a free observation desk open to the public on the top floor. It’s currently the tallest building in Russia and Europe.
21 Oriental Pearl Television Tower China 🇨🇳, Shanghai 16 1 1,152 351 6 The Oriental Pearl Tower has 15 observation levels including one of the highest outdoor observation decks in the world at 1,152 ft /351m.
22 85 Sky Tower / Tuntex Sky Tower China 🇨🇳, Kaohsiung 90 1 74 1,119 341 55 The 85 Sky Tower observation deck is on the 74th floor.
23 Jin Mao Tower China 🇨🇳, Shanghai. 91 1 88 1,116 340.0 61 The Jin Mao Tower observation deck is on the 88th floor at 1,116 ft / 340m, for up to 1,000 people, and a glass 66 yard / 60m Skywalk.
24 Ostankino Tower Russia 🇷🇺, Moscow. 0 2 1,115 340.0 The Ostankino Tower observation deck is at 340m, there’s also an indoor deck at 337m.
25 30 Hudson Yards USA 🇺🇸, New York City. 101 2 101, 102 1,104 336.5 59 30 Hudson Yards is a neo-futurist supertall skyscraper with observation decks open to the public. On the 101st floor you can visit “Edge”, the highest outdoor observation deck in New York and the western hemisphere. Edge juts out from the main building offering unique 360˚ panoramic views of New York. The 102nd floor has a glass floor area and the Skyline steps / between floors 101 and 2012 offers uninterrupted views over the glass wall.
26 Federation Tower Russia 🇷🇺, Moscow. 97 1 89 1,073 327.1 67 The Federation Tower is the tallest supertall skyscraper in Moscow with a “Panorama 360” observation deck on the 89th floor offering 360˚ Moscow city views.
27 875 North Michigan Avenue / John Hancock Center USA 🇺🇸, Chicago, Illinois. 100 1 94 1,030 314.0 50 The iconic John Hancock Center supertall skyscraper features “CHICAGO360” observation deck on the 94th floor with views of Lake Michigan, four states and Chicago. Thrill seekers will enjoy “TILT”, a large enclosed moving platform, which tilts you out over the city below, or you can can chill with a drink in “BAR94”.
28 Milad Tower Iran 🇮🇷, Tehran. 14 1 1,023 312.0 6 The Milad Tower is a concrete tower with an open observation deck and a sky dome on the top level. Views of Tehran and snow capped mountains beyond, dependent on pollution and weather.
29 China World Tower III China 🇨🇳, Beijing. 79 1 81 1,023 311.0 41 The China World Tower is also known as the China World Trade Center Tower III and has an observation desk on the 81st floor.
30 King Power MahaNakhon Thailand 🇹🇭, Bangkok. 80 3 74, 76, 78 1,016 309.8 22 The King Power MahaNakhon supertall skyscraper has an indoor observation deck with 360˚ panoramic views. There’s a glass lift/elevator from the 75th floor. There’s a Skybar on the 76th floor with fine dining with indoor and outdoor seating. The 78th floor offers a large glass tray with a bird’s eye view of Bangkok and an outdoor 360˚ observation deck at 314m at its highest point.
31 Shun Hing Square China 🇨🇳, Shenzhen. 72 1 69 978 298.1 36 Shun Hing Square supertall skyscraper offers the “Meridian View Centre” observation deck on the 69th floor with Shenzhen city views.
32 US Bank Tower USA 🇺🇸, Los Angeles. 75 2 69, 70 974 297.0 24 The US Bank Tower, formerly known as Library Tower or First Interstate Bank World Center, has Skyslide and events on the 70th floor. There are also indoor and outdoor observation decks on the 69th floor.
33 Abenobashi Terminal Building Japan 🇯🇵, Osaka. 65 2 58, 60 944 288.0 56 The Abenobashi Terminal Building, aka Abeno Harukas, is a mixed use supertall skyscraper. The 58th floor includes a free rooftop garden area with chairs on the balcony to take in the views in two directions. The main observation deck “Harukas 300” is on the 60th floor with 360˚ panoramic Osaka city views. There’s also a challenge area where you can walk on the edge of the building. A separate ticket is needed to go to the helipad floor.
34 Eureka Tower Australia 🇦🇺, Melbourne. 92 1 935 285.0 13 The Eureka Tower observation deck “Eureka Skydeck 88” is the highest public observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere. You can try the “Edge Experience” in a glass cube which projects out from the building.
35 Etihad Towers T2 UAE 🇦🇪, Abu Dhabi. 84 2 74, 75 924 281.6 7 Eithad Towers T2 has an observation deck on the 75th floor which is accessible from the hotel via a lower level linking podium. “Observation Deck at 300” on the 74th floor offers afternoon tea and dramatic views. At the Eithad Towers T1 Jumeirah hotel there’s a rooftop bar on the 65th floor.
36 Eiffel Tower France 🇫🇷, Paris. 3 3 4 906 276.0 8 The Eiffel Tower observation decks are open air viewing platforms. Levels 1 and 2 are accessible by stairs with 300 steps between each level. The first floor has a glass floor for a bird’s eye view of Paris below. “The Top” on level 3 includes two floors with indoor and outdoor observation decks. The top observatory is the highest observation deck open to the public within the EU. It’s accessible by lift / there is a staircase but it’s usually closed. All levels offer panoramic views of Paris.
37 Kuala Lumpur Tower Malaysia 🇲🇾, Kuala Lumpur. 19 1 906 276.0 4 Kuala Lumpur Tower, also know as the KL Tower. There’s an observation deck and revolving restaurant at 906 ft / 276m offering panoramic views of the city.
38 Zifeng Tower China 🇨🇳, Nanjing. 99 1 72 892 271.9 54 The Zifeng tower / Purple Peak Tower is a supertall skyscraper with an observation deck on the 72nd floor offering 360˚ views of Nanjing.
39 Stratosphere Tower USA 🇺🇸, Las Vegas. 2 109, 108 873 266 4 The Strat Hotel, Casino and SkyPod, formerly the Stratosphere Tower, is the tallest observation tower in north America. The two-level indoor and outdoor observation decks on levels 108 & 109, at 873ft / 266m, offers views of the Las Vegas Strip and the valley beyond. Let “108 Eats” and “108 Drinks” provide the snacks and cocktails or take a SkyJump (a bit like a vertical zip wire) from 855 ft / 261m to the ground. Alternatively chill in the “SkyLounge” bar on level 2017 (21 years or older) or enjoy a meal in the award winning “Top of the World” revolving restaurant which takes 80 minutes to complete one revolution. There’s also thrill rides from levels 109 and 112. Shoot yourself straight into the air at 45mph / 72km/h on the multi-award winning “BigShot”, or spin at 3Gs dangling on “Insanity” or take a roller coaster teetering around the edge at 866ft / 264m on “X-Scream”.
40 Tianjin Radio & TV Tower China 🇨🇳, Tianjin. 1 140 830 253.0 4 The Tianjin Radio & TV Tower is a grey concrete tower with four observation decks offering 360˚ views of Tianjin. At 814ft / 248m there’a a Sightseeing Hall. At 843ft / 253m there’s an Observation Hall. At 830ft / 257m there’s a Revolving Hall. At 886ft / 270m there’s a Terrace.
41 Henan Province Radio & Television Tower / Zhongyuan Tower China 🇨🇳, Zhengzhou. 1 101 823 256.0 13 The Henan Province Radio & Television Tower aka the FU Tower and Zhongyuan Tower observation deck is on the 101st floor at 869ft / 265m offering 360˚ panoramic Zhengzhou city views and a “Walking in the Clouds” glass floor. The 98th floor “Zhongyuan No. 388 Revolving Restaurant” also offers panoramic views of Zhengzhou, each rotation takes one hour. There are also shops and galleries.
42 Tokyo Tower Japan 🇯🇵, Tokyo. 2 150, 250 820 250.0 4 The Tokyo Tower has two observation decks. The main observation deck and café is at 492ft / 150, accessible by elevator or 593 steps. on clear days you can see Mount Fuji. The “Top Deck Tour” has to be booked in advance then take the elevator to 820ft / 250m. There’s a glass floor.
43 Lotus Tower Sri Lanka 🇱🇰, Colombo. 13 1 7 814 248 7 The Lotus tower outdoor observation deck at 814ft / 248m offers panoramic Columbo city views. There’s also a revolving restaurant at 771ft / 235m which takes 90 minutes to complete one revolution.
44 Central Radio & TV Tower China 🇨🇳, Beijing. 1 781 238.0 ?? The Central Radio & TV Tower is a concrete communications tower in west Beijing features an indoor and outdoor observation deck at 781ft / 238m offering panoramic views of Beijing city. There’s a revolving restaurant at 725ft / 221m.
45 Macau Tower China 🇨🇳, Macau SAR. 63 1 58 764 233.0 4 The Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre. Panoramic elevators take visitors to the outdoor observation deck on level 58 at 764ft / 233m with Macau city views and as far as Hong Kong and China’s Pearl River on clear days. There’s a revolving café with buffet and Lua Azul 360° restaurant dining options at 748ft / 228m. Level 61 is for thrill seekers with Skywalk, SkyJump, Bungy Jump and a Tower Climb to the top of the tower at 338m. 1,329 step staircase.
46 West Pearl Tower China 🇨🇳, Chengdu. 17 2 218, 208 715 218.0 9 The Sichuan Tower of China / West Pearl Tower has an outdoor observation deck at 715ft / 218m and an indoor observation deck at 682ft / 208m. Both offer panoramic Chengdu city views. At 755ft / 230m there are 4 separate “In the Clouds” glass floor areas. At 699ft / 213m you’ll find the “Chengdu339” revolving restaurant which takes 60-90 minutes to complete one revolution. Optional glass elevator and 1860 step staircase. Caters primarily for local visitors.
47 Berliner Fernsehturm Germany 🇩🇪, Berlin 1 669 203.8 3 The Berliner Fernsehturm concrete tower, completed in 1969, remains the tallest structure in Germany and an iconic symbol of reunification. There’s an observation deck with Berlin’s highest bar at 666ft / 203m and “Telecafé” revolving restaurant at 679ft / 207m, which rotates once every 30 minutes. In addition to the elevators, there’s a stairway with 986 steps.
48 Linyi Radio & TV Tower China 🇨🇳, Linyi ?? 1 633 193.0 ?? There is a publicly accessible observation deck (we just can’t find the details yet) with Linyi city views including the Yihe, Zhe, Liuqing rivers and mountains beyond, weather permitting. At 300m there’s a revolving restaurant. There’s also a cinema, waxworks museum and more.
49 Dragon Tower China 🇨🇳, Harbin 2 623 190.0 The Dragon Tower, aka Longta Tower. The elevators arrive on the restaurant level at 610ft / 186m and descend from the floor below so ALL visitors have to use the stairs. At 594ft / 181m there’s “Exciting Ring” 60m glass walkway. Up the stairs at 623ft / 190m there’s an outdoor observation deck with 360° Harbin city views. The revolving restaurant caters for up to 500 people with good views of the city. The Dragon Tower has a China tourist attraction rating of AAAA on a scale, from worst A to best AAAAA.
50 Sky Tower New Zealand 🇳🇿, Auckland. 1 51 610 186.0 6 The Sky Tower indoor observation deck “SkyDeck”, on level 51, offers panoramic 360° views of Auckland up to 80 kilometers in every direction. On level 52 at 623ft / 190m there’s “Orbit 360 Dining” revolving restaurant with a kiwi-inspired à la carte menu and panoramic views which revolves 360° over an hour. On level 53 at 630ft / 192m “The Sugar Club” is a luxurious cocktail bar with fine dining and amazing views. For thrill seekers there’s “SkyJump” where you can base jump by wire 192m straight down. “SkyWalk” around the Sky Tower’s pergola on a 4ft / 1.2m wide platform with overhead safety harness. On level 50 “SkyCafe” offers Kapiti NZ food including ice cream, wine, cheese etc. with panoramic city views.
51 Istanbul TV and Radio Tower Turkey 🇹🇷, Istanbul. 53 2 34, 33 591 180.0 3 The Istanbul TV and Radio Tower has two observation decks on the 33rd floor at 486ft / 148m and the 34th floor at 502ft / 153m offering 360˚ views over the city, which sits on the border between Europe and Asia. There’s a restaurant and cafeteria on the 39th floor 574ft / 175 m and 40th floors at 591ft / 180m. Glass elevators on both sides of the building will offer panoramic views.
52 Vilnius TV Tower Lithuania 🇱🇹, Vilnius. 2 19, 22 590 180.0 2+? The observation deck, on the 19th floor at 541ft / 165m is inside the “Paukščių takas” (Milky Way) revolving restaurant that revolves once every 45 minutes with city views. There are some standing areas so you don’t have to eat. Weather permitting you can visit the open observation deck on 22nd floor at 590ft / 180m. Bungee jumps are available to the public from the roof of the observation deck. There’s also a museum explaining the history of this soviet-era building and its role in Lithuania’s struggle for independence.

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Notes: The facilities and height of observation decks varies between sources. ADDucation has checked the official website for each of the highest observation decks along with The Skyscraper Center, The World Federation of Great Towers, Wikipedia Observation Decks and visitor reviews on TripAdvisor.

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