Longest Bridges in the World

How Long are the Longest Bridges Spanning Water or Valleys?

There are many types of longest bridges: historic arched stone bridges, beam bridges, frame bridges, girder bridges, pendulum terminal bridges, suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges. The latter, for example, is supported by cables that are anchored to pylons. With suspension bridges, the ropes on both banks are rooted deeply in the soil.
The highest suspension bridge in the world at 565 m is the Beipanjiang River bridge in southwestern China that opened at the end of 2016. The longest bridge in the world with the largest span width (1,991 m) is the Akashi Kaikyö* suspension bridge in Japan. The world’s longest bridge (with cable-stays and the largest span) is the Russky Bridge in Vladivostok, Russia.
Incidentally: The longest bridge in the world to be built on a train path with many girders is the high-speed railway line “Danyang-Kunshan” (between Beijing and Shanghai) with a total length of 164.8 kilometres.

  • Bridge span = Longest span between two pillars. Bridge length = Total length including all pillars. Bridge height = From deck of bridge to ground/water level under bridge.
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Longest Bridges in the WorldSpan (m)Span (feet)Country/LocalityTotal length (m)Total length (feet)Bridge TypeHigh (m)High (feet)Opened
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (aka Pearl Bridge)19916532Japan, Kobe391112831Suspension bridge2979741998
Xihoumen Bridge16505413China, Zhoushan27008858Suspension bridge2116922008
Great Belt (East Bridge)16245328Denmark, Zealand679022777Suspension bridge2548331998
Osman Gazi Bridge15505085Turkey, Gulf of Izmit26828799Suspension bridge2417912016
Yi Sun-sin15645131South Korea, Kwangyang22607415Suspension bridge2738962013
Runyang (south bridge)14904888China, Zhenjiang14904888Suspension bridge2157052005
4th Nanjing Yangtze Bridge14184652China, Nanjing543717838Suspension bridge2297512012
Humber Bridge14104626UK, Lincolnshire22207283Suspension bridge1555091981
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge14084619Turkey, Bosphorus, Istanbul21647100Suspension bridge32210562016
Jiangyin Bridge13854544China, Jingjiang307110075Suspension bridge1906231997
Tsing Ma Bridge 13774518China, Hong Kong21607087Suspension bridge2066761997
Hardanger Bridge13104298Norway, Hordaland14004593Suspension bridge2006602013
Verrazano-Narrows12984260USA, NYC20396690Suspension bridge1986501964
Golden Gate12804200USA, San Francisco27378980Suspension bridge2277451937
Yangluo Yangtze12804200China, Wuhan27258940Suspension bridge1705582007
Höga Kusten12103970Sweden, Härnösand18676125Suspension bridge1805811997
Aizhai Bridge11763858China, Jishou, Hunan15345033Suspension bridge33611022012
Mackinac11583799USA, Mackinaw803826371Suspension bridge1685511957
Qingshui River Bridge11303707China, Guizhou21887178Suspension bridge2307552015
Huangpu Bridge11083636China, Guangzhou, Guangdong701623018Suspension and stayed bridge combined2016592008
Minami Bisan-Seto11003609Japan, Okayama and Kagawa prefectures16485407Suspension bridge1655411989
Fatih Sultan Mehmet10903576Turkey, Istanbul15104954Suspension bridge1695541988
Baling River Bridge10883570China, Guizhou Provence, Guanling county22377339Suspension bridge37012142009
Taizhou North Bridge10803543China, Jiangsu Province682122379Suspension bridge1926302012
Ma’anshan Left Stream Bridge10803543China, Anhui ProvinceSuspension bridge2013
Bosphorus10743524Turkey, Istanbul15605118Suspension bridge1655411973
George Washington Bridge10673501USA, NYC14514760Suspension bridge1846041931
Kurushima-Kaikyo (third)10303379Imabari, JapanSuspension bridge1999
Kurushima-Kaikyo (second)10203346Imabari, JapanSuspension bridge1999
Ponte 25 de Abril10133323Portugal, Lisbon22787474Suspension bridge1906231966
Forth Road Bridge10063301UK, Scotland, Fife25128241Suspension bridge1565121964
Kita Bisan-Seto Bridge9903248Japan, Okayama and Kagawa prefectures15385046Suspension bridge1988
Severn Bridge9883241UK, joins Wales & England16005249Suspension bridge1364461966

* Dated information last updated July 2016.

Longest Bridges of the world crossing rivers

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