longest roads in the world

Longest Roads in the World

List of the Longest Roads in the World

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Longest roads in the worldLength (miles)Length (km)TypeDirections, origin and objectives – holiday roads, trade routes and pilgrimage routes
Pan-American Highway16,00025750highwayLeads from Alaska via USA, Mexico and Peru to Tierra del Fuego. Construction was decided upon in 1936.
Silk Road39776400trade routeExisted before Christ but heyday wasn’t until 5th-9th century AD (during the Tang Dynasty). The Silk Road led from China to India, Kashmir and Iran as far as the Mediterranean islands.
Ruta 4032465224highwayThis dream road runs along the Andes from north to southern Argentina.
Via Regia27964500military roadThe ancient Romans built the Via Regia as a transport route for war and trade goods across Europe from Wroclaw (with offshoots to Krakow and Riga) via Leipzig, Frankfurt to Paris (with branches leading to Spain).
Route 6624483940dream road tripEstablished in 1926, The Mother Road leads from Chicago to Santa Monica near Los Angeles, USA.
incense Road21133400trade routeConsidered one of the oldest trade routes of the world. The incense road leads from South Arabia (Dhofar in Oman) to the Mediterranean Sea (Gaza).
Stuart Highway17612834highwayOne of the most important north-south connections in Australia. Leads from Darwin to Port Augusta.
Transromanica746+1200+Culture routeThe European Cultural Route runs through seven countries passing cultural sites in Saxony, Austria, Slovenia and Italy to the Mediterranean.
Romanesque Road7431195Holiday roadPart of the Transromanica. The circuit in the form of a figure eight passes through 65 places in Saxony-Anhalt. On the route are over 80 Romanesque castles, palaces, monasteries and monuments.
Highway No. 16561055dream road tripThe panoramic road built in 1934 extends along the Pacific Ocean US coast and connects Garberville (320 km north of San Francisco) with Santa Cruz in the south. It also crosses the Golden Gate Bridge.
Via Publica6211000post roadThis medieval trade route led originally from Brussels to Prague via Germany along the B8 (from Emmerich on the Rhine to Passau).
Amber Road559900trade routeRuns from the North and Baltic Sea over the Alps to the Mediterranean (northern Adriatic Sea). The origins date back to the 2nd century BC when the Celts traded with amber.
Way of St. James (Camino Francés)497800pilgrimageProbably the most famous pilgrimage route, led initially across Europe to Santiago de Compostela on the north – west coast of Spain. The Camino Francés begins in France (Saint-Jean-de-Pied-de-Port).
Garden Route186300dream road tripThe Garden Route runs along the N2 National Road and extends along the south coast of South Africa from Hermanus (near Cape Town) to Port Elizabeth, passing Mossel Bay, Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.
Fairy Tale Road373600Holiday routeThe Fairy Tale Road has connected the towns of Hanau (Brothers Grimm Town), Kassel and Bremen (home of the tale Town Musicians of Bremen) since 1975.
Old Salt Road155250trade routeLeads from Prague to Halle an der Saale. In the Middle Ages there were several salt roads, including the so-called high salt road along which dealers brought their products from Merseburg to Frankfurt on the Main.

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