tallest buildings in the world

Tallest Buildings in the World

Tallest Buildings in the World

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Tallest Buildings in the WorldHeight (feet)Height (metres)LocationBuiltFloorsLiftsCharacteristics
Jeddah Tower33041007Jeddah, Saudi Arabia2013-201916757The Y-shaped skyscraper, which is still under construction, will be the tallest building in the world after completion. It rises in a spiral and runs upwards like a nail. The facade is intended to remind of plants that grow out of the ground. A height of 1,600 m was planned, but the load was too much for the ground. The elevators travel at a record-breaking speed of 36 km/h.
Burj Khalifa2717828U.A.E., Dubai2004-201016357Stainless steel facade, rainwater is collected and processed
Shanghai Tower2073632Shanghai, PR China2008-2014121106Ecologically intelligent building with up to 40 % lower water and energy consumption, fastest elevator in the world (35 seconds floor to roof)
Mecca Royal Clock Tower1972601Mecca2004-201212094External clocks
Canton Tower1968600China, Guangzhou2005-2010 37 9TV and observation tower (no office buildings)
Pingan International Finance Center
1965599China, Shenzhen2011-201711580The Y-shaped skyscraper, which is still under construction, will be the tallest building in the world on completion. It rises in a spiral and runs upwards like a nail. The facade suggests plants growing out the ground. The elevators travel at a record 36 km/h.
One World Trade Center1775541New York City, USA2006-2013104The height (1776 feet) is reminiscent of 1776, the year of American independence
Ostankino TV Tower1772540Moscow, Russia1963-1967Tallest building in Europe. In 2000, 8 people were killed in a fire and elevator crash.
Taipei 1011670509Taiwan, Taipei1999-200410161Green facade made of glass
World Financial Center1614492China, Shanghai1997-200810131Glass facade, light blue color
Int. World Commerce Center1588484Hong Kong2002-201011883Light blue glass facade
Oriental Pearl Tower1535468China, Guangzhou199414Recreational and Television tower (no office buildings)
Petronas Towers1483452Kuala Lumpur1992-19988839Twin towers connected via Skybridge, aluminum and stainless steel facade
Zifeng Tower1476450China, Nanjing2005-201066Glass facade, same architect as for 450 other skyscrapers: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Willis (Sears Tower)1450442Chicago1970-1974108104Antenna extends up to 527 m, black aluminum facade
KK 1001450442China, Shenzhen2007-201110069Modern glass facade
International Finance Center1434437China, Guangzhou2006-2010103Color: dark blue. Glass facade
Jin Mao Tower1378420China, Shanghai1994-199988130Gray glass facade with serrated tip
Two International Finance Center1362415Hong Kong2000-20038862Light blue glass facade
Trump Tower Chicago1362415Chicago, Illinois, USA2005-20099227Facade made of gray steel
Princess Tower1358414U.A.E., Dubai2005-2012101
Al Hamra Tower1352412Kuwait City2005-201180Architecturally interesting facade of glass and limestone
23 Marina1296395U.A.E., Dubai2005-2012898White-blue facade made of glass and concrete
Citic Plaza1283391China, Guangzhou1993-19978036Light blue glass facade
Shun Hing Square1260384China, Shenzhen1993-19966936Glass facade shimmers green, with double antenna
The Domain (Central Market)1253382U.A.E., Abu Dhabi201388Still under construction
Empire State Building1250381New York City, USA1930-193110273For many years as the highest building in the world, light brown limestone facade. Listed building
Elite Residence1247380U.A.E., Dubai2006-20129112Postmodern architectural style
Central Plaza1227374Hong Kong1989-19927839Gray-blue-yellow facade of glass
Bank of China1204367Hong Kong1985-19907045Light blue aluminum facade with white diamond pattern
Bank of America1201366New York City, USA2004-20095852Style: glass deconstructionism
Almas Tower1191363U.A.E., Dubai2005-20096833White-gray-light green glass facade
The Pinnacle1181360China, Guangzhou2008-201260Postmodern commercial office building
JW Marriott Marquis 11165355U.A.E., Dubai2006-20137228Twin towers. World’s tallest hotel

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