September awareness days

September Awareness Days

September Awareness Days 2019/2020 Worldwide List & Social Media Calendar

Our September awareness days list highlights worldwide international awareness days. This includes all the UN International Days. All calendar days are fact checked to ensure they’re not social media hype or fake news. Do you know any annual September international awareness days we’ve missed? Please let us know at the bottom of the page and we’ll consider adding them.

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DateInternational Awareness DaysAcronymFirst ObservedWhere?Founder / OrganizationsFilter Tags / CategoriesSeptember Awareness Day Facts/TriviaSocial Media Hashtags
1 SeptemberLabor Day1894Canada, USA.ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation), IWA (International Workers’ Association) and WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions)Politics, Rights day, National holidaySocialists, communists, trade unions and workers organize rallies, demonstrations and media events to celebrate and campaign for workers rights. Most other counties in the world celebrate Labour day or International Workers’ Day on 1st May.#LaborDay (or add year:) #LaborDay2020 #LaborDayWeekend
2 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1666 the “Great fire of London” started in a bakery. It gutted the city of London within the old Roman city wall for several days. The homes of around 70,000 of the city’s 80,000 inhabitants were destroyed.
3 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.This day in 1967 was “Dagen H” (H day) in Sweden. The country changed from driving on the left to the right overnight.
4 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1998 Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google started as a research project when they were doctoral students at Stanford University, USA.
5 SeptemberInternational Day of CharityIDC2013Worldwide.UNGiving day, Charity day.This day commemorates the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa. It encourages countries, organizations and individuals to take public action and support charitable work worldwide to alleviate poverty and suffering.#InternationalDayofCharity
6 SeptemberInternational Colour Blindness Awareness Day2016Europe and worldwide.UN, UNESCO, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) TheFA (The Football Association) and CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe).Discrimination awareness day, Health day, Health awareness day.A day to raise awareness of color blindness, remove the stigma surrounding color blindness and campaign for organizations to choose colors which are more visible to people with color vision defects (CVDs).#Iam1in12 (males) #Iam1in200 (females) #kickthestigma
#kickingthestigma #ColourBlindAwarenessDay
7 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1978 Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian writer and dissident, working at the BBC, was murdered when crossing Waterloo bridge in London, A modified umbrella was used to shoot a ricin pellet into his leg. He died four days later.
8 SeptemberInternational Literacy Day1966Worldwide.UN, UNESCO.Cultural day, Culteral awareness day, Literacy awareness day.UNESCO hosts their International Literacy Prizes ceremony to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. Literacy rates are improving worldwide but one in five adults are still not literate.#LiteracyDay
8 SeptemberWorld Cleanup Day2008150 countries worldwide.UNEP, LetsDoItWorld.orgEnvironment day, Environmental awareness day.Start or join a local Let’s Do It! Team to help clean up the world.#WorldCleanUpDay
9 SeptemberInternational FASD Awareness DayFASDay62 countriesFASworld.Alcohol awareness, Health day and Health awareness day.Health day, Health awareness day.Bells are rung at 9:09 a.m. around the world to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy and support families and individuals struggling with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).#FASDay (or add year:) #FASDay2020 #FASDAwarenessDay
10 SeptemberWorld Suicide Prevention Day2003Worldwide.UN, WHO, IASP (International Association for Suicide Prevention)Mental health day, Mental health awareness day.A day to remember victims of suicide and raise awareness of suicide. It’s OK not to be OK. Why not take a minute out of your day to ask if someone is OK ? It could lift someone out of a suicidal crisis.#WSPD (or add year:) #WSPD2019 #WorldSuicidePreventionDay
11 SeptemberPatriot Day2002USA and friends of the USA worldwide.U.S. House of Representatives.War & Peace, National dayOn this day in 2001 the September 11 attacks (9/11) took place. 2,996 people were killed (of various nationalities including 19 terrorists) and over 6,000 people injured. Patriot day was proclaimed by President George W Bush and passed into law. The US flag is flown at half-staff around the world and a moment of silence is observed at 8:46 a.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) which is the time American Airlines Flight 11, struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center.#PatriotsDay
12 SeptemberInternational Day for South-South Cooperation2004Worldwide.UNEconomic, Awareness day.A day to celebrate technical cooperation among developing countries and to recognize South-South cooperation complements North-South cooperation in achieving development goals. Previously observed on 19th December.#DayforSouthSouthCooperation
12 SeptemberAir Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel DayATSEP Day2015Worldwide.IFATSEA (International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations)Workers day, Workers awareness day.A day to acknowledge the achievements and contribution of air traffic safety electronics personnel to safer skies worldwide.#IFATSEA (or add year:) #IFATSEA2019
13 SeptemberDay of the Programmer2009Russia, USA, Canada, UK, India and 20+ other countries.MinComSvyaz Rossii.Workers day, Workers awareness day.Celebrated on the 256th day of the year (significant to programmers and 100 in hexadecimal). Originally proposed by Michael Cherviakov (aka htonus) and Valentin Balt to the Russian government in 2002 and decreed by the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, on 11th September 2009. Held on 12th September in leap years.#DayOfProgrammers #ProgrammersDay
14 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes the 26th and youngest ever U.S. President, aged 42 years and 322 days, after William McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist in Buffalo.
15 SeptemberInternational Day of Democracy2008Worldwide.UN and UNESCO.Civil rights day, Civil rights awareness day.Recognize that democracy is a work in progress but an important UN goal to spread the values of freedom, human rights and genuine elections worldwide.#DemocracyDay
16 SeptemberInternational Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer1995Worldwide.UN, UNEP, EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), WMO (World Meteorological Organization), NASA, BAS (British Antarctic Survey), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and ESRL (Earth System Research Laboratory).Environment day, Environmental awareness day.The Ozone Layer protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the sun’s rays. We can all take action to protect it.#InternationalOzoneDay
17 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1978 the Camp David Accords are signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin which led to the 1974 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.
18 SeptemberWorld Water Monitoring Day / EarthEcho Water ChallengeWWMD2003143 countries worldwide.EarthEcho International, ACWF (America’s Clean Water Foundation), WEF (Water Environment Federation) and IWA (International Water Association).Environment day, Environmental awareness day.Global educational outreach program which builds public awareness and participation in protecting water resources around the world by empowering citizens to carry out basic tests on their local water bodies and upload the results to a world map.#MonitorWater
19 SeptemberInternational Talk Like a Pirate DayITLAPD2002USA, worldwide online.Founded by Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy) and John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and EarthEcho International.Fun day, Online day, Social media day.A day to talk like a pirate. You can also switch your Google Search and Facebook language to Pirate for the day – or all year around. ADDucation’s favorite of all September awareness days!#TalkLikeAPirateDay #TLAPD (or add year:) #TLAPD2019
20 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1973 Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in a mixed gender tennis match in Houston winning $100,000 prize money. Riggs boasted that even aged 55 he could beat any female tennis player. The match remains one of the most viewed tennis matches ever.
21 SeptemberInternational Day of Peace / World Peace Day1982Worldwide.UN and UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency).War and Peace awareness day.A day to reflect upon the cruel price of war and call for a global ceasefire in all combat zones.#PeaceDay
21 SeptemberZero Emissions Day / ZeDayWorldwide.Sealevel.caEnvironment day, Environmental awareness day.Give the planet a day off by not burning coal, oil or gas and minimize any electricity generated by fossil fuels for 24 hours. ZeDay is the perfect day to switch to a green energy provider or carbon offset your fossil fuel use.#ZeroEmissionsDay #ZeDay #GoGreen
22 SeptemberWorld Rhino Day2011Worldwide.WWF-South Africa.Animal day, Wildlife conservation day.A day to raise awareness about Rhinos and the need to protect their habitats. Get involved by debunking the myths that rhino horn contains curative properties to lower the demand for Rhino horn.#WorldRhinoDay
22 SeptemberWorld Rose DayCanada, India, worldwide.CARF (Cancer Aid and Research Foundation).Health day, Health awareness day.A day to recognize the physical, emotional, social and financial burdens faced by cancer survivors and their care givers. Give roses and gifts to cancer patients and campaign for cancer charities.#WorldRoseDay
23 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.On this day in 1965 the Indo-Pakistani war (aka the Second Kashmiri War) ends with a UN ceasefire. India and Pakistan remain in dispute over the territory of Kashmir.
24 SeptemberNo verified international September awareness days today.This day in 1869 was Black Friday in the United States because speculators hoarded gold to push the price of gold higher. In response, under orders from President Ulysses S. Grant, the US Treasury sold a large amount of gold and price of gold plummeted within minutes.
25 SeptemberWorld Dream DayWDD2012USA and worldwide.BurnBright International.Self improvement day, Mental health awareness day.A day to transform yourself and the world one dream at a time! Set your dreams in motion for yourself, your family, local community and the world.#WorldDreamDay
26 SeptemberEuropean Day of LanguagesEDL2002Europe.EU, CoE (Council of Europe).Literacy day, literacy awareness day, Language dayA day to celebrate all the world’s languages and cultural diversity and raise awareness of the importance of lifelong language learning.#EuropeanDayofLanguages #coeEDL (or add year:) #coeEDL2019
26 SeptemberWorld Environmental Health DayWEHD2011Worldwide.IFEH (International Federation Of Environmental Health).Environment day, Environmental health day.A day to raise awareness of environmental factors that can affect health including physical, chemical and biological factors to help prevent disease and promote healthy environments worldwide.#WEHD (or add year:) #WEHD2017
26 SeptemberInternational Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons2014Worldwide.UN.War and Peace, Disarmament day, Global politics awareness day.A day to call on all countries to get rid of their nuclear weapons to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons.#InternationalOzoneDay #OzoneHeroes #GoodbyeNukes
26 SeptemberWorld Contraception DayWCD2007Worldwide.UN, Women Deliver, Population Council, EngenderHealth, Pathfinder International, 120 Under 40, APCOC (Asia Pacific Council On Contraception), CELSAM, MSI (Marie Stopes International), IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation), PSI (Population Services International), USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development), ESC (European Society Of Contraception And Reproductive Health), DSW, FIGIJ, FP2020 (Family Planning 2020) and EWEC (Every Woman Every Child).Family planning, Birth control, Health day, Health awareness day.A day to raise awareness about safe sex and contraception. Each new generation of adults needs to make informed decisions until all pregnancies are planned.#WorldContraceptionDay #WCD2019 (change year)
27 SeptemberWorld Tourism DayWTD1980Worldwide.UN and UNWTO.Sustainable development, Environment day, Environmental awareness day.A day to acknowledge the role responsible tourism plays worldwide and learn how tourism affects cultural, social, political and economic values worldwide.#TravelEnjoyRespect #WorldTourismDay
28 SeptemberWorld Rabies Day2007Worldwide.UN, WHO and GARC (Global Alliance for Rabies Control).Environment day, Environmental awareness dayOn the anniversary of the death of French chemist Louis Pasteur in 1895, who developed the first rabies vaccine, the WHO urges to raise awareness of rabies prevention and campaign to end human deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030.Was held on 8th September in 2007 #WorldRabiesDay #TogetherAgainstRabies
28 SeptemberInternational Right to Know DayRTKD2002Worldwide.FOIA (Freedom of Information Advocates).Rights day, Rights awareness dayA day to campaign for the right to information to be written into laws in accordance with international standards. The right to information is a vital human right for transparent and accountable government. Without access to information other human rights can be denied.#RightToKnowDay #RTK2019 (change year)
28 SeptemberInternational Day for Universal Access to InformationIDUAI2016Worldwide.UN, UNESCO and APAI (African Platform on Access to Information).Rights day, Rights awareness day.A day to campaign for more information transparency and access to information held by all organizations.#IDUAI (or add year:) #IDUAI2019
29 SeptemberWorld Heart DayWHD2000Worldwide.(WHF) World Heart Federation.Health day, Health awareness dayA day to raise awareness that stroke and heart disease are the world’s leading causes of death and to encourage everyone to participate in activities to improve their heart health and that of others.#WorldHeartDay
30 SeptemberInternational Translation Day1953Worldwide.UN, FIT (International Federation of Translators) and CEATL (European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations).Culture day, Cultural awareness day, Literary awareness day.A day to recognize the role professional translators play connecting nations together. Celebrated on the feast of Saint Jerome, a Bible translator, and the patron saint of translators.#Translatorsday #xl8day #InternationalTranslationDay
30 SeptemberInternational Podcast DayIPD201540+ countries worldwide.InternationalPodcastDay.comCulture day, Culture day, Cultural awareness day, Online day, Media day, Awareness day.A day to raising awareness of the power of podcasting and promote digital media worldwide.#InternationalPodcastDay
30 SeptemberInternational Blasphemy Day2009CFI (Center for Inquiry).freedom of worship, Cultural freedom day, freedom of speech.A day to express solidarity with those who challenge social prohibitions and oppressive laws against freedom of expression. Support the right to challenge prevailing religious beliefs without fear of arrest, violence or persecution.#BlasphemyDay

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