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ADDucation’s multi-choice General Knowledge Starter Quiz features 20 random questions taken from each of our category based quizzes.

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James Knox Polk waged war against Mexico from 1846-1848 then purchased land areas which later became States. Which State was NOT one of them?

1 out of 20

Jamie Oliver – the world’s most famous cook hails from…

2 out of 20

We use la dolce vita to talk about the good life, but what does dolce literally mean?

3 out of 20

Who is famous for introducing the "little black dress" in 1926?

4 out of 20

What is the literal meaning of tsunami?

5 out of 20

Which of these elements does not produce magnetic fields?

6 out of 20

Marc Bolan died in a car crash in 1977 in London. Of what band was he the frontman?

7 out of 20

In the original German a doppelganger means:

8 out of 20

Edgar Degas, who painted The Woman Ironing in 1869 and Woman Drying Herself in 1890, is famous for what style of painting?

9 out of 20

Caveat emptor comes from the Latin meaning:

10 out of 20

Which of the following politicians converted to veganism in 2010?

11 out of 20

What is the highest mountain in Europe?

12 out of 20

What is the rarest naturally occurring element on earth (apart from transuranic elements)?

13 out of 20

Wernher von Braun immigrated to the US in 1945. What did he work on when he arrived?

14 out of 20

Which Democrat president almost doubled the land size of the USA by purchasing Louisiana for $15 million?

15 out of 20

Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay succeeded in climbing Mount Everest for the first time on 29 May 1953. What was Hillary's nationality?

16 out of 20

What is the (closest) correct English pronunciation of Porsche?

17 out of 20

Whose work wrote of a “superman” which was subsequently misused by the Nazis for their purposes?

18 out of 20

In which year was Surfin’ U.S.A. a hit for the Beach Boys?

19 out of 20

Who is the best known fruitarian in recent history?

20 out of 20

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2 responses to “General Knowledge Starter Quiz”

  1. Lesley says:

    Some hard ones there!

    • Joe Connor says:

      Over time the Leaderboard gives a good indication of how hard a quiz is. If nobody gets between 90-100% we’ll remove a few of the harder questions until they do 😉 Then make in intermediate quiz!

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