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ADDucation’s multi-choice General Knowledge Starter Quiz features 20 random questions taken from each of our category based quizzes.

We'll give you five minutes to answer 20 General Knowledge questions.
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1. Which of these diets really exists?
2. What is the rarest naturally occurring element on earth (apart from transuranic elements)?
3. How did the Bolivia freedom fighter Ché  Guevara die in 1967?
4. Roughly how many people visit Whistler each year for skiing and other sports?
5. In which year did the Beatles want to hold your hand?
6. We use la dolce vita to talk about the good life, but what does dolce literally mean?
7. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, died of cancer in 2011 in Palo Alto. Who were his co-founders?
8. What does Einstein's E = MC2 stand for?
9. Caveat emptor comes from the Latin meaning:
10. Jamie Oliver - the world’s most famous cook hails from...

11. Which of the following elements is liquid at room temperature?
12. Who is the best known fruitarian in recent history?
13. As you know, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. But do you know in which countries it is located?

14. Who filled millions of dance floors worldwide with the unmistakable Macarena?
15. Which philosopher was tried for heresy believing “The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics”?
16. Which philosopher was a teacher of Alexander the Great?
17. What is the highest mountain in Europe?

18. Horizontal rows of the periodic table are known as?
19. Who sang of "Another Brick in the Wall" in 1980?
20. Giorgio Armani is famous for simple, minimalist elegance with rich fabrics. When was he born?

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General Knowledge Starter Quiz Tips & FAQs

  • You can take this GK quiz up to three times daily to get onto the leaderboard, the questions will be randomized each time you take the quiz.
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