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Latest ADDucation Lists

Latest ADDucation Lists

ADDucation regularly publishes new lists and we work hard to keep existing ADDucation lists up to date with new information and stats. With hundreds of lists to maintain there will always be some out of date information. If you spot anything that needs fixing urgently or you have any suggestions and feedback please do let us know in the comments area below – thank you!

highest observation decks in the world

Highest Observations Decks 🌆

ADDucation's list of highest observation decks in the world which are normally open to the public. Observation platforms on completed buildings, towers and other structures are included. Most observation decks are closed, or have restricted access, due to the ...
quotation marks and punctuation

Quotation Marks & Punctuation ⁉️

Quotations marks and punctuation help bring the printed word to life. Yet using punctuation and quotation marks is so confusing! As usual, the Brits and Americans disagree about the rules. ADDucation will compare American and British English punctuation ...
Booker prize winners

Booker Prize Winners 📚

The Booker Prizes are literary awards for fiction. ADDucation's all-time Booker prize winners list includes all the Booker prize winning authors, their winning novel, nationality and other key facts. Booker Prize Winners Frequently Asked Questions ADDucation Tips: Click ...
best English football clubs

Best English Football Clubs

The Premiership is the most widely watched football league on TV in the world. Competitive football kicked off in England in 1871 with the FA Cup followed by league football in 1888. The top English football teams played ...
worst pandemics list

Worst Pandemics in History 🦠

How does the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic compare with all the previous pandemics? ADDucation's list of the worst pandemics in history has the answers. Did you know most of the measures taken to prevent the spread of the current ...
weight loss diets

Effective Weight Loss Diets ⚖️

Weight loss diets are much easier to find than to evaluate! This slimmed down list of weight loss diets was compiled from research into hundreds of diets including fad diets and crash diets including one which suggested eating ...

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