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Latest ADDucation Lists

Latest ADDucation Lists

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blood red full moon names

Full Moon Names 2019

Full Moon Names List and Moon Name FAQs Full moon names usually hit the headlines and go viral on social media when a combination of moon events occur together. Here's some recent examples: There was a "full worm ...
international awareness days

International Awareness Days

International Awareness Days List + 365 Day #Hashtag Calendar ADDucation's 2019 international awareness days list has been fact-checked to make sure all the awareness days actually exist, rather than mere social media calendar events generating fake news. We've ...
roman mythology groups

Roman Mythology Groups

Roman Mythology Groups Collective Names for Roman Deities List of Roman mythology groups including the group names of mythological Roman gods and goddesses with meanings. Additionally for individual Roman deities visit ADDucation's list of Roman Gods and Goddesses ...
roman festivals calendar list

Roman Festivals Calendar

Roman Festivals Calendar List - 365 Day Roman Calendar Roman festivals took place over eleven centuries of Roman history which saw changes in the Roman calendar from the 10 month 304 day year when king Romulus founded Rome ...
international awareness days

March Awareness Days

March Awareness Days 2019 Worldwide List Our March awareness days list of worldwide international awareness days are fact checked to make sure they're not social media hype or fake news. We've included all the fixed March international awareness ...
list of mnemonics

List of Mnemonics

List of Mnemonics to Recall Numbers, Ordered Lists & Word Spelling List of mnemonics to use as memory aids which make it easier to store information in your long term memory and recall it accurately on demand. ADDucation's ...
physical constants

Fundamental Physical Constants

List of Fundamental Physical Constants with Definitions, SI Unit Values and Symbols Physical constants are believed to be unchanging over time and universal in nature. Most of us are aware the speed of light is constant (or is ...
best hits of all time

Led Zeppelin Songs List

Led Zeppelin Songs List All-Time Greatest Playlist ADDucation's lovingly curated Led Zeppelin songs list showcases the Led Zeppelin albums and tracks we consider worthy of inclusion on any Led Zeppelin playlist. If you feel it lacks logic-based objectivity ...
international cuisine

International Cuisine

International Cuisine - Around the World in 80 Dishes... Traveling would be the best way to sample the best of international cuisine. This list gives you a flavor of the classic international dishes you would expect to find ...
units of measurement

Units of Measurement Lists

Units of Measurement - List of SI, Imperial & US Customary Units Units of measurement are by metrology, the scientific study of measurement. ADDucation's units of measurement list includes Metric SI units (International System of Units), Imperial units ...
international awareness days

February Awareness Days

February Awareness Days 2019 Worldwide List Our February awareness days list of worldwide international awareness days are fact checked to make sure they're not social media hype or fake news. We've included all the fixed February international awareness ...
Kings and queens of England

Kings and Queens of England

The Kings and Queens of England Chronological All Time List "Do You Seriously Expect Me To Be The First Prince Of Wales In History Not To Have A Mistress?" - Prince Charles A surprisingly open quote by Prince ...
greatest bands of all time

Rock & Pop Bands L-Q

Greatest Bands of All Time L-Q Rock & Pop Bands There are numerous greatest bands of all time. At least subjectively - because everyone has their own taste in music. While some consider Queen to be one of ...
historical battles

Historical Battles

Historical Battles List - "War does not determine who is right - only who is left" A pearl of wisdom from Bertrand Russell, but it doesn't look like wars are going to disappear anytime soon. More the opposite ...
international awareness days

April Awareness Days

April Awareness Days 2019 Worldwide List Our April awareness days list of worldwide international awareness days are fact checked to make sure they're not social media hype or fake news. We've included all the fixed April international awareness ...
famous actors list

Famous Male Actors Q-Z

Famous Actors List Q to Z "Sometimes In Movies, I Still Have To Be The Hero, But It's Not All That Important To Me Anymore" says Dennis William Quaid modestly, who tops this famous actors list. The star ...
famous actresses list

Famous Female Actors Q-Z

Famous Actresses List Q to Z "If Someone's Eyeballing You, It Makes You Feel Good" A quote by actress and one-time model Charlotte Rampling who kicks off this famous actresses list. Born Tessa Charlotte Rampling in 1946, her ...
famous male actors

Famous Male Actors K-P

Famous Male Actors - All Time List of TV & Movie Stars This list of famous male actors between K and P includes Joseph Frank Keaton, known as "Buster" most of his life. The nickname was given to ...
famous actors

Famous Male Actors A-C

Famous Actors A to C "My One Regret In Life Is That I Am Not Someone Else" - Woody Allen Woody Allen is one of America's most famous actors and movie directors having made dozens of films, written ...
river Nile, one of the longest rivers in the world

Longest Rivers in the World

Top 50 Longest Rivers in the World List - But How Long is a River? It is notoriously tricky to exactly define the longest rivers in the world. In theory, the length of a river is just the ...

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