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How To Leave Sky By Online Chat

How to Leave Sky by Online Chat Transcript Step-by-Step

I managed to leave Sky by online chat. I did not talk to Sky by telephone. I did not send Sky a cancellation letter and I did not have to cancel my direct debit.

Sky have been singled out as being especially tenacious and near-impossible to leave. As I understand it, even if you send Sky a cancellation letter and cancel your Direct Debit, you still have to have a conversation with them so they can verify your details and ensure you are not in breach of any applicable terms and conditions which you signed up to.

All the media companies including BT, Sky and Virgin Media don’t want to lose customers and will go the extra mile to keep your business. I decided to leave Sky and switch to Virgin Media for several reasons:

  1. Virgin Media have been offering ever more tempting offers for over 2 years by post.
  2. Sky had, once again, announced price rises.
  3. The Sky router, which cannot easily be swapped for a third party router, was no longer of any use to me.

Edited Chat Transcript: How to Leave Sky by Online Chat.

The following chat took place during June 2015.

Step 1: Leave Sky by Online Chat – Start Online Chat From Sky Website.

[Your chat may be monitored and recorded for training, legal and compliance purposes.
** Please do not share your full credit card information, security code or CVV during this chat **
Please wait while we connect you to a Sky Advisor, then ask your question.]

Sky Advisor: Hello, you’re chatting with [name removed], a Sky advisor, may I take your name please?
Me: [name removed] Sky Advisor: As you can see my name is [name removed] and I will certainly be able to help you. Can I call you now to discuss this further.
Me: ok
Sky Advisor: That’s great what is the best number to call you on?
Me: [telephone number removed] Sky Advisor: Whilst I call you – could I ask that you leave this chat window open for the duration of our conversation; this will allow you to leave some feedback at the end of our chat today and will allow me to record what we have discussed
Me: Ok

Step 2: Leave Sky by Online Chat – Avoid Phone Call.

Sky Advisor: Would not let me through.
Me: you have to speak to my call filter before I can pick up.
Sky Advisor: Ok we can stay on chat.
Me: ok.
Sky Advisor: I did speak will try again.
Me: ok.
Sky Advisor: Sorry [my name removed] we will need to stay on chat or you can call sky on 03442 41 41 41
Me: chat is OK for me.

Step 3: Leave Sky by Online Chat. Why Leave Sky?

Sky Advisor: Great. What brings you to chat with us today?
Me: I want to cancel my Sky subscription.
Sky Advisor: I’m sorry to hear that. Is there any particular reason behind this?
Me: I plan to switch to virgin because I live in a cable area and they are offering me a great deal.
Me: The other reason I am unhappy with Sky is the broadband router is not fit for purpose.
Sky Advisor: Apart from thinking about changing to virgin media is there anything else you feel is contributing to this decision today?
Me: Sky is great but the poor router and recent cost increase has been my cue to switch.
Sky Advisor: Have you been in contact with Virgin Media?
Me: they have been sending me exclusive invitations for years so I have been keeping a close eye on those.
Sky Advisor: Have you placed an order with them yet?
Me: I should state at this point that the deal breaker for me is the broadband router – there are often 6 adults in the house each with multiple gadgets and the WiFi router can only accept 16 connections at one time.
Me: Whatever you could offer me won’t change the fact that the router is no longer fit for purpose.
Me: And since Sky do not permit users to use a third party router there’s no solution I can see.
Sky Advisor: the more gadgets getting used the slower the broadband that is the same with all companies.
Sky Advisor: Information only If, for any reason, this chat ends before we finish our conversation today, any options we discuss but that haven’t yet been confirmed, won’t be actioned.
Sky Advisor: Also just to let you know, there is a short survey to express your views and thoughts on the service you’ve received today.
Me: ok, but I will also log this conversation for my records and I want to close my account and formally give notice to do so.
Sky Advisor: So you wish to stop sky and go to Virgin media and it is mostly down to your broad band is this correct [name removed]?
Me: I do.

Step 4: Leave Sky by Online Chat. Confirm Details.

Sky Advisor: What I’m going to do for you today is get your account details on my system. I will ask you a few questions the more information I get from yourself the more information and the best possible service I can give you.
Me: thank you.
Sky Advisor: Are you the named Sky account holder?
Me: Yes.
Sky Advisor: Please confirm the full name/surname for the account along with the full home address including post-code.
Me: [name and address removed].
Sky Advisor: Thanks for confirming those details. I will just be a few minutes while I retrieve your Sky package information on the system. Whilst I am locating your account, are you making use of some of the free services we have to offer, such as Sky Go, On Demand, Remote Record, Never Miss and also interactive services through your Sky box? These are all available within your ‘New My Sky’ online account at the following address: [URL removed].
Me: I am.

Step 5: Leave Sky by Online Chat. Politely Insist!

Sky Advisor: Ok, I can see that you currently have the sky family package and Movies. With this package you also have access to box sets catch up and on demand.
Sky Advisor: I can see you have been with Sky for [time span removed]. I would like to thank you for choosing Sky.
Me: I understand Sky has been great for me and I am sad to leave BUT the reasons for leaving remain and at the time Sky cannot fix them.
Sky Advisor: I can see by the notes you have never spoken with our broadband experts.
Me: I have extensively read about the issues with the Sky broadband router and connected devices. It cannot be fixed until Sky upgrades and releases a new router. I also want to try a fibre connection and if Virgin media isn’t suitable I will consider all options at that time. I want to cancel my account.
Sky Advisor: You have fibre broadband with sky. Have you thought about getting the router replaced?
Me: Yes, only a third party router would solve the problem and Sky does not support or allow third party routers.
Sky Advisor: Looking at your account a replacement router has never been done for you [name removed].
Me: I have fibre to cabinet with Sky delivered via BT but Virgin is fibre to my house and 150Mb instead of 38Mb
Me: A replacement router cannot make a difference, sorry, this is a technical restriction of the router NOT a faulty router.
Sky Advisor: 150mb is never a sure thing that you get.
Sky Advisor: I ask you what you mean by a technical restriction.
Me: The Sky broadband router only allows 16 devices to be connected.
Me: and the WiFi speed drops off to unacceptably low limits with more than a few devices connected.
Sky Advisor: How many more devices do you need at any one time?
Me: sometimes 25 or more. We all have multiple devices.
Sky Advisor: As I said [name removed] it will not matter what broadband you have the more devices you have on the slower the speed.
Me: the limitations of the router are widely known and explained on media forums. I understand there’s nothing you can do to fix this. I want to close my account now please.
Sky Advisor: That is just a shame as sky has been voted number 1 for service and reliability for broadband.

Step 6: Leave Sky by Online Chat. Decline Any Offers/Deals.

Sky Advisor: Also I had some fantastic offers I could apply to your account.
Me: I can always come back 🙂
Me: but today your offers are not going to change my mind please close my account.
Sky Advisor: Will not be till after 18 months when you sign up with Virgin Media.
Me: So I can try BT next then.
Sky Advisor: Please note that you must provide a minimum of 31 days notice in order to cancel your account. If you give us notice today then after 31 days the cancellation will be actioned and your billing will be updated.
Me: that is fine, please accept my notice.

Step 7: Leave Sky by Online Chat. Sky Account is Closed Online.

Sky Advisor: Your Sky equipment belongs to you, however if you continue to use your free-to-air channels, you must be aware that Sky will not be responsible for any repairs required for your equipment.
Sky Advisor: Once the 31 day period has passed, any recordings that you have on your box would be disabled as would the ability to use the Sky+ features (Pause/Rewind/Record).
Me: I understand.
Sky Advisor: The TV part of your account will close on [date removed]. Your broadband and telephone will stop in 14 days from now if virgin media do not contact sky before the 14 days are finished you will lose your telephone number If you can give me a moment while I confirm your final bill.
Me: thank you.

Sky Advisor: Getting this done for you now.
Sky Advisor: Your final bill will be due on the [date removed] and will be [amount removed]. This excludes any additional call charges or Sky Box Office events which are billed in arrears.
Me: that’s fine, thank you.
Sky Advisor: Your TV package will stop on the [date removed] and your broadband and telephone will stop on the [date removed] if virgin have not taken over phone line before this as already mentioned you will lose phone number
Sky Advisor: Just to confirm what we discussed today. You came to chat to cancel your account. We have discussed all the options available for you. You still felt that the best option, at the moment, is to cancel. Is that correct?
Me: that is correct.
Sky Advisor: Thank you for chatting with me today. We really value your feedback. Please click here to answer a few questions about your experience with us today. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Me: thanks for trying to help, and thanks for letting me cancel without undue hassle.
Sky Advisor: Thanks for your time [name removed] sure we will hear from you soon 🙂
Me: 🙂 bye!
Sky Advisor: Bye.

I’m pleased to report my Sky account closure proceeded as expected and I’m no longer a Sky customer.

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