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Famous Fashion Designers 👗👠

Famous Fashion Designers List 👗 From Armani to Yamamoto 👠

List of famous fashion designers featuring the clothes they designed and when they were popular. Filter and sort the table by name, fashion label, birthplace and decade to find key fashion facts fast. Bloomsbury Fashion Central offers a searchable database of famous fashion designers and their works.

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Famous Fashion Designers 👗 Born/Died From Associated fashion label/s 👠 Fashion highlights include: Year Fabrics, styles and shapes 💠
Armani, Giorgio 1934 🇮🇹 Italy Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani. “Emporio Armani” (1981) men’s suits. One of Italy’s most famous fashion designers since: 1961 simple, minimalist elegance with rich fabrics.
Audigier, Christian 1958-2015 🇫🇷 France Von Dutch, Ed Hardy. Popularized Von Dutch and Ed Hardy collections of trucker fashion and baseball caps: 2000s wild, often with tattoo + snake adornments.
Baldessarini, Werner 1945 🇦🇹 Austria Hugo Boss. Head designer of Hugo Boss collections from: 1975 casual, conventional, dynamic and exclusive.
Benetton, Luciano 1935 🇮🇹 Italy Benetton. Wool knitwear made of natural wool and ” United Colors of Benetton” 1965 colorful, young, hip and playful.
Biagiotti, Laura 1943 🇮🇹 Italy Prêt-a-porter, Cashmere Collection. Prêt-a-porter collections and Cashmere Collection: 1974 cashmere, soft fabrics, feminine fashion.
Bogner, Willy Jnr
1942 🇩🇪 Germany Bogner. Son of Willy Bogner Senior, both famous German alpine skiers, Bogner sportswear collections since: 1932 sporty and chic ski, tennis, beachwear, as well as leather.
Boss, Hugo 1885-1948 🇩🇪 Germany Hugo Boss. Shirts, underwear, work clothes, uniforms from: 1924 characterized by head designer Baldessarini (see above) since 1975.
Burberry, Thomas 1835-1926 🇬🇧 UK Burberry. Weatherproof, breathable trench coat: 1880 Plaid, British-style, stylish, exclusive, reserved.
Burton, Sarah 1974 🇬🇧 UK Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton is creative director for Alexander McQueen and designed their women’s collection. Wedding dress for Kate Middleton (2011) 2000 combines traditional fabrics and lace with modern designs.
Cardin, Pierre 1922-2020 🇮🇹 Italy, 🇫🇷 France Pierre Cardin Bubble dress (1954), combined mini and maxi skirts and hemlines with pom-poms (1960s), mod chic (1970s). 1950s space age avant garde and unisex designs, geometric shapes.
Chanel, Coco 1883-1971 🇫🇷 France Chanel No. 5. The little black dress (1926), twin set, Chanel No. 5: 1921 timelessly elegant, casual, functional, black and white.
Cerruti, Nino 1930 🇮🇹 Italy Cerruti, Hitman. Knitwear (1963). Hitman men’s collection: 1957 classic, timeless elegance in quality fabrics.
de la Renta, Oscar 1932-2014 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic Oscar de la Renta. Designed for USA first ladies and celebrities. In 2014 he designed Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress to marry George Clooney. 1960s extravagant dresses, elegant everyday clothes.
Dior, Christian 1905-1957 🇫🇷 France Tulip, A-line collection. New Look collection (1947), Tulip and A-line collection: 1950s elegant dresses and skirts, feminine, narrow waists.
Dongre, Anita 1963 🇮🇳 India House of Anita Dongre, AND, Global Desi, Grassroot. One of India’s most famous fashion designers. Sustainable Grassroot label. AND brand awarded Best Women’s Western wear brand. 2007 wear-ability, comfort and inclusiveness, Indian influence and. craftsmanship, cruelty free, no leather or cashmere.
Ford, Tom 1961 🇺🇸 USA Gucci. Head designer of Gucci, hipster from the… 1990s mainly fashionable and high quality men’s collections.
Galliano, John 1960 🇬🇮 Gibraltar Dior, Princess Lucretia. Dior’s chief designer, Princess Lucretia collection: 1993 extravagant, opulent, ostentatious.
Garavani, Valentino 1932 🇮🇹 Italy Valentino. Custom tailoring for celebrities, cocktail dresses: 1950s elegant, extravagant designs in red, white, black.
Gaultier, Jean Paul 1952 🇫🇷 France Prêt-a-porter. Collection in Paris, haute couture and prêt-a-porter. . One of France’s most famous fashion designers since the… 1970s markedly provocative, considered an “enfant terrible”.
Gucci, Guccio 1881-1953 🇮🇹 Italy Gucci. Riding fashion in leather (1922), Jewelry and Design since: 1938 exotic luxury in leather, hemp, linen and bamboo.
Hilfiger, Tommy 1951 🇺🇸 USA Tommy Hilfiger. Purchased, redesigned, then resold jeans and bell bottoms since: 1970s sporty casual in US colors blue, white and red.
Jacquard, Joseph, Marie 1752-1834 🇫🇷 France Inventor of the mechanical Jacquard loom in: 1805 First weaving and textile designs, sample collections.
Joop, Wolfgang 1944 🇩🇪 Germany JOOP! Fur collection and JOOP! Ladies collection (1982) since: 1978 Lifestyle design for fashion, jewelry, eyewear, perfume.
Karan, Donna 1948 🇺🇸 USA Anne Klein. Designer at Anne Klein, first women’s clothing collection: 1985 modern, urban designs for women.
Klein, Calvin 1942 🇺🇸 USA Calvin Klein. Men ‘s underwear, Calvin’s jeans, “Obsession” since: 1968 simple, minimalist, monochrome-subtle, flowing satin.
Lacoste, René 1904-1996 🇫🇷 France Lacoste, Le crocodile. Former French professional tennis player, “Le crocodile”, white polo shirt: 1929 only white till the 50s, later colored with a green crocodile. One of the most famous fashion designers.
Lacroix, Christian 1951 🇫🇷 France Christian Lacroix. Ready-to-wear collection including “le pouf” skirts: 1980s combination of old and new, large patterns, colorful & flowery.
Lagerfeld, Karl 1933-2019 🇩🇪 Germany Chanel, Chloé, Fendi. Creative director at Chanel, Fendi and Chloé, best known for wool overcoat since: 1955 exclusive, but also some young, reasonably priced lines.
Lang, Helmut 1956 🇦🇹 Austria Women’s collection with minimalist hi-tech fabrics since: 1986 sober, purist, nylon + rubber, black & white.
Lauren, Ralph 1939 🇺🇸 USA Ralph Lauren, Marco Polo. Ties (1967) and Marco Polo collection: 1970 sporty elegance, “college look” in sumptuous fabrics.
Louboutin, Christian 1964 🇫🇷 France Christian Louboutin. Christian Louboutin is famous for high heeled shoes with signature shiny red soles: 1993 fancy shoe and bag designs.
McQueen, Alexander 1969-2010 🇬🇧 UK Givenchy. Alexander McQueen was Creative director at Givenchy, notable for Jack-the-Ripper collection: 1992 provocative and extravagant, with latex, piercing and beads.
Missoni, Ottavio “Tai”
1921-2013 Italy/ Croatia Missoni. Zigzag patterns, knitwear in bright colors, Italian ready-to-wear fashion. 1950s seductive, sporty knit creations.
Miyake, Issey 1938 🇯🇵 Japan Issey Miyake, Givenchy, Laroche. Designer for Laroche and Givenchy women’s collections since: 1971 technoid, colorful silk fabrics and lightweight polyester.
Mukherjee, Sabyasachi
1974 🇮🇳 India SabyaSachi. SabyaSachi Couture offers “International styling with an Indian soul”, bridal wear: 2000s fusion of styles, unusual fabrics and textures, vibrant patchwork embellishments.
Prada, Miuccia 1949 🇮🇹 Italy Prada. Luxury leather goods, Prada handbag collections since: 1985 simple, minimalist, innovative, latex, satin, plastic.
Saint Laurent, Yves
1936-2008 🇫🇷 France YSL, Yves Saint Laurent. Pantsuit / trouser suit for women, the so-called Le Smoking, cocktail dresses, sheer tops: 1966 at first black, later also colorful, transparent fabrics, jerseys.
Quant, Mary
1934 🇬🇧 UK Mary Quant. Patterned and colored tights, PVC wet collection and most famous for the mini skirt: 1962 simple forms with revolutionary materials such as PVC. One of the famous fashion designers that emerged in the sixties.
Sander, Jil 1943 🇩🇪 Germany Jil Sander. Cosmetics line, most famous for Onion or layered-look: 1976 timelessly elegant, minimalist.
Savini, Gaetano 1909-1987 🇮🇹 Italy Brioni. Haute Couture for men’s suits, co-founder of “Brioni” suits with Nazareno Fonticoli since: 1945 simple, extravagant elegance, modern and casual.
Smith, Sir Paul 1946 🇬🇧 UK Paul Smith. Men’s Suits, ties, accessories. One of Britain’s most famous fashion designers since the: 1970s classic elegance, colorful, witty details.
Strehle Gabriele 1951 🇩🇪 Germany Prêt-à-porter, Strenesse. Prêt-à-porter label “Strenesse”: 1995 straightforward, unfussy, understated patterns, black + grey.
Takada Kenzo 1940 🇯🇵 Japan Kenzo, Jungle Japonaise. Jungle Japonaise label since: 1970 colorful, cheerful, unconventional pattern combinations.
Versace, Donatella 1955 🇮🇹 Italy Versace, Prêt-à-Porter. Sister of Gianni, Prêt-à-Porter collection: 1997 glamorous, glitzy, sexy.
Versace, Gianni 1946-1997 🇮🇹 Italy Versace, Complice. “Complice” leather collection ladies line since: 1970s sexy, skin-tight, short skirts, flashy colors and patterns.
Vuitton, Louis 1821-1892 🇫🇷 France Louis Vuitton. Suitcases, bags and luggage from: 1854 innovative, practical design in high quality.
Westwood, Vivienne 1941 🇬🇧 UK Vivienne Westwood, Pirates Collection. Queen of Punk, “Pirates Collection”: 1981 shrill, radical, vinyl & leather, often plaid.
Yamamoto Yohji 1943 🇯🇵 Japan Y’s. Fashion label “Y’s”, women’s collection Y’s since: 1972 timeless, elegant, futuristic, androgynous, black and white.

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