signs of the zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac – Astrological Signs – Astrology

The signs of the zodiac and astrological readings have played an important role in history and in many peoples lives today. Some people dismiss astrology as nonsense while others enjoy reading what future the stars hold for them. However you feel about astrology we all know our star sign don’t we? If you don’t the dates are in our signs of the zodiac list along with your personality traits, element and birthstones.

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Signs of the ZodiacFromToSignElementStrengthsWeaknessesBirthstones
Aries21 March20 Aprilaries zodiac signFireOften dynamic, spontaneous, courageous, honest, open, powerful, helpful, tolerant and spirited.Argumentative, aggressive, self-centered, short-tempered, impatient, unreasonable and bullheaded.Aquamarine, Diamond
Taurus21 April21 Maytaurus zodiac signEarthTypically steady, persistent, relaxed, patient, honest, hardworking, natural, diplomatic and practical people.Jealous, defiant, stubborn, hot-tempered, unstable, opinionated, conservative and phlegmatic.Diamond, Emerald
Gemini22 May21 Junegemini zodiac signAirCurious, flexible, versatile, active, sociable, quick learner and adaptable.Ambivalent, impatient, superficial, hasty, torn, changeable and sometimes spiteful.Emerald, Pearl
Cancer22 June22 Julycancer zodiac signWaterSensitive, thoughtful, loyal, family-oriented, helpful, caring, creative, domesticated and imaginative.Tendencies towards melancholia, self-doubt, anxiety, introversion, moodiness and a secretive nature.Pearl, Ruby
Leo23 July23 Augustleo zodiac signFireGenerous, fair, helpful, freedom-loving, optimistic, active, determined and passionate.Wasteful, boastful, proud, extreme, domineering and self-centered.Ruby, Peridot
Virgo24 August23 Septembervirgo zodiac signEarthDutiful, patient, reliable, realistic, determined, orderly, efficient, and domestic.Serious, down to Earth, petty, skeptical, jealous, miserly and often perfectionist.Peridot, Sapphire
Libra24 September23 Octoberlibra zodiac signAirDiplomatic, friendly, balanced, neutral, adaptable, caring, orderly and loyal.Can be fickle, depressive, possessive, dominant, self-righteous and moody.Sapphire, Opal
Scorpio24 October22 Novemberscorpio zodiac signWaterPersistent, passionate, determined, intuitive, critical, decisive, versatile and profound.Can be jealous, short-tempered, possessive, moody, contradictory, cool and authoritarian.Opal, Topaz
Sagittarius23 November21 Decembersagittarius zodiac signFireLoyal, frank, honest, steadfast, curious, domestic, familiar, committed, optimistic and active.Sometimes moody, ambivalent, strong-willed, stubborn, hypocritical with a tendency to overestimate their abilities!Topaz, Turquoise
Capricorn22 December20 Januarycapricorn zodiac signEarthSelf-confident, ambitious, controlled, educated, exudes security, reliable and persevering.Can be unduly strict, know-it-all, resentful, thrifty (often stingy), thirsty for glory, cool and closed personality.Turquoise, Garnet
Aquarius21 January20 Februaryaquarius zodiac signAirAquarian traits are typically honest, selfless, freedom-loving, active, creative, versatile, imaginative, intuitive and open.Can be vindictive, vain, critical, do-gooder, eccentric, loud, hectic and provocative.Garnet, Amethyst
Pisces21 February20 Marchpisces zodiac signWaterSensitive, patient, gentle, tolerant, romantic, idealistic, modest, social and attached to home.Can be vindictive, chaotic, complicated, unpredictable, jealous, submissive and timid.Amethyst, Aquamarine

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