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Weight loss diets are much easier to find than to evaluate! This slimmed down list of weight loss diets was compiled from research into hundreds of diets including fad diets and crash diets including one which suggested eating a handful of walnuts or snails each day. Instead ADDucation’s list focuses on diets which, at least, appear to be backed up by research with people actively following the diet. Please share your personal experiences and diet tips and suggestions in the comments area.

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Important: ADDucation does not endorse any of these weight loss diets and this diet list does NOT constitute medical advice and is published for information only. Before starting any diet it is important to seek professional medical advice. ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort weight loss diets. Reload page for original sort order. Resize your browser to full screen and/or zoom out to display as many columns as possible. Click the ➕ icon to reveal any hidden columns. Start typing in the Filter table box to find anything inside the table.

Weight Loss Diets Inventor / Origin Year Description ⚖️Effectiveness,
Risks, Benefits
5:2 Diet Un-determined 2012 The 5:2 diet (and 4:3) weight loss diets are both restricted calorie and intermittent fasting diets and both forms of Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) or intermittent fasting which have been around for a long time. The 5:2 diet was popularized by Dr Michael Mosley BBC documentary titled Eat, Fast and Live Longer and led to the Fast Diet (see below). In this context “fasting” means restricting your calorie intake to 5-600 kcals. Intermittent fasting weight loss diets are easy to follow because you can eat normally for 5 days and fast (eating between 500-600 calories) twice a week. There isn’t sufficient statistical evidence yet on the long term side effects, but bad breath, tiredness and bad moods have been reported. Pregnant women and anyone with eating disorders in the past are advised not to try it. Reductions in some bio-markers indicates reduced risk of developing some chronic diseases including obesity-related cancers seems to have been confirmed. Read the Fast Diet for more information.
Alkaline Diet / Acid Ash / Acide Alkaline Diet
Claude Bernard, biologist (who didn’t invent it as such but studied it at length) 1850 approx Followers of the alkaline diet tend to eat mostly fruit and vegetables. The alkaline diet claims our body produces too much acid because of modern foods. This turns into fat and causes liver and kidney problems, arthritis and osteoporosis as well as increased weight. So reduce intake of meat, sugar, dairy, coffee and grains and eat more alkaline foods like fruit and veg. Some mix this with limited amounts of protein and grains. Famous reported alkaliners are Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston. You should lose weight purely due to eating the recommended healthy foods alone. Avoiding refined sugar, and alcohol helps, too. There is no clear evidence that the body is incapable of regulating its acidity levels without assistance (other than constant splurging). Practitioners may need other sources of calcium. Cutting out food groups is not generally recommended in weight loss diets.
Alternate Day (or Inter-mittent) Fasting (ADF/IF) Dr James Johnson 2008 You eat whatever you want one day and a restricted diet (<600 calories) the next. A popular book based on the program was written by
plastic surgeon Dr James Johnson entitle The Alternate-Day Diet. He claims to have lost 3 pounds a week on the diet.
The best thing about fasting weight loss diets is that you can lead a normal life on non-fasting days. Intermittent fasting may improve your general health and longevity, burn off fats, reduce blood pressure, lower lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), alleviate asthma and other benefits. It’s claimed that intermittent fasting doesn’t cause the body to go into starvation modus (slowing down your metabolism to store calories for better times). You may feel hungry on fasting days and very low calorie intakes are not suitable anyone with diabetes and other conditions. If you binge on non-fasting days, especially on junk food, any weight loss will be lower so stock up on healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, cereals etc. for nutrients and fiber on off days.
Atkins Diet / New Atkins Diet
Dr. Robert Atkins, an American cardiologist 1972 The Atkins diet is a low-carb, high-protein diet in four phases.
The first high weight-loss phase allows unlimited fat and some vegetables. The slower weight-loss phases 2-4 introduce more carbs, fruit and vegetables. Combined with vitamin/mineral supplements and exercise. The aim is to stabilize insulin levels so the body stores less fat for energy and finds the “correct” level of carb-intake. The Atkins diet is one of the popular weight loss diets with people who love red meat and dairy products but also contradicts current health advice.
Quick weight loss. Seems to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Risks are bad breath, nausea, constipation from too little fiber, heart disease. Poor nutritional balance. Few people stick with this diet over the long term. One of the weight loss diets which has been around for decades and also contradicts general medical advice.
Beverly Hills Diet Judy Mazel, author 1981 Mazel failed to lose weight with other diets so developed her own regime with a nutritionist and shrunk from 180 pounds (82 kg) to 108 pounds (49 kg). She then wrote a best-seller and opened a weight loss diets clinic in Los Angeles with various celebrity clients. It consists of a 6-week program beginning with 10 days of nothing but fruit then other foods are introduced over the 6-week period. It is based on the supposed enzyme actions of foods in digestion and dictates when to eat various food combinations. The Journal of the American Medical Association said this weight loss diet could result in physical harm to those following the regimen. In the worst case, water loss from diarrhea could produce fever, muscle weakness, and a rapid pulse, and that blood pressure could drop low enough to cause death.
Blood Type Diet Peter d’Adamo 1996 In his book Eat Right for Your Type, D’Adamo prescribes eating foods that are compatible with your blood type. Depending on your group you should eat more or fewer proteins, carbs, vegetables etc. to influence which lectins you ingest and, subsequently, your weight loss and health based on your genetic makeup. There is little concrete evidence of this weight loss diet being effective so far. d’Adamo claims he is near the end of a study showing the beneficial effects of the diet against cancer. In one study, people with certain blood types benefited from eating less fat but this couldn’t be linked to the diet itself. Canadian researchers who studied over 1000 adults found the blood type diet theories to be false.
Cabbage Soup Diet Un-determined ? Eat nothing but low-calorie cabbage soup. Considered one of the sillier weight loss diets and quite possibly dangerous to health. See Vegetarian Diet for possible side effects of vegetarian weight loss diets.
Calorie Restriction Diet
CD Diet
Dr Roy Walford M.D. 1986 The CR diet recommends strict calorie reduction (commonly 1800 calories / day) and optimum nutrition (CRON). It is also known as the longevity diet because its supporters claim it can increase life span. Walford wrote the book The 120-Year Diet claiming …the CRON-diet will retard your rate of ageing, extend lifespan (up to perhaps 150 to 160 years) … and markedly decrease susceptibility to most major diseases. Its adherents are known as Cronies. Studies suggest the diet may help prevent typical “civilization diseases” and extend maximum lifespan and not just average lifespan. Care must be taken to consume sufficient vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Can to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Less positive is that many most people feel perpetually hungry and/or cold. Risk of muscle loss and reduced bone mineral density.
Cambridge Diet Dr Alan Howard 1970 Launched at Cambridge University which gave it the name, Dr Howard developed 300 kcal per day nutritionally balanced meal replacements to be eaten three times a day. Today many commercial groups in the USA and worldwide retail formulas which typically contain between 440-1500 kcal/day depending on weight loss goals and concepts. Cambridge dieters are supported by Cambridge advisers. The original Camridge diet of 300 kcal per day was described as a semi-starvation weight loss diet. Modern variants suggest at least 600 kcals per day. Dieters tend to be enthusiastic because they lose weight quickly. The formulas contain all the vitamins and minerals the body need. Side effects can be bad breath, constipation and nausea. It is not suggested as a long-term solution and should only be undertaken with medical supervision and for no longer than 12 continuous weeks. The Cambridge diet is one of the weight loss diets which has been around for nearly half a century.
Dukan Diet Pierre Dukan, doctor 2000 The Dukan diet is a high protein, low-carb,  weight loss diet. You can eat what you want during four phases so long as you follow the plan. Became popular after publication of The Dukan Diet book. Phase one restricts followers to ONLY lean protein along with regular exercise, then over the next 3 phases fruit, vegetables and carbs are successively introduced. Kate Middleton reportedly followed this diet plan. Weight loss is quick at the start. There’s no need to count calories. Side effects can include bad breath, nausea and insomnia followed by constipation in phase 1. Generally considered to be unhealthy because of nutritional imbalance. Lacks of variety in phase 1 often leads people to give up this weight loss diet quickly.
Fast Diet Dr. Michael Mosley 2012 Eat normally for 5 days but only 5-600 calories (f/m) for 2 (non-consecutive) days. The diet became highly popular after a BBC documentary starring Dr Mosley in 2012 who then published the book The Fast Diet. When “fasting” you can eat protein foods, low-fat yogurt etc. and green tea or black coffee. Diagnosed as diabetic, he tried fasting, eating more greens, and exercising instead of taking medicaments. He lost 12 kg and his blood sugar returned to normal. He claims fasting gives the body a chance to repair itself. Intermittent fasting weight loss diets seem to work but require dedication to stick with. Potential side-effects are dehydration, irritability and tiredness. Suitable for those who find it easier to diet for 2 rather than 7 days. Unsuitable for pregnant women and people taking certain medications, children and teens. Claims to reduce the risk of Alzheimer‘s among other ailments have not yet been proven. Not everyone can safely fast. One of the most recent weight loss diets.
Fasting ? ? It isn’t possible to say when fasting began because man has been doing it willingly or unwillingly since the beginning of his existence. Early philosophers including Paracelsus praised it for health and healing reasons. Most religions also practice it for various reasons.
Absolute fasting refers to complete abstinence from food and liquids.
Fasting is today most common for quick weight loss reason and ridding the body of toxins.
“Normal” fasting is said to have benefits and risks. It may improve diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, reduce cholesterol levels and even slow aging processes. Fasting can certainly help you lose weight. Problems mostly occur if you fast for too long. Potential risks can include cardiac arrhythmia, thinning hair and death by starvation if you stop eating altogether.
Fit for Life Diet Marilyn Diamond and Harvey Diamond 1985 The central idea in the Fit for Life diet is that it is more important how and when you eat rather than what you eat. There are bad combinations such as carbs and proteins (meat and potatoes), and good (carb and veg or protein and veg). Fruit should always be eaten alone and dairy is forbidden in any form. All meals should be consumed without drinking water. Ideally, eat only fruit after rising until midday. The makers claim an 86% success rate. The promotion of raw fruit and vegetables is welcome in weight loss diets. This diet doesn’t require any special foods, apart from enticing dieters to buy Fit for Life enzyme supplements. The positive claims made are not backed up by research and are controversial. Details regarding meal plans and food lists are only available after enrolling for the expensive program. Possible risks are vitamin, mineral and – on account of the dairy ban – calcium deficiencies.
Fruitarian Vegetarian Diet ? ? Not one of the most popular weight loss diets. Fruitarians only eat foods that can be harvested without killing the plant itself such as nuts, fruits and seeds. This includes vegetable-like fruits like tomatoes and cucumbers. Steve Jobs was the most famous fruitarian. Ashton Kutcher tried the diet to prepare for his role portraying Steve Jobs and ended up in hospital with pancreas problems. Lack of salt can cause severe problems and vitamin and mineral deficiencies (especially vitamin B12) are also likely. Osteoporosis may follow. Rapid weight loss is, however, highly likely. See Vegetarian Diet for possible side effects of vegetarian weight loss diets.
Grapefruit Diet Un-determined 1930s Low-carb diet based on the belief that grapefruits contain an enzyme which burns off fat when consumed after high fat or protein foods like meat or egg. Most fruit, vegetables and cereals are avoided. Eating more fruit is generally considered good. But grapefruit can reduce the efficiency of some medicines. Some variations of the diet recommend too few calories and exclude carbohydrates which is potentially hazardous.
Hollywood Diet Jamie Kabler 1997 The Hollywood Diet aims to remove toxins from the body and help lose a lot of weight quickly (48 hours). The cleansing is done with a formula containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants among others and lots of liquid. Weight loss is said to be rapid but often temporary. The formulas are pricey and dieters may suffer from dizziness and cramps.
Israeli Army Diet Un-determined 1970s Over 8 days: 2 days of apples, 2 days of cheese, 2 days of chicken, and 2 days of salad. Considered a fad diet and quite possibly dangerous to health. The Israeli Army doesn’t use this diet. One of the weight loss diets we definitely do not recommend.
Jenny Craig Diet Jenny Craig 1983 Craig founded a company in 1983 with her husband in Australia which expanded throughout the world to include over 700 weight management centers. The plan consists of personal support, meal deliveries and exercise plans. Your needs are assessed by a diet adviser and you then receive a plan and single-sized meals and snacks to suit. Target weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. The programs have been endorsed by Monica Lewinsky, Kirstie Alley and Mariah Carey. Fairly easy to follow as individually adapted meals and snacks are delivered. Fruit, vegetables and dairy need to be purchased additionally. The solution includes all food-groups, meals are low in sodium, cholesterol, sugar and saturated fats and follow USDA recommendations. As such, it is relatively low risk so long as you like the meals you are sent. Meat free versions are also available.
Ketogenic diet Dr Russell
1924 Developed at the Mayo Clinic to treat epilepsy. Similar to Atkins diet but stricter. Now in the news as a possible way to slow tumor growth. The goal is to remove glucose as the fuel for cancer from the diet by replacing carbs with lots of fats and less protein or carbs (4:1). The diet seems to promote natural weight reduction in obese people. It also reduces triglycerides, “bad” cholesterol and glucose while promoting “good” cholesterol. Temporary side effects mainly from cutting carbs may include headaches, bad breath, fatigue among other. It is also complicated and work-intensive. The long-term health benefits or risks are not yet clear as most studies so far have been for under a year.
Lacto vegetarian Diet ? ? Lacto vegetarians eat dairy products but avoid eggs and fish. About 70% of lacto-vegetarians are in India. Weight loss and healthier heart likely. There’s an increased risk of higher cholesterol depending on the number of eggs consumed. See Vegetarian Diet for possible side effects of vegetarian weight loss diets.
Lacto-ovo-vegetarian Diet ? ? Lacto-ovo-vegetarians avoid any animal flesh but eat eggs and dairy products in addition to vegetarian food. This is the most common form of vegetarianism. Generally considered healthy enough if the right foods are consumed to supplement levels of B12, protein, zinc, calcium and iron. Weight loss is said to be slower but effective over the long-term. Also apparently good for reducing levels of “bad” cholesterol and risk of heart disease. See Vegetarian Diet for possible side effects of vegetarian weight loss diets.
LighterLife Diet Bar Hewlett, Sally Rettig and Jacqueline Sandra Ann Cox. 1996 The diet provides very low-calorie meal replacements (570 – 1200 kcals per day) for clinically obese people with a high BMI (>30) or a lighter version including one proscribed meal daily for BMIs of 25-30. Counseling is also provided. The plan, which is low on carbs and fiber, lasts as long as required. One famous fan is actress, Pauline Quirke. Highly rapid weight loss can result hence medical advice is very sensible beforehand. Intended to help dieters change bad habits for ever. Expensive but fairly simple as the formulas replace all or most meals. Can cause bad breath, dizziness, nausea and constipation. There are even some reports of hair loss. Not easy to adhere to over a longer period, but the recommended upper limit for very low calorie diets is 12 weeks maximum anyway.
Mayo Clinic Diet often (incorrectly) called The Mayo Diet Mayo
Clinic, Minnesota
2010 Various fad diets have hijacked the name in the past, but the actual diet created (and published in 2010) by the Mayo Clinic promises to help you shed 10 pounds in 2 weeks. It is divided into 2 phases – Lose It! and Live It! and recommends adopting 5 healthy lifestyle habits, dropping 5 unhealthy ones and exercising 30 minutes daily. The Live It! phase refers to making long-term lifestyle changes such as correct-sized portions, lower alcohol intake and maintaining exercise and the new healthy habits. Considered relatively healthy and safe due to high proportion of fruit and vegetables, low fat content and exercise. Considered effective for longer-term weight loss. The diet is fairly relaxed permitting “sins” foods like pizza and alcohol in small portions. One of the weight loss diets that is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Medi-terranean Diet Dr Ancel Keys, American Scientist 1950s Eat as in southern Europe (esp. Crete and Greece). Lots of plant foods, fruit, seeds, beans, cereals, nuts and olive oil. For dairy eat cheese and yogurt, some fish and poultry. Eat few eggs and little red meat, some red wine and little saturated fat. Experts are puzzled because, although the diet is high in fat, there is a lower incidence of heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes in Mediterranean countries. The high-fiber, low in saturated fats diet with red wine which contains antioxidants is said to be good for many things: decreased stroke susceptibility in SOME people, your heart, avoiding type 2 diabetes, the brain and the bones. One of the oldest weight loss diets around.
Ovo-vegetarian Diet ? ? Vegetarian diet. Ovo-vegetarians avoid dairy but eat eggs and honey. See Vegetarian Diet for possible side effects of vegetarian weight loss diets.
Paleo Diet / Caveman Diet
Walter L. Voegtlin, gastroen-terologist 1975 The Paleo diet (from paleolithic) is also known as the “caveman diet” based on foods that can be hunted and gathered (like cavemen and women). Basically anything you could hunt or catch (meat, fish) or gather (fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts etc.) are OK but “modern” foods are forbidden including cultivated cereal grains, dairy, potatoes and all processed foods on the grounds that these cause diseases of affluence. With these restrictions “Paleos” tend to eat a low-carb, high-protein diet. You tend to lose weight by avoiding high-calorie foods. Calories aren’t counted so it is quite easy to follow. There is no clear scientific evidence Paleo is good for you, and large quantities of meat are generally considered bad for health and the heart. Excluding some food groups always increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies.
Pesco-vegetarian Diet ? ? Vegetarian diet except pesco-vegetarians avoid animal flesh and dairy but eat fish. See Vegetarian Diet for possible side effects of vegetarian weight loss diets.
Raw Foodism Diet Maximilian Bircher-Benner, medical doctor
Leslie Kenton, author
Bircher-Benner invented muesli and opened a Vital Force sanatorium in Zurich based on living according to nature’s logic. Leslie Kenton made the ideas popular in her book Eat Your Way to Radiant Health. The Raw Food diet, as the name suggests, involves eating only non-cooked or processed foods and drinks, all plant-based and organic if possible. Some foods may be heated with a dehydrator but never hotter than 47°C (116° F) as this is said to destroy essential enzymes. Fans say the diet enhances weight loss and staves off disease. Followers have more energy, better digestion and skin, and rarely heart problems. Some experts say plant-based diets are good against type 2 diabetes and cancer. Eat buckwheat and raw eggs with caution. Irritable bowel syndrome is also a risk.
Raw veganism
Living food vegetarian
? ? Raw veganism is a combination of veganism and raw foodism. Living food diet vegetarians only eat uncooked fruits and vegetables. They believe heating food above 40° C (104° F) reduces nutrients and makes food toxic. Practitioners believe it prevents and reverses diseases and fills you with chi or prana (life force). Food is often juiced and blended. Famous raw vegans include Venus Williams, Uma Thurman, Demi Moore and Sting. Generally not recommended by doctors (even vegan doctors). Positive effects can be lower risk of breast cancer, slightly better cholesterol values, reduced obesity and hypertension. Risks are deficiency of vitamin B12 and D, selenium, iron and zinc among others. A glut of high-fat nuts and bananas can be unhealthy. Teeth problems can occur with so much fruit acid. Weight loss is assured but not worth the risks and not recommended!
Rosemary Conley Diet Rosemary Conley, business woman and author 1988 Low-fat (max 5%), low-carb diet plus exercise with recommended recipes or calorie-controlled meals and snacks. Exceptions are porridge, oily fish and lean meat. Weekly support meetings include exercise classes and education. Portion control is emphasized. This was one of the most popular weight loss diets until the company went into administration in February 2014. Eating fewer calories and less fat coupled with exercise is recommended practice for a healthy diet. Portion control using pots provided is complicated and unreasonable out of the home. All in all, the approach is balanced and education should enable dieters to keep off any weight lost.
Scarsdale Diet Dr. Herman Tarnower, medical doctor 1970s Named after the NY town where Tarnower had his medical practice, the highly structured and high protein diet which combines half a grapefruit daily at breakfast to burn off fat and a detailed guide for food and drinks to be consumed over 14 days. This is followed by a less rigid second 14 day period. Fast weight loss mostly results but this is said to be largely water and the weight often returns when the diet is over. The high protein intake is generally not recommended and the daily allowance of calories (700 to 1000) is considered too low for continuous use beyond 12 weeks.
Semi-vegetarian ? ? Semi-vegetarians only occasionally eat meat products. Serious vegetarians and vegans reject the term semi-vegetarian and say you either are or you aren’t. It generally can’t harm to reduce intake of meat and saturated fat and this may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. See Vegetarian Diet for other possible effects.
Slim-Fast Diet Originally a product of Thompson Medical Company, now Unilever. 1977 The Slim-Fast diet consists of shakes, packaged meals and other diet supplements intended as low-calorie meal replacements for people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than 25. It recommends a mix of the supplements and one daily meal from a list of recipes provided. Over time you eat more meals and just one meal replacement daily. You can then eat anything (in the right portions) though the emphasis is on fruit, veg, and lean protein. Weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week achievable. Easy to do with the help of fixed calorie meals or supplements. No food groups are banned which is positive. Not everyone likes the taste of Slim-Fast weight loss diets products which makes discipline harder. No known serious risks are associated with the plan.
Slimming World Diet Margaret Miles-Bramwell, chairman of the organi-zation 1969 Slimming World’s weight loss plan recommends eating as many filling low-fat foods from a list of “Free Foods” including lean meat, fish, eggs, veg, fruit, pasta and potatoes as you like. To participate you need to join a Slimming World club. No foods are banned and calories aren’t counted. You should lose 1-2 pounds a week if you follow the plan. All food groups are permitted and exercise is encouraged. Alcohol and snacks are permitted in small quantities. Meeting like-minded dieters helps motivation. Meals are mostly balanced. Suitable for risk-free progressive weight loss. Different plans make it also suitable for vegetarian and vegans. One of the most popular weight loss diets in the UK.
South Beach Diet Dr. Agatston, cardiologist & Marie Almon, nutritionist 1990s The South Beach diet is a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet named by Dr Agatston after the nearby glamorous Miami beach. He devised the diet for patients with a high risk of heart disease but it became popular as a weight loss method. It focuses on controlling insulin levels and recommends unrefined carbs, whole grains, some fruits and vegetables, the “right” fats, and lean protein in favor of fast energy-releasing carbs. Dieters go through 3 different phases (phase 1 being a strict regimen mostly without sugar, breads, pasta, fruit or starchy vegetables) and an exercise plan. Calories aren’t counted. The South Beach diet creators encourage reaching an ideal body weight over the long term. Diabetes becomes less likely, cholesterol levels normalize and better health results. Phase 1 can cause vitamin, minerals and fiber deficiencies as well as bad breath and constipation. After phase one it’s a healthy diet recommending healthy eating across all food groups with lots of fruit, vegetables and unrefined carbs.
Vegan Diet ? ? Vegans consume no animal protein at all. In addition, they avoid products which use animals like leather, wool, down and products which have been tested on animals. Famous vegans include Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Degeneres and Pink. Even hamburger fan Bill Clinton converted in 2010 after poor health (though he is reported to very occasionally “cheat” and eat eggs or fish). Primarily a lifestyle choice rather than a weight loss diet. Vegans mostly eat less and have a lower BMI than meat eaters. Fruit and veg in large quantities is fairly healthy as well. It’s also considered good for the heart having little saturated fat or salt, and should help against high cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also prevent or control diabetes. The same warnings and restrictions regarding vitamin deficiencies etc. apply as in other vegetarian diets.
Vegetarian Diet The first known vegetarians were in India and Greece in the 6th century B.C. Roman Christianity put an end to it in Europe until the 19th century. There are many varieties of vegetarianism. This list of weight loss diets includes lacto, fruitarian, lacto-ovo, living food, ovo-vegetarian, pesco and semi-vegetarians). Most vegetarians fall into the lacto-ovo-vegetarian category which avoid animal-based foods apart from eggs and dairy.

Famous vegetarians and vegans include Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Voltaire and Adolf Hitler. In modern times celebrities including Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Redford and Anne Hathaway.

India, UK, Thailand, Turkey and Israel have the highest proportion of  vegetarians.

Vegetarians generally weigh less, suffer from fewer diseases and live longer than meat-eaters. Vegetarians need to eat a wide variety of foods in order to ensure they get the necessary nutrition. There is a higher risk of vitamin B12 deficiency which is harder to get from plants. Vegetarians are also at greater risk of developing colon cancer and should be especially careful when considering any weight loss diets.
Water-melon Diet ? ? A watermelon-only diet for 5 days to one week. Proponents say watermelons are rich in fiber and 97% water so they are perfect for losing weight and good for diabetic patients. They also claim it rids the body of excessive toxins and other impurities. Considered a fad diet and quite possibly dangerous to health. One of the weight loss diets we definitely do not recommend.
Weight Watchers Diet Jean Nidetch, New York, born 1923. 1963 The diet’s inventor, Jean Nidetch, lost 20 lbs (9 kilos) in a diet but worried she would return to bad habits. To avoid doing so, she founded a support group with friends at weekly classes. The focus is on weight loss through diet, exercise, and the network of supporters. Foods are assigned points and you have to stay within a daily points ration. High-fiber, low-fat food scores lower points and vice versa. They also aim for a BMI (body mass index) of between 20 and 25. The Lancet reported that referred patients lose twice as much weight as others on standard diets over the course of a year. They also had a lower diabetes risk. All food groups are permitted so if you stick to your allotted points you can eat and drink what you want. The diet can be time-consuming figuring out how many points various foodstuffs have and some dieters feel pressured to buy Weight Watchers products. One of the oldest and most popular weight loss diets which has been around since the sixties.
Zone Diet Dr. Barry Spears 1995 The Zone diet began with Spears’ quest to avoid a heart attack from which other men in his family had suffered. He took evolution as the basis for a healthy diet and limited foods which didn’t exist in our evolution (pasta, bread etc.). Instead you should eat unrefined carbs and fats (olive oil, nuts), fruit and hi-fiber vegetables. The goal is to control insulin levels and avoid storing food as fat. Calories aren’t counted. Also known as the 40-30-30 plan (40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat). Pros include the low-fat content and high intake of fruits and vegetables. The cons are it’s complicated and hard to stay on, possible lack of some vitamins, and the cost. Because of the high protein it could cause heart problems. Its weight loss effectiveness is also unproven.

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