Windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts List – Keyboard Shortcut Combinations

One of the most useful Windows keyboard shortcuts is [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ESC]. This opens the Windows Task Manager where you can end any program and see the performance of your computer in real time. ADDucation’s list of *Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts includes all the really useful PC keyboard combinations. They will save you time and increase your productivity in everyday use. Most people can use the Clipboard cut and paste keyboard shortcut. ADDucation’s Windows shortcuts cheatsheet take you to the next level. It includes all the useful Windows keyboard shortcuts. We’ve highlighted our favorites in bold in the second column.

How to Use Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Hold down the key in the first column
  • Press the key(s) in the second column

ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort windows keyboard shortcuts. Click the + icon to expand columns on tablets and mobiles. Resize browser to see more/less columns. Start typing in Filter table to find Windows shortcuts quickly.

Main Key+ Combination Key(s)What this Windows keyboard shortcuts doesCategoryMemory Aid
ALTShows menu commands and which letters activate them in many programs.Windows feature.
ALTBACKSPACEUndo an action.Windows feature.Go BACK
ALTF4Exit active program.Windows feature.
ALTTABCycle through programs by holding ALT and pressing TAB to cycle through open tasks. Release to select application currently displayed.Navigation.
ALTany UNDERLINED LETTERPerform the command (or select the option) that goes with that letter.Dialog Boxes.
CTRLASelect all items in documents or many other windows.Windows feature.A for ALL
CTRLALT + DELSwitch User / Task Manager / Sign out.Windows feature.
CTRLARROW DOWNGo to next line break.Text editing.
CTRLARROW LEFTMove cursor to beginning of previous word.Navigation.
CTRLARROW LEFT + BACKSPACEDelete word to the left of cursor.Text Editing.
CTRLARROW RIGHTMove cursor to beginning of next word.Navigation.
CTRLARROW UPGo to previous line break (paragraph).Text editing.
CTRLBBold.Text editing.B for BOLD
CTRLCCopy selected item(s).Windows feature.C for COPY
CTRLDELDelete word to the right of cursor.Text editing.
CTRLDOWN ARROWMove the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph.Text editing.
CTRLENDGo to end of document or page.Navigation.
CTRLFSearch.Search.F for FIND
CTRLF4Close active document.Windows feature.
CTRLHSearch and replace.Search.
CTRLHOMEGo to start of document / top of page.Navigation.No place like HOME
CTRLIItalic.Text editing.I for ITALICS
CTRLLeft MouseclickSelect multiple items in many programs.Windows feature.
CTRLMOUSE SCROLL WHEELChange the size of the current display in many programs.Display.
CTRLNCreate a new file in many programs.Windows feature.N for NEW
CTRLOOpen file in many programs.Windows feature.O for OPEN
CTRLRRefresh the active window.Display.R for REFRESH
CTRLSHIFT + ARROW KEYSelect a block of text.Text editing.
CTRLSHIFT + ESCOpen Task Manager directly.Windows feature.
CTRLUUnderline in many programs.Text editing.U for UNDERLINE
CTRLUP ARROWMove the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph.Text editing.
CTRLVInsert in many programs.Windows feature.V like a funnel
CTRLXCut the selected item in many programs.Windows feature.X like scissors
CTRLYRepeat last action.Windows feature.Y for YAYY – Again!
CTRLZUndo an action.Windows feature.Z like Zzzz (I was sleeping!)
DELDelete selected item in many programs.Windows feature.
ENDGo to end of line.Text editing.
ENTERReplaces clicking mouse for many selected commands.Dialog Boxes.
ESCCancel the current task.Windows feature.
F1Display help in many programs.Windows feature.
F2Rename selected item in many programs.Windows feature.
F4Display the items in the active list.Dialog Boxes.
F5Refresh active window in many programs.Display.
F11Maximize active window in many programs.Display.
FNARROW LEFTGo to start of line.Text editing.
FNARROW RIGHTGo to end of line.Text editing.
HOMEGo to start of line in many programs.Text editing.
PAGE DOWNMove cursor down length of viewport.Text editing.
PAGE UPMove cursor up length of viewport.Text editing.
POS1Jump to beginning of sentence or page in many programs.Text editing.
PRINTTake a screenshot.Windows feature.PRINT like PHOTO
SHIFTARROW UP / DOWNSelect text.Text editing.
SHIFTDELETEDelete item without first moving to Recycle Bin.Windows feature.
SHIFT(When inserting CD/DVDPrevent automatic playing.Windows feature.
SPACESelect check box if active option is a check box.Dialog boxes.
TABMove through options in many programs.Dialog boxes.
WINARROW DOWNMinimize window when restored.Display.Down with you, screen!
WINARROW UPMaximize window when restored.Display.Up with you, screen!
WINBSwitch to program displaying message in notification area.Navigation.
WINDShow the desktop.Display.D for DESKTOP
WINCAccess the charm bar in Windows.Windows.
WINEOpen Windows Explorer / Computer.Windows feature.E for EXPLORER
WINFOpen Windows Search.Search.F for FIND
WINHOMEMinimize all OTHER windows.Display.
WINIAccess Settings in Windows.Windows.
WINKAccess Devices in Windows.Windows.
WINLLock Windows keyboard or computer.Windows feature.L for LOCK
WINLEFT ARROWMaximize window to screen left – compare and contrast 2 documents in seconds.Display.Go left screen!
WINMMinimize all windows.Display.M for MINIMIZE
WINPOpen Presentation Display Mode.Display.P for PRESENTATION
WINQWindows Search.Search.QUERY
WINROpen Run dialog box.Windows feature.R for RUN
WINRIGHT ARROWMaximize the window to the right side of the screen – write & research the Internet at the same time.Display.Go right screen!
WINSHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT ARROWMove active window from one monitor to another & back again.Display.
WINSHIFT + MRestore minimized windows.Display.
WINUOpen Ease of Access Center.Access.
WINXOpen Windows Tools menu.Windows feature.
WINOpen or close Start menu.Navigation.

* Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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