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Collective Nouns for Animals 🐶🐱

Collective Nouns for Animals in the Animal Kingdom

ADDucation’s list of collective nouns for animals (also called collective terms and terms of venery) includes collective nouns for animals examples from the “kingdom Animalia”. This includes collective terms for mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians birds and insects. Please note we also have dedicated collective nouns lists for birds and insects (and people) so check those if the animal you are looking isn’t included in this list.  There are currently around 5,400 mammal species worldwide including bats, whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

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Animals Babies & Infants called? Collective nouns for animals & info Male Female Group Animal Plurals
Antelope calf A herd of antelope. buck doe Mammal Antelope or antelopes
Ape baby A shrewdness of apes, a troop of apes. bull female Mammal Apes
Baboon infant A troop of baboons. bull female Mammal Baboons
Badger 🦡 kit, cub A company, colony or cete of badgers. boar sow Mammal Badgers
Bat 🦇 pup A cloud of bats, a colony of bats. male female Mammal Bats
Bear 🐻 cub A sleuth of bears, a sloth of bears. boar sow Mammal Bears
Beaver pup, kitten, kits A family, lodge or colony of beavers. male female Mammal Beavers
Bird 🐦 fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick A flock of birds, a flight of birds (in the air), congregation or volery of birds. cock hen Bird Birds
Boar 🐗 piglets, shoats, boarlets A sounder or boars. A farrow of baby boars. Boars are wild pigs, see also pigs. boar sow Mammal Boars, wild swine
Buffalo 🐃 calf A herd of buffalo. One of the best known collective nouns for animals. bull cow Mammal Buffalo, buffalloes, buffaloes
Cat 🐱🐈 kitten A clutter of cats, a clowder of cats, a glaring of cats, a kindle or litter of kittens. Household pet collective nouns for animals. tom, tomcat tabby, queen Mammal Cats
Camel 🐫🐪 calf, colt A herd, flock, train or caravan of camels. bull cow Mammal Camels
Cattle calf Cattle is the collective noun for bulls, steers and caves. A drove of cattle, mob of cattle, team of cattle or a herd of cattle. bull cow Mammal Cattle
Chipmunk 🐿 kits, kittens or pups A scurry of chipmunks. A group of Chipmunk kits or pups are called a litter. buck doe Mammal Chipmunks
Cobra 🐍
neolates, then hatchlings, then snakelets A quiver of cobras. male female Reptile Cobras
Cow 🐮🐄 calf A drift of cows, a kine of cows (12 cows are a flink). We’re not aware  of a collective noun for bulls. bull cow Mammal Cattle
Coyote pup, whelp A band of coyote, a pack of coyotes. dog bitch Mammal Coyotes
Deer 🦌 fawn, yearling A herd, mob or leash of deer. buck stag Mammal Deer or deers
Dog 🐶🐕 puppy, pup A pack of dogs. One of the best known collective nouns for animals. dog bitch Mammal Dogs
Donkey / Ass colt, foal A herd or pace of asses. jack, jackass jenny, jennet Mammal
Dolphin 🐬 pup, calf A school of dolphins, a pod of dolphins. bull cow Mammal Dolphins
Eel / Electric Eel lepto-cephalus (larva), elver (juvenile) A bed of eels, swarm of eels. cassi emily Fish Eels
Elephant 🐘 calf A herd of elephants, a memory of elephants. bull cow Mammal Elephants
Elk calf A gang of elks. bull cow Mammal Elks
Ferret kit A business or flensing of ferrets. hob jill Mammal Ferrets
Fish 🐟 fry (plural noun) A school of fish, shoal, run, haul or a catch of fish. male female Fish Fish, fishes
Fox 🦊 cub, pup A troop of foxes, an earth of foxes, a skulk or leash of foxes. dog, reynard vixen Mammal Foxes
Frog 🐸 tadpole (polliwog), froglet An army of frogs. none none Amphibian Frogs
Gerbil pup A horde of gerbils. buck doe Mammal Gerbils
Giraffe 🦒 calf A tower of giraffes/giraffe. bull doe Mammal Giraffes
Goat 🐐 kid A flock of goats, a herd of goats, tribe or trip of goats. billy (domestic), evec nanny Mammal Goats
Goldfish 🐟 fry A troubling of goldfish (imagine them swimming around in a bowl). male female Fish Goldfish or goldfishes
Gorilla 🦍 baby A band or troop of gorillas. none “Silverback” none Mammal Gorillas
Guinea pig / Cavy pup A group of guinea pigs or cavies. How about a muddle of guinea pigs?* boar sow Mammal Guinea pigs
Hamster 🐹 pup A horde of hamsters. buck doe Mammal Hamsters
Hare leveret A down or husk of hares. buck doe Mammal Hares
Hedgehog 🦔 piglet, pup A prickle of hedgehogs or an array of hedgehogs. boar sow Mammal Hedgehogs
Hippo-potamus 🦛 calf A bloat of hippopotamuses or hippopotami. bull cow Mammal Hippopotamuses or hippopotami
Horse 🐴🐎 foal, yearling, or colt (male), filly (female) A herd of horses, a team of horses (in harness), a string of horses (for racing), a rag of colts, pair or harass of horses, a stud of mares. There are many collective terms of venery for horses. stallion, colt (young) mare, filly (young) Mammal Horses
Hound pup A pack, sute, mute or cry of hounds. dog bitch Mammal Hounds
Kangaroo / Wallaby joey A mob of kangaroos, a troop of kangaroos. jack, buck, boomer jill, doe, flyer, roo Mammal Kangaroos
Koala 🐨 joey A population of Koalas, a colony of Koalas*. buck* doe* Mammal Koalas
Leopard 🐆 cub A leap (leep) of leopards. leopard leopardess Mammal Leopards
Lion 🦁 cub A pride of lions. lion lioness Mammal Lions.
Llama 🦙 cria The collective noun for llamas is a herd of llamas. Herd is one of the most common collective nouns for animals. male female Mammal Llamas
Manatee / Sea Cows
calf. A herd of manatees. bull cow Mammal Manatee or manatees
Mole pup A labor/labour of moles, a company of moles. boar sow Mammal Moles
Monkey 🐵🐒 infant A troop of monkeys, a tribe of monkeys, a barrel of monkeys, a cartload of monkeys, a wilderness of monkeys*. male female Mammal Monkeys
Mouse 🐭🐁 pup, pinkie, kitten A mischief of mice. buck doe Mammal Mice
Mule foal A barren, pack, rake or span of mules, team (when in harness). john molly Mammal Mules
Otter pup, whelp A romp of otters. dog bitch Mammal Otters
Ox 🐂 stot, calf A herd of oxen, a drove of oxen (when driven in a group), a team of oxen (in harness), a yoke of oxen. bull, steer (castrated) cow Mammal Oxen
Panda 🐼 cub A cupboard of pandas* or an embarrassment of pandas*. boar sow Mammal Pandas
Person / Humans 👫 baby, infant, child A crowd of people. The best known collective nouns for animals. man woman Mammal People
Pig 🐖🐽  piglet A herd of pigs, a sounder of swine, a parcel of pigs, a drift of pigs, a drove of pigs, a sounder of wild pigs, a team of passel, a singular of boars. The collective noun for piglets is a litter also a passel of piglets or a farrow of piglets. One of the most diverse collective nouns for animals. boar, barrow, stag sow, cow, gilt Mammal Pigs or swine
Porcupine porcupette A prickle of porcupines. boar sow Mammal Porcupines
Porpoise calf A pod, crowd, shoal, school or herd of porpoises. bull cow Mammal Porpoises
Rabbit 🐇 bunny, bunny rabbit, kittens A colony of rabbits, a nest of rabbits, a warren of rabbits (strictly, where they live). buck doe Mammal Rabbits
Rat 🐀 pup, pinkie, kitten A pack or swarm of rats. buck doe Mammal Rats
Reindeer fawn A herd of reindeer. One of the better known collective nouns for animals. buck doe Mammal Reindeer or reindeers
Rhinoceros 🦏 calf A crash or herd of rhinos. bull cow Mammal Rhinoceros or rhinoceroses
Salamander salamander nymphs, called efts at larval stage A herd or congress of salamanders. Newts are a sub-group of salamanders, i.e. not all salamanders are newts. none none Amphibian Salamanders
Sardine 🐟
young pilchards A family of sardines. (Sardines can be various species of small fish). none none Fish Sardines
Seal / Sea Lion pup A pod of elephant seals, harem, trip or herd of seals. bull cow Mammal Seals
Sheep 🐑 lamb, lambkins, cosset A drove or drift (when driven in group), a flock of sheep, meinie, mob, parcel, trip, herd, hurtle, down. Farmyard collective nouns for animals. ram ewe Mammal Sheep
Snake 🐍
neolates, then hatchlings, then snakelets A nest of snakes, bed, knot or den, pit of snakes. male female Reptile Snakes
Squirrel 🐿 pup, kit, kitten A dray of squirrels, or scurry of squirrels, a colony of squirrels. buck doe Mammal Squirrels
Swine / Hog / Pig / Boar shoat, trotter, farrow, pig, piglet A sounder or drift of swine, a trip of swine, a doylt of swine, a herd of pigs, a flock of pigs, a drift (when driven), or parcel of hogs, a sounder of boars. boar sow Mammal Swine
Tiger 🐯🐅 cub, whelp A streak of tigers, a swift of tigers or an ambush of tigers*. tiger tigress Mammal Tigers
Toad tadpole, toadlet A knot of toads. none none Amphibian Toads
Trout 🐟 Alevins, then fry, then trout parr A hover of trout. cock hen Fish Trout
Walrus cub, pup A pod of walruses, a herd of walruses. bull cow Mammal Walruses
Weasel kit gang or pack of weasels. buck, hob, jack, dog doe, bitch, jill Mammal Weasels
Whale 🐋🐳 calf A school of whales, a shoal of whales, gam of whales, a pod of whales (smaller groups). bull cow Mammal Whales
Wolf 🐺 pup, whelp A pack of wolves, a herd of wolves, a rout/route of wolves (when moving). dog bitch Mammal Wolves
Zebra 🦓 colt, foal A cohort of zebras, a herd of zebras, a dazzle or zeal of Zebras*. stallion mare Mammal Zebra or zebras

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* Please note: There’s no official collective nouns committee, or authority, which approves new collective nouns so you can invent them yourself. Many collective nouns for animals only appear in lists of collective nouns – we only add new collective nouns if we can find references in published literature or other authority websites. A “collective noun” refers to “plural-only” words such as cattle for cows and people for person. Detailed grammar definitions are beyond the scope of this collective nouns for animals ADDucation list!

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